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Home isn’t just a building. It’s a place that you can call sanctuary from the dangers of the world. In this case, a player-owned house (POH) in Old School RuneScape is where players can take advantage of their Construction level as well as benefit from the location where they place their POH.

There are dozens of locations where players can choose to put their house, all ranging from the simple town of Rimmington to the elven city of Prifddinas.

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But which of these locations is considered the best? In this article, I am going to break down all the locations in Old School RuneScape where you can place your player-owned house to make sure you place it in the best location possible!

The most common locations, and arguably the best house locations, for POH in OSRS, are Rimmington, Prifddinas, Yanille, and Rellekka due to the useful features and content that can be found at each place.

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What is the Best House Location in Old School RuneScape?

In actuality, the best location is often determined by a player’s needs. There are currently eight different POH locations in the game, each one with its own unique features, benefits, and requirements.

As tempting as it is to put my favorite POH location at the top and call it the best, instead, this article will go through all the different locations along with pros and cons so you can pick the one that suits you best.


By far the most common choice that players pick, Rimmington is a small town west of Port Sarim. This is also the only location that you can choose from at 1 Construction.

It costs 5k to move your house to this location (or buy a house if you’re just getting started), but there are no other requirements.


  • Low cost.
  • No skill requirements.
  • Common location for House Party world (W330).
  • Phials is located just outside the POH portal.


  • Nothing notable in this location.
  • Is a bit distant from other teleports.

Players often use the House Party world to access other player’s POHs. This is so they can use all the benefits of a fully-built POH without having to train their own Construction skill.

Instead of spending millions of gp on Planks or other Construction materials to train the skill, you can use a House teleport to reach this portal, enter another player’s POH, and benefit from the Gilded Altars, Portal Nexus, Spellbook Altars, etc. that they have already built.

Phials is also just outside the portal in the General Store, so you can bring a banknote for items and un-note them for a small fee without having to go back to a bank.

Other than that, there aren’t many other features that Rimmington has to offer.


Making a complete one-eighty from our previous location, the Prifddinas POH has plenty to offer for players, but not without some steep requirements.

For starters, you must have completed the “Song of the Elves” quest to use this POH portal. You will also need 70 Construction and 50k to move your house to this location.


  • Quickly access Prifddinas.
  • Close to a bank, the Gauntlet, Zalcano, and a Spirit Tree.
  • Next to numerous PvM content and skilling resources.


  • Need to complete “Song of the Elves” which also requires at least level 70 in 6 different skills.
  • High skill requirements.

Needless to say this location is best suited for high-level players.

Although they can easily reach this location with a Teleport crystal, being able to use House teleports to access everything the city has to offer makes things that much easier.

The Gauntlet, Zalcano, Iorworth dungeon, the Chinchompa hunting grounds, and the dozens of shops can keep anybody occupied with content.


In the southside of Kandarin lies the humble city of Yanille. Home to the Magic Guild, this peaceful location has a few underrated features that you can consider when thinking about stationing your POH location.

As for base requirements, you need 50 Construction and 25k to move your POH here.


  • Average requirements.
  • Relatively close to a bank.
  • Next to the Nightmare Zone, the Magic Guild, a Hunter’s Shop, an anvil, and the Watchtower
  • Next to Bert (who gives daily Buckets of Sand if you have completed the “Hand in the Sand” quest.


  • Fairly distanced from everything else in the game.
  • Most features can be accessed as easily as a regular minigame/Yanille teleport.

The most notable activity here is the Nightmare Zone, which allows players to AFK train all of their combat states. However, there are a handful of other shop benefits that players can access here.


Home of the Fremennik, Rellekka is a province far north of Seer’s Village that has a couple of niche features.

This POH location is often chosen by high-level PvM players since it is next to Vorkath and the Dagannoth Kings.

This location requires 30 Construction and 10k to move here.


