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Farming in Old School RuneScape is one of the most relaxing and peaceful skills to train.

While the mechanics can be a bit confusing for those just starting off, Farming is trained passively in the background while you go off on other adventures around Gielinor.

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But what does the journey to 99 Farming look like, and what are the best methods to train the skill? The short answer is that it is all up to how efficiently you want to train Farming, as there is technically no wrong way to train it.

The best way to train to 99 Farming in OSRS is by growing allotments until you reach 15 Farming and then completing a combination of Herb and Tree runs all the way to 99 Farming. Additionally, you can grow other crops or complete quests early on for additional Farming experience.

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Level 1-99 Farming Guide OSRS

Getting 99 Farming in Old School RuneScape is one of those skilling grinds that plays in the background to what are actually doing in the game.

While you can actively keep going between all the different patches to farm as much as possible, training Farming is mostly done by planting an efficient amount of high-experience herbs and trees, letting them grow over a day, harvest, and repeat.

At first glance, the mechanics of Farming can be a bit complicated, especially between certain produce types.

While learning the difference between growing herbs, trees, and other special crops can take an attempt or two, once you understand how to farm in OSRS, the skill becomes much easier to train.

Before we continue, you should understand that Farming is done in patches throughout Old School RuneScape instead of on your own farm. This means that each time you wish to farm something, you will need to go to a specific patch to grow said plant.

There are dozens of patches in OSRS, each with different types of patches to grow from. Be sure that as you are starting your Farming training, you understand where you can farm and the requirements for each patch.

Levels 1-15: Farming Allotments

Starting at 1 Farming, one of the few things you can grow is produce in allotment patches. Allotments are considered fruits and vegetables like Potatoes, Cabbages, Watermelon, and so on.

The best part about growing allotments is that there are normally two different patches you can use at each farming location, so you can either grow two different types of allotments or both simultaneously.

Allotments are also relatively cheap, meaning you can spend less than 1k to have enough seeds and supplies to take you from levels 1-15 Farming.

Farming LevelAllotment Crops
61Snape Grass

Just like all other crops in Old School RuneScape, you can pay a Gardener a specific fee to have them watch over your patch. However, since allotments are so cheap in price, there is no point in doing so.

Levels 9-99: Completing Herb Runs

Starting at 9 Farming, you will be able to grow herbs, the first available being Guam. Herb runs are considered one of the best passive money-making methods in Old School RuneScape while providing decent Farming experience.

Guam herbs alone will already net you around 3k profit (multiplied per patch you grow them in and multiplied again for each time you can harvest, which is around once every hour).

At higher levels, you can earn hundreds of thousands of gp just by spending around 15 minutes harvesting and replanting your herbs.

Herbs can only be grown in herb patches in the following locations (and associated closest teleport):

  • South of Falador (Explorer’s Ring)
  • North of Ardougne (Ardougne Cloak 3)
  • East of Canifis (Ectophial)
  • Harmony Island (Harmony Island Teleport Tab)
  • Hosidius (Xeric’s Talisman Glade Teleport)
  • Catherby (Catherby/ Camelot Teleport)
  • Troll Stronghold (Stony Basalt)
  • Weiss (Icy Basalt)
  • Farming Guild (Skill’s Necklace/ Farming Skillcape Teleport)

Note: a few of these locations have other requirements to be able to use.

  • Canifis Patch: Requires completion of the “Priest in Peril” quest.
  • Harmony Island Patch: Requires completion of the Elite Morytania Achievement Diary.
  • Troll Stronghold Patch: Requires completion of the “My Arm’s Big Adventure” quest.
  • Weiss Patch: Requires completion of the “Making Friends With My Arm” quest, and a Fire of Nourishment must be built.
  • Farming Guild Patch: Requires 65 Farming to access.

When completing your herb runs, be sure to wear weight-reducing gear (The Graceful outfit is highly recommended) or the Farming skilling outfit to gain additional experience.

