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When it comes to training Smithing in Old School RuneScape, you only need to focus on one of two factors: the best metals and items to use for training and the best place to smith your items.

The Smithing process also comes in two parts: smelting the ore into the associated bar at a furnace and using said bar on an anvil to make the item you want.

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However, there are dozens of possible locations in the game where you can do either of these actions. Furnaces specifically can come with their own requirements to use.

Here, we are going to break down the best furnaces to use in Old School RuneScape, along with any requirements they may have.

The best furnace locations for training Smithing in OSRS are Edgeville, Neitiznot, Prifddinas, and Shilo Village.

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Which Furnace Is the Best in OSRS?

While we briefly discussed furnace locations in our 1-99 Smithing Training Guide, we never went in-depth as to why the mentioned locations were the best to use.

Normally, choosing a location for any skilling grind comes down to whichever base requirements are needed to use/access it and how close it is to a bank.

The latter is usually the more sought-after requirement, as less time running between a furnace and a bank means higher experience rates.

When it comes to Smithing, most people will want to access a furnace to either smith the ores they have into bars or make cannonballs, which is a decent money-making method for lower-levels.

While smithing bars isn’t exactly the best experience per hour, it is extremely handy for Ironman accounts trying to make Ranged ammunition, trying to convert their ores into bars for further Smithing training, or just to clear out some materials from their bank.

With all of that out of the way, let’s break down the best furnaces in Old School RuneScape to utilize.

Edgeville Furnace

The most common furnace that OSRS players use is the one in Edgeville. Just 15 tiles from a bank it is available for both free-to-play and members accounts.

Additionally, the Edgeville furnace has a connection with the Varrock Achievement Diary. If you are wearing at least Varrock Armour 1 while smithing, you will have a 10% chance of smithing two bars at once.

The chance and the applicable bars scale with how much of the achievement diary you have completed:

  • Varrock Armour 1 – 10% up to Steel
  • Varrock Armour 2 – 10% up to Mithril
  • Varrock Armour 3 – 10% up to Adamantite
  • Varrock Armour 4 – 10% up to Runite

This fact alone makes using the Edgeville furnace, even if you have other furnaces unlocked with shorter distances to a bank, the better one to use in scenarios where you are smithing bars.

Neitiznot Furnace

Despite only being available for members’ accounts and requiring completion of “The Fremennik Trials” quest, there is still a valid reason for using the furnace in Neitiznot.

It is the same distance from a bank as the furnace in Edgeville (15 tiles), but with correct camera positioning, you will be able to click on both the furnace and the bank without having to move your camera.

While this may not be that much of a big deal for PC players, those playing on mobile will find this incredibly useful.

The main reason you would play on mobile is to casually complete certain skilling grinds that don’t involve much clicking or moving around, so using a furnace that is within the same camera angle of a bank can make your Smithing grind go by so much smoother.

Prifddinas Furnace

If you have completed the “Song of the Elves” quest, you will be able to use the furnace in the southeast portion of Prifddinas.

Although the requirements for this furnace are far steeper than the others, being able to use this furnace has a couple perks.

For starters, this furnace is right next to an anvil (in fact, it’s the closest furnace to do so), so you may smith your ores into bars and immediately smith them into items for efficient Smithing training.

Secondly, it is extremely close to a bank, being only 11 tiles away.

While the added prestige of training Smithing in a high-level area is a good enough reason to try here, being able to efficiently train the entire Smithing process within a few tiles of each other is an extreme benefit, especially for Ironman-accounts.

Shilo Village Furnace

While all other furnaces have a unique property to using them, the furnace in Shilo Village beats all of them out for one simple reason.

Requiring completion of the “Shilo Village” quest, this furnace is only 10 tiles away from the bank, making it the shortest furnace-to-bank distance in the entire game.

The only other downside, however, is that you need to pay 20gp for each time that you use it. Thankfully, you can store money in a nearby coffer, so you can still have a full inventory of ore to smith per payment.

If you have completed the Elite Tier Karamja Achievement Diary, you do not need to pay the 20gp fee.

While a mere tile shorter than the furnace in Prifddinas doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, it can add up greatly in the long run to maximize experience rates.

Furthermore, completing the “Shilo Village” quest is also a much simpler feat than completing “Song of the Elves” or the higher-tiered Varrock Achievement Diaries for experience bonuses.

Those are the best furnaces to use in Old School RuneScape!

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