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Prayer is one of the most useful skills in Old School RuneScape. From boosting your DPS in combat to saving your potion doses, Prayer is one of those skills that players can’t live without.

All that in mind, it can also be one of the more expensive skills to train, but the reward always pays off.

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In this guide, I’m going to talk about how you can train from levels 1-99 Prayer in Old School RuneScape. Sell your bank and clutch your coins because this is going to get pricey.

The best method of Prayer training in Old School RuneScape is offering bones on a Gilded Altar. There are no requirements for doing this. Players can also place bones on the Wilderness altar for nearly 7x the normal experience rates per hour. There are also methods involving the Arceuus spellbook and reanimating ensouled heads.

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Best Way to Reach Level 99 Prayer in OSRS

Training Prayer in OSRS is a double-edged sword. For starters: all the experience rates and incredibly fast per hour, with no set requirements when offering bones at an altar.

This means that someone starting at level 1 can do the same methods as someone at level 90 for the same exact rate.

The issue is that the cost for high-experience bones is quite high, with some of them going for a few thousand gold per bone.

Unlike other level 1-99 training guides, this will not be a set path as to what you should do at each level, but instead, all the primary methods that players do to train Prayer in OSRS.

Offering Bones at A Gilded Altar

This is by far the most common method that people use. It’s safe, reliable, and overall consistent.

Bones in Old School RuneScape can be used for a variety of things, and most players starting off in the game will try to flat-out bury them for Prayer experience.

However, they can also be offered at various altars in the game to receive a multiplier to the experience they would have gotten if they just buried them.

Players in OSRS are also able to have a Player Owned House (POH), which can have different altars built inside them. Players with 75 Construction can build the highest tier: the Gilded Altar.

This method is simple: go to World 330 (the House Party world), grab a full inventory of bones, find a POH in Rimmington, that has a Gilded Altar with both Incense burners on each side lit, use the bones on the altar, and repeat.

You can view the House Advertisement pole next to the POH Portal to see which houses have a Gilded Altar, allowing you to click on them to enter directly.

A Gilded Altar with both Incense burners lit will grant the player 3.5x the experience they would have gotten from burying the bone.

Bone Experience Rates (Normal vs. Lit Gilded Altar):

Common Bones to UseNormal ExperienceExperience At Lit Gilded Altar
Big Bones1552.5
Baby Dragon Bones30105
Ourg Bones140490
Wyvern Bones72252
Dragon Bones72252
Lava Dragon Bones85297.5
Dagannoth Bones125437.5
Wyrm Bones50175
Drake Bones80280
Hydra Bones110385
Superior Dragon Bones*150525

*Superior Dragon Bones, unlike the other bones in the game, require level 70 Prayer to use them on an altar.

Optimal Method to Offer Bones:

While wearing weight-reducing gear, players can keep all their bones noted in their inventory, along with a cash stack.

After offering your bones on the altar, you can leave the POH portal and unnote an inventory of bones by talking to Phials in the General Store just south of the Rimmington portal.

Alternatively, players can teleport away to a bank, withdraw another inventory, teleport back using House Teleport tabs, and repeat. Just be sure to have your teleport settings set to “Outside the Portal” so you can quickly click on the POH portal and enter the other person’s house.

Due to the different types of bones that you can use, experience rates will vary heavily. But you can expect rates of nearly 650k Prayer exp per hour when offering Dragon bones, and around 1.3m Prayer exp per hour when offering Superior Dragon bones.

Offering Bones at The Chaos Altar in the Wilderness

The concept of this method is the same as the previous one: take an inventory of bones and offer them at an altar.

The main difference with this is the altar is in the Wilderness where other players can kill you.

The altar in the Chaos Temple gives the same 3.5x multiplier to Prayer experience, but it also gives you a 50% chance of not using a bone per offer.

Knowing this, you can expect experience rates to be nearly doubled.

Methods to Reach the Chaos Altar:

  • Casting the “Cemetery Teleport” spell at 71 Magic with the Arceuus spellbook to reach the Forgotten Cemetery and run north.
  • Casting the “Ghorrock Teleport” spell at 96 Magic with the Ancient Magicks spellbook to reach the wilderness obelisk at level 45 and run south.
  • Using a Burning Amulet to teleport to the Lava Maze and running southwest.
  • Using the wilderness obelisks to teleport to the obelisk at level 45 and running south.

