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Quests provide some of the most exciting content in Old School RuneScape. Players not only gain insight and compelling lore about the world of Gielinor, but they become involved in memorable moments and reap plentiful rewards from them.

There are currently 158 quests in Old School RuneScape, so it can be tough to narrow down which ones to start with first.

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In this article, I am going to break down some of the most interesting and rewarding quests in Old School RuneScape across all skill levels. I am also going to explain the base requirements for each quest to make sure you are set up for success!

The quests that we recommend everyone do in OSRS are as follows: Fairytale series, Waterfall Quest, Monkey Madness series, Fremennik series, Tears of Guthix, Recipe for Disaster, Lunar Diplomacy, Sins of the Father, Beneath Cursed Sands, Dragon Slayer series, and Song of the Elves.

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Must Do Quests for All Players in Old School RuneScape

What is a “must-do quest” in Old School RuneScape? For this instance: we are talking about quests that not only provide entertaining content but also give amazing rewards that provide excellent account progression.

Here are the quests that we believe everyone should do in the game:

Fairytale Series (Fairytale I – Growing Pains & Fairytale II – Cure a Queen)

Admittedly, the first quest doesn’t offer too many rewards for the player, but only partially completing the second quest allows you to unlock one of the most important rewards in the game: Fairy rings!

Quest Requirements (Both Fairytale I & Fairytale II):

  • Quests Completed:
    • Lost City
    • Nature Spirit
      • The Restless Ghost
      • Priest in Peril
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 40 Thieving
    • 49 Farming
    • 57 Herblore

Fairy rings allow you to teleport all over Gielinor at no expense whatsoever! With a Dramen staff (or a Lunar staff if you completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest), you can reach even the most obscure of places.

Waterfall Quest

Ironman accounts are extremely familiar with this quest, as its reward jumpstarts accounts straight off from Tutorial Island over thirty levels in Attack and Strength!

Quest Requirements:

  • None!

In the Waterfall quest, you take the time to learn about some of the Elven people that roamed Gielinor before you and uncover a tomb hidden behind a waterfall. This quest is heavy on lore and has fantastic storytelling.

The main reason why many people starting new accounts complete this quest first is that one of its rewards includes 13,750exp each to Attack and Strength, which can boost each of those skills from 1 to 30 instantly!

Monkey Madness series (Monkey Madness I & Monkey Madness II)

The former is an iconic quest for veterans of the Old School RuneScape community, giving players the ability to equip the famed Dragon scimitar

And nearly a decade later, when its sequel was released, the rewards only got better!

Quest Requirements (Both Monkey Madness I & Monkey Madness II):

  • Completed Quests:
    • Enlightened Journey
    • The Eyes of Glouphrie
    • King Awowogei subquest (Recipe for Disaster)
      • Monkey Madness I
  • The Grand Tree
  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Troll Stronghold
    • Death Plateau
  • Watchtower
  • Skill Requirements
    • 69 Slayer
    • 70 Crafting
    • 60 Hunter
    • 55 Agility
    • 55 Thieving
    • 60 Firemaking

Throughout the quest, you go against Glough, a rogue gnome and enemy of the Grand Tree who plans to start a war across Gielinor.

You go through dungeons, encounter the island of Ape Atoll, and fight tough bosses, including Glough himself.

Without spoiling much, these two quests are an excellent way to spend a weekend, as they allow players to explore lands they may not have seen before and test their abilities.

As for the rewards, the first quest gives players the ability to wield a Dragon Scimitar, as well as access to Ape Atoll’s shops and a total 110k worth of combat experience for Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints.

Completing Monkey Madness II, you get more than 50k+ experience to Slayer, Agility, Thieving and Hunter, another 50k experience to 2 combat skills of your choice, the ability to walk around Ape Atoll without needing a monkey greegree, as well as access to Kruk’s dungeon, Demonic Gorillas (an excellent money maker and slayer task), a new hunting ground, and the ability to use the Heavy ballista.

Fremennik series (Fremennik Trials, Fremennik Isles & Fremennik Exiles)

For players looking for battle and toughness in Old School RuneScape, the Fremennik series puts players to the test: judging their combat skills and honor to the Fremenniks in exchange for glory and awesome rewards.

