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Smithing is arguably one of the most legendary skills in Old School RuneScape.

Present since the game’s inception all the way back in RuneScape Classic. It has been a staple skill that most new players start with right when they first get off Tutorial Island.

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Due to the dozens of different materials and items you can smith, the path to 99 Smithing can often be a bit confusing at times. Here, I am going to provide an efficient way for you to train levels 1-99 Smithing in OSRS.

If you want the fastest path for levels 1-99 Smithing in Old School RuneScape, you should start off by completing quests for free Smithing experience and roll right into the Blast Furnace minigame all the way up to 99. Other methods include doing the Giants’ Foundry minigame, smithing dart tips, cannonballs, and armour pieces.

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Best Way to Reach Level 99 Smithing in OSRS

As I mentioned, there are dozens of ways for someone to train their Smithing skill in OSRS.

Players can not only get a bunch of experience straight away from doing quests, but they can vary between methods that give high experience but cost a lot of gp, and vice versa.

This guide is not going to be formatted as a straight-forward “1-99” but instead all the viable methods that you can do at specific levels to ease your Smithing journey.

Levels 1-40: Completing Quests for Smithing Experience

There are multiple quests that you can do with little or no requirements that will give you a decent amount of Smithing experience. The quests in question are as follows:

Quest (Required Smithing Lvl if Needed) – Experience Given

  • The Knight’s Sword (None) – 12,725 exp
  • The Forsaken Tower (None) – 500 exp
  • The Giant Dwarf (None) – 2.5k exp
  • Recipe for Disaster; Pirate Pete subquest (None) – 1k exp
  • Heroes’ Quest (None) – 2,257 exp
  • Sleeping Giants (Lvl 15) – 6k exp
  • Elemental Workshop I (Lvl 20) – 5k exp
  • Elemental Workshop II (Lvl 30) – 7.5k exp

If you were to do all these quests (completing the ones with no Smithing requirement first to unlock the other ones), you would end up all the way at 40 Smithing.

Even if you are not able to complete all the quests mentioned, you will still be at a close enough level to do casual anvil smithing to reach 40 Smithing for Blast Furnace.

Levels 15+ – The Giants’ Foundry Minigame

After completing the “Sleeping Giants” quest, players in OSRS will have access to the Giants’ Foundry minigame, where you smith large weapons for the giants.

This minigame can provide a steady balance of experience rates and profit, which average methods at higher levels reaching between 150k-190k experience per hour and 40k-100k gp per hour.

All of this depends on which metals you are using and which weapon types you are making.

Here is where players in OSRS can unlock the Smithing Outfit, a skilling outfit that gives a combined 2.5x multiplier to Smithing experience while wearing the full outfit.

There is a lot that goes into the Giants’ Foundry minigame, which I won’t be able to go in-depth here. However, the “Sleeping Giants” quest gives players an introduction to the minigame.

The key takeaway is to find an alloy combination that works best for you (typically either Steel and mithril or Mithril and adamant for optimal experience) to make sure you are not overspending on bars for experience rates.

Levels 20+ – Smithing Dart Tips

Players are required to have completed “The Tourist Trap” quest to smith dart tips.

Smithing dart tips are accomplished by getting a full inventory of bars and a hammer, going to an anvil, and smithing them.

Although the experience rates for this method are not the greatest, this method is extremely AFK while still providing an okay profit for those just getting started with their Smithing training.

Metal – Average Exp per Hour / Average GP per Hour

  • Bronze – 13k exp / 224k gp
  • Iron – 26.5k exp / 197k gp
  • Steel – 39k exp / 100k gp
  • Mithril – 53k exp / 55k gp
  • Adamant – 66k exp / 5k gp
  • Rune – 80k exp / -9.1m gp

As you can tell, it is not worth it to smith Rune dart tips, as you will end up losing a large amount of gp per hour doing so.

Levels 35+ – Smithing Cannonballs

If you truly want an AFK Smithing method while still making a decent profit in Old School RuneScape, look no further than smithing Cannonballs.

However, you will need at least partial completion of the “Dwarf Cannon” quest to do so.

With Steel bars and an ammo mould, players can go back and forth from a bank to a furnace making cannonballs at around 14k experience and 96k gp per hour.

On top of this, if you have unlocked the Double ammo mould from the Giants’ Foundry minigame, you will double your rates: getting 28k experience per hour and 193k gp per hour.

Levels 40+ – Blast Furnace Minigame

Blast Furnace is a minigame in Keldagrim where you smith entire inventories of metal bars at one time.

You will need to have completed “The Giant Dwarf” quest to access Keldagrim, which isn’t that long of a quest to do. This method is much more click-intensive than most others, but the experience rates are like none other.

At 40 Smithing (and beyond that for that matter), Gold bars are the way to go when completing Blast Furnace.

Other than 40 Smithing, a requirement for this method is that you have a pair of Goldsmith gauntlets from the “Family Crest” quest.

This will give you double the experience of smithing them normally, which is what makes this method worth doing. If you don’t have them, you should just move on to other forms of Smithing training.

You will also need a pair of Ice Gloves from the Ice Queen in the dungeon of White Wolf Mountain. They will be used to grab the bars before they have cooled, further increasing your experience rates.