  • Average requirements.
  • Easy access to Vorkath and Waterbirth Island (Dagannoth Kings).
  • Next to Rellekka Agility course.
  • Rellekka Slayer Cave is a few minutes east of the portal.
  • Falo the Bard is a few minutes south of the portal.


  • More geared towards high-level PvMers.
  • If not doing the content that the portal is by, there aren’t many other features to benefit from in this area.

For those grinding out Vorkath or the Dagannoth Kings, moving your house to Rellekka is a great way to reach either of them as efficiently as possible.

Alternatively, you could have a Waterbirth Island teleport in your house, but that also requires completion of the “Lunar Diplomacy” quest.


In the Kingdom of Kourend, Hosidius serves as the city of agriculture. Of course, it is also home to a lot of skilling-based content and a POH portal.

A bit different from the other locations, to access this POH portal, you need 25 Construction, 8750gp, and you need to have visited Kourend at least once.


  • Low requirements.
  • Next to a Spirit Tree, the Woodcutting Guild, and the Hosidius herb patch.
  • An easy teleport to the Tithe Farm minigame, the Forthos Dungeon, and other Hosidius content.


  • Very distanced from the rest of Gielinor.
  • Hosidius can be accessed with a charged Xeric’s talisman instead of moving your POH here.
  • Somewhat niche features.

Hosidius is one of those locations that can be tricky to get to in the game, so having a POH here is a great way to quickly access the area.

Instead of wasting Memoir/Book of the Dead teleports or Skill’s Necklace charges, a house teleport is a nice substitute.


If you’re okay with bearing the heat of the Kharidian desert, you can consider moving your POH to the desert town of Pollnivneach.

This location is handy for players commonly entering the desert but don’t want to deal with traveling directly from Shantay’s Pass.

To access this portal, you must have 20 Construction and 7500gp to move your POH.


  • Low requirements.
  • Quick access to the desert.
  • Next to high-level Thieving training methods (blackjacking Bandits).
  • Next to Carpet Transportation to reach the Agility Pyramid, Sophanem, or Raids 3.
  • Next to the Smoke Devil dungeon and Kalphite dungeon.


  • Need to keep heat protection in mind when traveling to different areas.
  • Most benefits are further south in the desert, which can be accessed by other teleport methods.

The desert is a massive place with plenty of high-level content. Having a POH in this location is especially handy when trying to go on Thieving/Agility grinds.


Most likely the first town that players visited after getting membership, Taverly is home to a couple of shops, notable locations, and a dungeon.

One of the lower-leveled locations for players to move to, Taverly has something for everyone.

Players only need 10 Construction and 5k to move their POH to Taverly.


  • Low requirements.
  • Next to Taverly dungeon, Heroes’ Guild, Herblore shops, and White Wolf Mountain.
  • South of Burthorpe, which has the Rogues’ Den and the Warrior’s Guild.


  • More suited toward low-mid-level players, so high-level PvMers may not benefit as much.
  • Not much other content in Taverly itself.

Although a peaceful location to visit, there isn’t a lot going on here for players to dedicate a teleport near.

Taverly dungeon is the most notable place, home to Black Dragons, Black Demons, and the Earth and Water Obelisk, although players commonly reach here via Falador teleport and taking the agility shortcut to the west.


In the distant lands of Karamja, the town of Brimhaven is home to the final POH portal on our list.

Next to the Agility course, Brimhaven dungeon, and a couple of neat benefits, this POH is worth considering if you do mid-level PvM or skilling content.

This POH portal requires 40 Construction and 15k to move to.


  • Next to Brimhaven dungeon and the Agility Arena.
  • Just south of the Fruit Tree patch, a Charter Boat and the cart to Shilo Village.


  • Average requirements for not many other benefits.
  • The only major benefit for high-level players is accessing the Fruit Tree patch.

Arguably the most distant location out of everything else, this location is great for reaching Brimhaven dungeon and the southern portions of Karamja.

Those are the best house locations for your POH in Old School RuneScape!

Do you have any input or suggestions for this article? Let us know in the comment section below.


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