Quest Requirements (Combined for Fremennik Trials, Fremennik Isles & Fremennik Exiles):

  • Completed Quests:
    • Lunar Diplomacy
    • Mountain Daughter
    • Heroes’ Quest
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 65 Crafting
    • 60 Slayer
    • 60 Smithing
    • 60 Fishing
    • 55 Runecrafting

Those who can endure the trials and save the Fremenniks from the lingering threat are rewarded with a plentiful amount of experience (totaling around 300k worth of experience to multiple skills), access to all of the islands and shops in Rellekka and the neighboring islands (Neitiznot, Jatizso, Etceteria, and Miscellania), and the ability to wear the fabled Fremennik helms.

The greatest reward from all of this is being able to build and equip the Neitiznot faceguard, the best-in-slot melee helm in the entire game.

Tears of Guthix

Tears of Guthix is a short but enchanting quest where players lurk beneath Lumbridge Swamp and learn about the large serpent that lives there!

Quest Requirements:

  • 43 Quest Points
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 49 Firemaking
    • 20 Crafting
    • 20 Mining

Upon completion of this quest, players can do the “Tears of Guthix” minigame once a week, where players collect tears in a bowl and gain experience in their lowest skill.

This minigame is constantly done weekly by players of all skill levels, as it gives passive experience to the skills that they don’t like to train to begin with.

A nice weekly reward that takes only a few minutes of your time!

Recipe for Disaster

The 100th quest released in Old School RuneScape brings the player on a journey all over Gielinor, from the Karamjan Jungle to the rambunctious goblins north of Falador, all for the most versatile combat gloves in the entire game.

Quest Requirements (For Main Quest & All Sub Quests):

  • 175 Quest Points
  • Completed Quests:
    • Cook’s Assistant
    • Fishing Contest
    • Goblin Diplomacy
    • Big Chompy Bird Hunting
    • Murder Mystery
    • Nature Spirit
    • Witch’s House
    • Gertrude’s Cat
    • Shadow of the Storm
    • Partial Completion of Legend’s Quest
    • Monkey Madness I
    • Desert Treasure I
    • Horror from the Deep
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 70 Cooking
    • 48 Agility
    • 50 Mining
    • 53 Fishing
    • 53 Thieving
    • 25 Herblore
    • 59 Magic
    • 40 Smithing
    • 50 Firemaking
    • 40 Ranged
    • 40 Crafting
    • 10 Fletching
    • 36 Woodcutting

This may be a massive list of requirements, but I promise it’s worth it.

The main plot is relatively simple: a council of iconic figures is trapped in a frozen state by the Culinaromancer, and it is up to you to free each of the members and defeat him.

Each council member has their own subquest where you must make their favorite meal to free them, hence making you travel all Gielinor to their homelands to learn what they enjoy and do what it takes to free them.

Not only does each subquest give you a decent amount of experience across most of the skills in the game, but fully completing the quest allows you to buy Barrow’s gloves from the Culinaromancer’s chest, which provide a +12 attack and defense bonus to all combat styles (+6 for Magic).

Lunar Diplomacy

A mind-bending quest where you try to prevent war from breaking out between the Fremenniks and the Moonclan, you earn the trust of the lunar folk and gain access to some of the most unique spells in the entire game: the lunar spellbook!

Quest Requirements:

  • Completed Quests:
    • The Fremennik Trials
    • Lost City
    • Rune Mysteries
    • Shilo Village
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 5 Herblore
    • 61 Crafting
    • 40 Defence
    • 49 Firemaking
    • 65 Magic
    • 60 Mining
    • 55 Woodcutting

Throughout this quest, you remove a hex that prevents you and your ship from reaching the island, contact the lunar folk, and enter your mind to face your own subconscious.

Lunar Isle itself is a fascinating area of the game to explore, but the lore and brain-twisting sequences and cutscenes are what make this one of the more interesting quests in the entire game.

Upon completion of the quest, you get 5k experience in both Magic and Runecrafting, as well as access to the Lunar spellbook.

This spellbook is arguably the most versatile of them all, as it has spells for both skilling and combat, including Humidify, Plank Make, Stat Eye, Contact, and Vengeance.

Sins of the Father

Starting a revolution and fighting against fearsome vampyres is just another day for those completing the quest series for Sins of the Father.

Here, you continue the fight against the dark forces and help save the people of Morytania!

