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To the far East of Morytania is Port Phasmatys, a ghostly town full of shops, a bank, a few crafting resources, and Charter Ships to other locations. Just North of the main gate is the Ectofuntus, an altar used by the citizens living there.

The town itself (and a few other things) requires using Ecto-Tokens to access, which Port Phasmatys uses as a form of currency.

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While this niche currency is an untradable item used for specific situations, it is still easy to get a hold of.

You can get Ecto-Tokens in Old School RuneScape by offering Bones and Buckets of Slime to the Ectofuntus north of Port Phasmatys. After offering them, you can talk to the Ghost Disciple while wearing a Ghostspeak Amulet/Morytania Legs 2 and above to be rewarded with Ecto-Tokens after making your offering.

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How to Get Ecto-Tokens in OSRS

Ecto-Tokens can be obtained by turning in Bones and Buckets of Slime to the Ectofuntus north of Port Phasmatys.

The process itself will have you use the different mechanics of the Ectofuntus to “worship” the altar, getting four times the amount of Prayer experience you would per bone than if you were to bury them, then talking to the Ghost Disciple to retrieve your Ecto-Tokens.

To get started, have a set of bones (any time of bones will work. The better the bones the more Prayer experience you will get in the long run), Buckets of Slime, and Empty Pots in your inventory.

Buckets of Slime can be obtained from Robin as a daily reward for completing at least the Medium Tier Morytania Achievement Diary or by filling an Empty Bucket with the Pool of Slime at the bottom of the Ectofuntus.

Go to the second floor of the Ectofuntus and use your bones on the Bone Grinder.

After crushing all your bones, they can be collected with Empty Pots from the Collection Chute nearby.

Then, go to the main floor and “Worship” the Ectofuntus, offering the Crushed Bones and Buckets of Slime in your inventory to gain Prayer experience.

Finally, while wearing a Ghostspeak Amulet or the Morytania Legs 2 and above, you can talk to the Ghost Disciple on the same floor to be rewarded with Ecto-Tokens.

What Are Ecto-Tokens Used For?

Ecto-Tokens within Old School RuneScape are used for a couple of situations.

For starters, depending on where you currently stand with the “Ghosts Ahoy” quest, you must spend a fee of 2 Ecto-Tokens each time you want to enter Port Phasmatys (no fee once you finish the quest).

Within the region of Morytania, you can use Ecto-Tokens to purchase a few commodities, such as:

  • Travel to Dragontooth Island for 25 Tokens.
  • Buy an Undead Chicken from the ghost farmer West of the Ectofuntus.
  • Buy Ale Yeast from the bartender within Port Phasmatys.

Ecto-Tokens are most commonly used to recharge the Bonecrusher and Bonecrusher Necklace.

Since those items are often used for Slayer and other PvM activities, Ecto-Tokens are still collected after completing the “Ghost’s Ahoy” quest.

That is how to get Ecto-Tokens in Old School RuneScape!

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