Along with your chosen seed in your inventory, be sure to have Secateurs, a Rake, a Spade, a Seed Dibbler Ultracompost, and teleports to all of the available herb patches in your inventory.

Once you are ready, you can teleport to each of the herb patches, going through the process of planting your herb seed, applying compost to it, and repeating.

Each herb should take between 50-60 minutes to fully grow, during which you can complete other Farming activities, or passively wait in the background.

Available Herbs To Grow:

Farming LevelHerbAverage Exp Per PatchAverage Gp Per Patch
9Guam120 exp3k
14Marrentill140 exp200
19Tarromin180 exp1k
26Harralander210 exp6.6k
32Ranarr270 exp30k
38Toadflax315 exp25k
44Irit400 exp11k
50Avantoe500 exp26k
56Kwuarm630 exp30k
62Snapdragon800 exp28k
67Cadantine1,000 exp30k
73Lantadyme1,300 exp16k
79Dwarf Weed1,700 exp22k
85Torstol2,000 exp24k

Note: Average Farming experience and gp per patch displayed is based on whether a player, at the minimum, utilizes Magic Secateurs and Ultracompost.

These numbers may fluctuate if not using these items or if they have an Attas plant fully grown in the Farming Guild.

The most notable herbs to grow as you level through Farming are Ranarrs, Toadflax, Snapdragon, and Candantine, as they provide the best profit margins based on current seed prices.

While slow when doing herb runs alone, they are completed daily, even by players who already have 99 Farming, just for the extra experience and profit they can gain.

Levels 15-99: Farming Trees

The best way to earn Farming experience in Old School RuneScape is by completing Tree runs. Similar to Herb runs, this involves growing trees in the various patches throughout the Gielinor.

Although expensive to grow, trees can earn you hundreds of thousands of Farming experience per hour. The price to complete tree runs is often countered by players doing Herb runs between them.

However, unlike the other things you can Farm in Old School RuneScape, you are not able to directly plant a tree seed into a patch, but instead need saplings.

While buying saplings directly from the Grand Exchange is highly recommended, there may be cases where you need to grow a sapling yourself (i.e., Ironman accounts or special trees).

To grow a tree sapling, have a plant pot filled with dirt (used with a Trowel on any farming patch), plant the seed into the plant pot with a Seed Dibbler, and water it with a Watercan.

You will see the icon has a “(w)” icon on its name, indicating that it is watered and has begun growing.

After around 5 minutes, it will grow into a sapling, which can be planted into a Tree patch to grow a complete tree.

There are three types of trees that you can grow: Regular trees, Fruit trees, and Special trees. All of them provide high amounts of experience, but each of them has its own patch locations and requirements to use.

It is highly recommended not only to become accustomed to a single route/certain patches for Tree runs but also to use the correct payment for the gardeners to look after your tree for you.

Trees can take up to a day to grow, so to save time and effort, do what you can to manage everything accordingly.

Regular Tree Patches (Associated Teleports):

  • West of Lumbridge Castle (Lumbridge Teleport)
  • Varrock Castle (Varrock Teleport)
  • Falador Park (Falador Teleport)
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold (Royal Seed Pod/ Spirit Tree)
  • Taverley (Taverly POH Teleport)
  • Farming Guild (Farming Skillcape Teleport/ Spirit Tree/ Skilling Necklace)

Fruit Tree Patches (Associated Teleports):

  • Catherby (Catherby/ Camelot Teleport)
  • Brimhaven (Catherby Teleport and Charter Ship to Brimhaven)
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold (Royal Seed Pod/ Spirit Tree)
  • North-West of Tree Gnome Village (Spirit Tree)
  • Lletya (Teleport Seed)
  • Farming Guild (Farming Skillcape Teleport/ Spirit Tree/ Skilling Necklace)

Special Tree Patches (Associated Teleports):

  • (3) Hardwood Tree Patches on Fossil Island (Digsite Necklace)
  • (1) Redwood Tree Patch and (1) Celastrus Tree Patch in the Farming Guild (Farming Skillcape Teleport/ Spirit Tree/ Skilling Necklace)
  • (1) Calquat Tree Patch in Tai Bwo Wannai (Brimhaven POH Teleport)
  • (1) Crystal Tree Patch in Prifddinas (Spirit Tree/ Teleport Seed)

When completing Tree runs for the best experience possible, it is best to complete a single Regular and Fruit tree run a day while completing a run of Hardwood Trees while you are doing a Birdhouse run on Fossil Island.