Defending from Pkers

This spot is a hot zone for Pkers in the Wilderness, so those trying to offer bones at the offer should be prepared to be attacked constantly.

The general advice is to wear high Magic and Range defense gear to defend against Pkers using Ice Barrage and Heavy Ballistas.

Most players often opt to not bring any gear at all, taking their chances at offering all their bones before they are killed one inventory at a time.

But if you are someone bringing noted bones to this altar, you should bring your best defensive gear when doing this.

The Elder Chaos Druid

Much like Phials in Rimmington, there is an Elder Chaos Druid who will unnote bones for you for 50gp each.

But, since you will be in the wilderness, it is not recommended to bring too many bones, nor too many coins, at the same time as you could very well lose them sooner than you expect.

Reanimating Ensouled Heads

Thankfully, not every method of Prayer training involves spending millions of gp at a time or risking death in the Wilderness.

Those who have 60% Arceuus favour will have access to the Arceuus spellbook, where they can cast “Reanimate” spells.

These spells can be used on the respective ensouled heads (either bought from the Grand Exchange or retrieved as a drop from monsters) at the Dark Altar north of Arceuus.

Once animated, players can kill them for prayer experience, also allowing you to get combat and low magic experience.

Compared to the others, this method is much more relaxed and passive, which can be a big plus regardless of whether players don’t get the same experience rates.

Of course, experience rates can vary between how fast it takes you to kill a reanimated soul and which heads you are using.

But the general method is to reanimate ensouled dragon heads for rates around 340k Prayer experience per hour. This requires 90 Magic, along with 2 Blood, 4 Nature, and 4 Soul runes per cast.

As you can see, even one of the slowest training methods for Prayer is still miles faster than most other training methods in all Old School RuneScape.

Items To Increase Prayer Training

In OSRS, there are certain items in the game that give you extra Prayer experience while doing other portions of the game.

Bonecrusher/Bonecrusher Necklace

When you have a charged Bonecrusher in your inventory (or wearing a Bonecrusher necklace with charges), whenever you kill a monster, it will crush the bones without you having to pick them up and grant you half the experience you would have received if you buried it yourself.

But, if you have completed the Elite tier of the Morytania achievement diary, you will receive the full experience.

You can get a Bonecrusher as a reward from the Hard tier of the Morytania achievement diary.

Although this seems like a negative if you don’t have the elite diary completed, this can save a lot of time in the long run from having to pick up and bury them.


Whenever you kill a spectral creature, you will receive Prayer experience to the equivalent of 20% of the creature’s max health. This item can be unlocked from the Soul Wars minigame for 250 Zeal Tokens and requires 40 Prayer to use.

Ash Sanctifier

Like the Bonecrusher, this gives the same exact effect except for monsters that drop ashes, giving only half the experience vice scattering them, or full experience if the player has completed the Elite tier of the Kourend & Kebos achievement diary.

Bird’s Eggs

Bird’s Eggs are rare drops that players can receive from woodcutting or emptying bird’s nests.

With these eggs, you can use them on a shrine in the Woodcutting Guild for 100 Prayer experience each.

While using the Bird’s Eggs on the shrine, you also have a 1/300 chance of receiving a piece of the Evil Chicken outfit, which can be sold for quite a lot (between 240k-400k per piece).

Receiving the Prayer Skillcape

Congratulations on reaching level 99 Prayer!

Players who have maxed their prayer skill can buy the Prayer skillcape from Brother Jered in the Edgeville Monastery for 99k.

The Prayer skillcape acts like the Holy wrench, giving players an extra two Prayer points per dose of Prayer restoration potions that they drink.

In Conclusion

Prayer can be one of the more expensive skills to train in Old School RuneScape, but the payoff is always worth it. Unlocking Protection Prayers, high-tier combat-boosting prayers, Protect from Item, and all sorts of useful abilities.

Those are the main methods to train levels 1-99 Prayer in Old School RuneScape!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.


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