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When Fossil Island was introduced into Old School RuneScape, it brought a wave of new activities and items for players to obtain – among these items included Fossils, a collection of items that can be obtained from nearly every source of Fossil Island, from skilling to PvM drops.

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However, since they are untradable with little description from the Fossils, it can be confusing to learn what they are used for. Fossils serve a great purpose for players looking to passively train certain skills while also being used to build Fossil Island.

Fossils in OSRS can be used to complete the Varrock Museum displays, exchanged for Numulites from the Fossil Collector, earn Prayer experience with the Mycelium Pool, or recharge the Ancient Wyvern Shield.

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What to Do With Fossils in OSRS

Fossils in Old School RuneScape can be obtained from Fossil Island in various ways.

Whether it’s from repeatedly hunting the Herbiboar or killing the Ancient Wyverns beneath the island, Fossils can be received at different drop rates.

Fossils also serve multiple purposes not entirely limited to Fossil Island.

Completing The Varrock Museum Display Cases

One of the first things that players will use Fossils for is to complete the different displays of the Varrock Museum.

First, you must clean each of the Fossils you get using the provided tools at a Fossil Cleaning Station (the closest one is on the East die of the Base Camp on Fossil Island).

As you clean them, you can earn a completed set, either Small, Medium, Large, or Plant.

Note: Fossils (whether cleaned or not) can be stored in the various Fossil Storage Crates that can universally be accessed from multiple areas of Fossil Island and the Varrock Museum, so you do not need to take multiple trips to a bank back and forth to get them.

Once you earn a completed set, you can take it to the Varrock Museum and use it on a display to complete it, earning 2 Kudos and an Experience Lamp (you will be rewarded with either 2k, 3.5k, or 5k experience).

Earning Numulities from the Fossil Collector

At the Base Camp on Fossil Island, you can turn in Fossils to the Fossil Collector in exchange for Numulities.

Numulities are another currency used for several functions, including entering the Drift Net Fishing area and the Volcanic Mine.

Fossils do not have to be cleaned; instead, they can be turned in in their unidentified form to earn between 100 and 500 Numulities (depending on the type of Fossil you turn in).

Earning Prayer Experience with the Mycelium Pool

If you want to use Fossils to train your Prayer level passively, they can be enriched and taken to the Mycelium Pool in the Mushroom Meadows to earn Prayer experience.

You will also need a stack of Calcite and Pyrophosphite in your inventory and your Fossils. Click on the Mycelium Pool to open the interface and start to enrich them.

You will see counters for both Calcite and Pyrophosphite, occasionally ticking down. If you see a counter go down, add one more of the associated chemicals to balance it out.

Once they are completed, you can go to the North side of the pool and interact with the Sluice Gate to collect your Enriched Bones.

Once you have your Enriched Bones, take them to the House on the Hill and use them on the Strange Machine to earn Prayer experience.

Recharging the Ancient Wyvern Shield

The Magic-equivalent of the Dragonfire Shield is the Ancient Wyvern Shield, which comes from the Ancient Wyvern Visage that can be earned as a drop here.

The shield must be charged like other Dragonfire Shields for the full Defensive bonuses. While it can be charged with Numulities, the Ancient Wyvern Shield can be charged with Fossils (albeit much quicker).

If you find yourself already completing the Varrock Museum displays and want to spare some Fossils from Prayer training, this can be a consistent way to recharge the Ancient Wyvern Shield if you are constantly using it.

That is what you can do with Fossils in Old School RuneScape!

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