This way you can efficiently reach all of the best patches in a single day, let them grow, and repeat the process each day to earn anywhere between 200k-400k experience in a single day.

While there are dozens of trees available for you to grow, thankfully, there are a select couple that you can stick with to have efficient Farming runs.

Be sure to keep checking your Farming level and available trees to see which ones you are able to Farm.

Best Trees To Plant For Farming Runs:

Farming LevelTreeCategoryProtection Payment
15Oak TreesRegularBasket of (5) Tomatoes
27Apple TreesFruit(9) Sweetcorn
30Willow TreesRegularBasket of Apples (5)
35Teak TreesSpecial (Hardwood)Limpwurt Root (15)
45Maple TreesRegularBasket of Oranges (5)
55Mahogany TreesSpecial (Hardwood)Yanillian Hops (25)
57Papaya TreesFruitPineapple (10)
60Yew TreesRegularCactus Spine (10)
68Palm TreesFruitPapaya Fruit (15)
75Magic TreesRegularCoconut (25)
85Celastrus TreesSpecial (Celastrus)Potato Cactus (8)
90Redwood TreesSpecial (Redwood)Dragonfruit (6)
79Dwarf Weed1,700 exp22k
85Torstol2,000 exp24k

Along with these types of trees, you also may come across Spirit Seeds, an untraceable seed acquired through PvM or other skilling content.

These are used to plant Spirit Trees of your own that you can use to teleport across Old School RuneScape.

Once acquiring one, be sure to plant them in any available Spirit Tree patch that you can (you can grow one at a time starting at 83 Farming).

Once you run out of patches and have extras, they can be turned into the gardener in the Farming Guild for a random assortment of seeds.

Other Things to Consider

In addition to completing Farming runs on your own, you can utilize other tools and tricks to make the journey to 99 Farming that much easier.

Quests That Provide Farming Experience

There are multiple quests in Old School RuneScape that provide a high amount of Farming experience. Even better, some of them can be completed at 1 Farming, allowing you to skip the earlier leveling of the skill.

Quests (Farming Level if Required) – Experience Rewarded:

  • Fairytale I – Growing Pains (None) – 3.5k
  • Recipe for Disaster (Goblin Generals sub-quest) (None) – 1k
  • Forgettable Tale… (Lvl 17) – 5k
  • The Garden of Death (Lvl 20) – 10k
  • Garden of Tranquility (Lvl 25) – 5k
  • My Arm’s Big Adventure (Lvl 29) – 5k
  • Enlightened Journey (Lvl 30) – 3k
  • Rum Deal (Lvl 40) – 7k
  • Grim Tales (Lvl 45) – 10k
  • Song of the Elves (Lvl 70) – 40k

Farming Skilling Outfit

Much like other skills in Old School RuneScape, the Farming skill has an associated skilling outfit that will provide an additional 2.5% experience while harvesting produce (while wearing it).

Each of the four pieces can be earned by turning in points at the Tithe Farm minigame for a total of 400 points.

  • Strawhat – 75 Points
  • Jacket/Shirt – 150 Points
  • Boro Trousers – 125 Points
  • Boots – 50 Points

Obtaining the Farming Skillcape

After reaching 99 Farming, congratulations! You can purchase a Farming Skillcape from Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village for 99k.

The Farming Skillcape will provide an additional 5% bonus for disease prevention and produce yield when herbs are harvested. In addition, it will provide unlimited teleports to the Farming Guild.

That is the best way to level up Farming from 1 to 99 in OSRS!

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