This is the overall strategy for Blast Furnace:

  1. Wear weight-reducing gear (Graceful set, etc.), your Goldsmithing gauntlets and have your Ice gloves in your inventory.
  2. Withdraw a full inventory of Gold ore from the bank chest.
  3. Deposit the ore at the top of the furnace.
  4. Wait for the Smithing exp to be given to you before swapping to your Ice gloves.
  5. Pick up the Gold bars at the bottom of the furnace.
  6. Deposit the Gold bars into the bank chest and repeat.
  7. Drink energy restoration potions when needed (Stamina, Energy, etc.)

With Gold bars and peak focus, players can reach rates up to 360k-380k experience per hour. The downside, however, is that the cost of the Gold ores can be exponential, losing nearly 720k-740k gp per hour.

If you smith other types of bars at Blast Furnace, you will get lower experience rates, but you would be able to make a decent profit.

The upfront costs and the fact you need to use coal as well make this even more click-intensive than using regular Gold ore.

Metal – Average Exp per Hour / Average GP per Hour

  • Iron – 75k exp / 330k gp
  • Steel – 95k exp / 650k gp
  • Gold (w/ Goldsmithing gauntlets) – 370k exp / -730k gp
  • Mithril – 108k exp / 825k gp
  • Adamantite – 101k exp / 850k gp
  • Runite – 107k exp / 1.6m gp

Levels 66+ – Smithing Mithril and Adamant Armour Pieces

When it comes to the best experience rates that don’t provide much effort, smithing mithril and adamant is the way to go at 66 Smithing and beyond.

Adamant Platebodies specifically can net you a decent amount of profit, albeit after paying a high upfront cost to get all the materials.

Due to prices on the Grand Exchange always changing, players should make sure to pick the item to smith that is worth the exp/gp ratio per hour.

Item (Smithing Lvl) – Average Exp per Hour / Average GP per Hour

  • Mithril Platelegs (Lvl 66) – 140k exp / -970k gp
  • Mithril Plateskirt (Lvl 66) – 140k exp / -965k gp
  • Mithril Platebody (Lvl 68) – 200k exp / -900k gp
  • Adamant Platelegs (Lvl 86) – 210k exp / -1.2m gp
  • Adamant Plateskirt (Lvl 86) – 210k exp / -1.2m gp
  • Adamant Platebody (Lvl 88) – 240k exp / 540k gp

Other Things to Consider

When it comes to training the Smithing skill in Old School RuneScape, there are a lot of outside factors to consider, from price changes, helpful items, and other tips.

Anvil Locations

When attempting to do regular anvil smithing, there are various locations you can use that are close to a bank. Here are a few of them:

  • West Varrock – South of the Bank
  • Void Knights’ Outpost – In the Smith’s shop
  • Yanille – South of the Bank
  • Port Khazard – West of Fishing Trawler minigame
  • Prifddinas – Requires completion of the “Song of the Elves” quest to access. Closest anvil to a bank in the game.
  • The Myth’s Guild – Requires completion of “Dragon Slayer II” to access.

Furnace Locations

Much like anvils, furnaces are constantly used to smelt new bars. Here are a few locations where you can find a furnace to use:

  • Edgeville – If you are wearing Varrock armour, you have a chance at smithing two bars at once.
  • Neitiznot – Requires partial completion of “The Fremennik Isles” quest to access.
  • Prifddinas – Requires completion of the “Song of the Elves” quest to access.

Smithing Items

For Smithing, there are various items available to use to help increase your efficiency and experience rates per hour. Some of these include the following:

  • Smithing Outfit – Gives a total 2.5x multiplier to Smithing experience gained when wearing the full outfit. Can be unlocked through the Giants’ Foundry minigame.
  • Goldsmithing gauntlets – Gives 2.5x multiplier when smithing Gold bars. Obtained as one of the gauntlet rewards from the “Family Crest” quest.
  • Ice gloves – Used to pick up certain hot items; commonly used in the Blast Furnace minigame to pick up the bars before they cool, increasing your efficiency. Obtained by killing the Ice Queen under White Wolf Mountain.
  • Graceful set – A weight-reducing set that also increases your run replenishment rates. Obtained by turning in Marks of Grace while doing Agility training.
  • Kovac’s grog – Can be drunk to provide a temporary +4 Smithing boost, allowing players to smith items they just barely don’t have the level for. This can be obtained by turning in 300 Foundry Reputation at the Giants’ Foundry reward shop.
  • Dwarven stout(m) – Can be drunk to provide a temporary +2 Smithing & Mining boost, allowing players to smith and mine items they just barely don’t have the level for. Can be bought off the Grand Exchange for around 15k gp.

Other Quests That Give Smithing Experience

Other than the quests I mentioned earlier, there are others that provide Smithing experience as a reward. Other quests include:

Quest (Required Smithing Lvl if Needed) – Experience Given

  • Between a Rock… (Lvl 50) – 5k exp
  • Cabin Fever (Lvl 50) – 7k exp
  • Devious Minds (Lvl 65) – 6.5k exp
  • Song of the Elves (Lvl 70) – 40k exp
  • Dragon Slayer II (Lvl 70) – 80k exp

Obtaining The 99 Smithing Skillcape

Congratulations on reaching 99 Smithing!

If you are done with your smithing journey, you can buy your Smithing skillcape from Thurgo south of Port Sarim.

If you have completed “The Knight’s Sword” quest (which by this point you should have), he is the very same dwarf you talk to during that. He can be found in a small hut north of Mudskipper Point.

The Smithing skillcape can act as a coal bag, holding up to 36 pieces of coal, as well as providing the same effect as the Goldsmithing gauntlets.

This concludes my guide on how to train levels 1-99 Smithing in Old School RuneScape!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.


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