Quest Requirements:

  • Completed Quests:
    • Vampyre Slayer
    • Taste of Hope (subsequent Myreque quest series)
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 62 Woodcutting
    • 60 Fletching
    • 56 Crafting
    • 52 Agility
    • 50 Attack
    • 50 Slayer
    • 49 Magic

Although this quest has an entire series, we are going to focus on the latest in the line: Sins of the Father.

Here, you face Lord Draken, the vampyre lord himself and help free the cursed people of Morytania.

Throughout this quest alone, you fight through multiple high-level bosses and complete various puzzles.

I won’t spoil how this quest ends, but I will say that the story is not over yet.

Upon completion of this quest, you gain access to Darkmeyer, an area filled with the Vyrewatch (whose drop table consists of alchable items and the valuable blood shard) as well as the Hallowed Sepulchre: an intense agility course that gives valuable rewards and nice agility experience.

Beneath Cursed Sands

In the far south of the desert, the city of Sophanem continues to ask for your help to resolve a mysterious plague in its neighboring city of Menaphos.

But don’t be fooled. This master quest is not for the faint of heart.

Quest Requirements:

  • Completed Quests:
    • Contact!
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 62 Agility
    • 55 Crafting
    • 55 Firemaking

Throughout this quest, you solve puzzles, defeat incredibly tough bosses, and dive deep into the mystery behind Menaphos.

Those who are not used to combat may want to brush up on their skills before completing this quest.

However, the rewards are worth it! Completing this quest gives the player 50k Agility experience, the Keris Partisan (an upgrade from the Keris that is done during the quest), which gives extra damage to Kalphites, and a Circlet of Water which helps protect against the desert heat.

Players are also able to access the Tombs of Amascut, one of three raids that players can do for rewards ranging in the millions of gp!

Dragon Slayer series (Dragon Slayer I & Dragon Slayer II)

Probably the most iconic quest series in all Old School RuneScape, the Dragon Slayer series is a rite of passage for all OSRS players.

The original quest was a core memory of people’s childhoods in 2001, and its sequel cemented its legacy when it was released in 2018.

Quest Requirements:

  • 200 Quest Points
  • Completed Quests:
    • Legends’ Quest
    • Dream Mentor
    • A Tail of Two Cats
    • Animal Magnetism
    • Ghosts Ahoy
    • Bone Voyage
    • Client of Kourend
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 75 Magic
    • 70 Smithing
    • 68 Mining
    • 62 Crafting
    • 60 Agility
    • 60 Thieving
    • 50 Construction
    • 50 Hitpoints

In this series, you sail to Crandor and fight Elvarg, the dragon that all F2P players train to fight.

Following this in the sequel, you explore beyond Elvarg’s cavern, learn the truth about the dragonkin, and fight something much scarier than just a single dragon in a cave.

Delving into dungeons, fighting bosses with unique mechanics, and sailing into an army of dragons is just the minimum of what you do during this series.

This quest doesn’t just give a challenge to the players but makes them feel powerful as they charge into battle, trying to survive alongside other iconic characters from the world of RuneScape.

When you complete this series, you are rewarded with over 300k+ worth of experience across 8 different skills, access to the Myth’s Guild, upgrades to various items, and the ability to fight a tougher version of Vorkath as a boss.

Song of the Elves

My personal favorite throughout this entire list, this quest puts players through the first completed quest series in OSRS and grants access to the hidden city of Prifddinas!

Quest Requirements:

  • Completed Quests:
    • Mourning’s End Part II
    • Making History
    • Drudic Ritual
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 70 Agility
    • 70 Construction
    • 70 Farming
    • 70 Herblore
    • 70 Hunter
    • 70 Mining
    • 70 Smithing
    • 70 Woodcutting

The entire Elven series gives players the chance to dive deep into the history of the Elves and learn the truth about the hidden city of Prifddinas.

In the series conclusion, you make a final stand against enemy forces, complete complicated puzzles, fight formidable foes, and explore lands that no other mortal has reached before!

Players who have completed the quest will get 40k experience across 8 different skills and access to Prifddinas: The Elven city that has outstanding end-game content, from the Gauntlet, Zalcano, Crystal tools, skilling resources and so much more!

As I said, this is my personal favorite quest in the entire game, and I highly encourage everyone to complete it.

Those are some of the best quests for players to do in Old School RuneScape!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.


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