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Arrows! An archer’s second favorite item (followed by the bow, of course), and commonly used among Rangers in Old School RuneScape.

They come in all sorts of strength for the dozens of bows available.

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But how exactly do you make them? Today, I am going to introduce the Fletching skill and discuss how you can make arrows in Old School RuneScape!

You can make arrows in OSRS by putting Feathers on Arrow shafts and then putting Arrowtips on the Headless arrows to finish them off! Different types of arrows are made based on a player’s Fletching level.

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How to Make Arrows in Old School RuneScape

Making arrows in Old School RuneScape can be done through training in the Fletching skill.

The process itself is the same for all of them, but the different types of arrow you can make is based on what your Fletching level is.

For the simplicity of this guide, I am going to avoid discussing the entirety of the Fletching skill and only talk about arrow making and which arrows are available to fletch.

Making Arrows

To make an arrow, you start by putting Feathers on Arrow shafts.

Feathers can be obtained through hundreds of natural sources (killing chickens, fishing shops, etc.) while Arrow shafts can be made by using a knife on logs.

Once you do so, you will end up with Headless arrows.

Then, you just need to put Arrowtips on the Unfinished arrow to complete the process.

Arrowtips can be made by smithing bars on an anvil or by killing certain monsters.

All these items can also be bought from the Grand Exchange.

Different Arrows to Fletch

There are multiple arrows to fletch at different levels.

This incentivizes Ironman accounts to train Fletching so they can naturally make the strongest arrows on their own without having to buy them from a shop.

Fletching arrows also provide a decent amount of Fletching experience per hour without much cost.

ArrowFletching Lvl NeededExperience Per Hour
Bronze158k exp
Iron15112k exp
Steel30225k exp
Mithril45337k exp
Adamant60450k exp
Rune75562k exp
Amethyst82607k exp
Dragon90675k exp
Broad52 (Need to Unlock through Slayer)450k exp

In short, making arrows is an easy and straightforward process.

Fletching overall is a fantastic skill for players to investigate (especially Ironman accounts) because of how it allows players to make their own ranged ammunition and arsenal!

That is how you make arrows in Old School RuneScape!

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