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Rellekka serves as the base location for some of the most interesting locations in Old School RuneScape.

Whether taking a boat to Waterbirth Island to fight the Dagannoth Kings, making your way to Vorkath, or participating in the rooftop agility course, Rellekka has things to offer players of all skill levels.

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Most notably, this city is where much of the Fremennik quest series takes place, where players are rewarded with the coveted Fremennik helms, access to new Slayer monsters, and a plethora of skill experience.

But when it comes to reaching Rellekka, what’s the best way to reach this distant location? These are the best ways to get to Rellekka in Old School RuneScape!

The best way to get to Relleka in OSRS is to use the Fremennik Boots to teleport there, which can be done once a day. Alternatively, you can use a House Teleport, Waterbirth Teleport, Enchanted Lyre, or Fairy Rings.

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How to Get to Rellekka in OSRS

Rellekka, home of the Fremenniks, is a distant city north of Camelot and Seer’s Village. If this is your first time trying to reach Rellekka, you may be tempted to walk the distance all the way from Seer’s Village.

However, many short transportation methods to get to Rellekka don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Using a Rellekka Home Teleport Tablet

If you have 30 Construction, you can create and use a Rellekke Teleport Tab to teleport directly to the POH portal outside the city’s south gate.

To do this, you need to use a Scroll of Redirection on a House Teleport Tab.

Here, you will be shown a menu to divert the destination to one of the POH portals throughout Old School RuneScape, the Rellekka POH portal being one of them.

Scrolls of Redirection are obtained by spending points in the Nightmare Zone Reward Shop.

This is one of the more useful rewards to purchase from NMZ, so be sure to stock up on as many as possible if you need to teleport to one of the POH locations in the game.

Teleporting with Fremennik Boots

Completing the Easy Tier Fremennik Achievement Diary will allow you to get a pair of Fremennik Boots, which give you a daily teleport to Rellekka.

While the Easy, Medium, and Hard Tier boots continue to offer only one daily teleport, once you complete the Elite Tier Achievement Diary, you will be able to teleport directly to Rellekka an unlimited number of times.

Remember that completing an entire region’s Achievement Diary is no easy task.

For this diary specifically, you will need to complete challenges such as killing all of the God Wars Dungeon bosses, crafting 56 Astral Runes at a single time, and completing a lap of the Rellekka Agility Course (which requires 80 Agility).

But it is well worth it, as beyond the ability to teleport to Rellekka any time you wish, the diary rewards extend into experience lamps, PvM upgrades, and much more.

Waterbirth Teleport

Waterbirth Island is the neighboring island where you can take a boat to/from Rellekka. Therefore, you may opt to reach Waterbirth Island and travel from there if other teleportation methods are not present.

If you have completed the “Lunar Diplomacy” quest and have 72 Magic, you cast Waterbirth Teleport to reach Waterbirth Island. You can take the nearby boat to Rellekka’s piers from here.

If you are attempting to fight Vorkath or the Dagannoth Kings, you should consider adding a Waterbirth Teleport to your POH (whether as a standalone portal or within the Portal Nexus).

This way, you can use regular House Teleport Tabs to move back and forth easily.

Teleporting with the Enchanted Lyre

The Enchanted Lyre is first seen when you complete the “Fremennik Trials” quest. Afterward, you may use it to teleport to several locations in the Fremennik province, including Rellekka.

At default, the Enchanted Lyre can teleport you to Rellekka up to five times before you need to recharge it with the Froggimen you encountered during the quest.

Eventually, after completing specific tiers of the Fremennik Achievement Diary, the Enchanted Lyre will allow you to teleport to Waterbirth Island, Neitiznot, and Jatizso.

Considering that the “Fremennik Trials” is one of the first quests you should complete in this area, the Enchanted Lyre is one of the quickest ways players can get to Rellekka while they are still in the early game.

Utilizing Fairy Rings

To the east of Rellekka, there are two fairy rings within relatively close distance to Rellekka’s gates.

Fairy Rings are available for use after you complete a portion of the “Fairytale II – Cure a Queen” quest, up to the point where the quest grants you access to them to find the queen.

The first Fairy Ring is outside the Rellekka Slayer Cave, code AJR. The second is near the cave entrance to Keldagrim, at code DKS.

Note that unless you have completed the Elite Tier Lumbridge & Draynor Achievement Diary, you will need to equip a Dramen/Lunar staff to use them.

While it is still a bit of a walk to Rellekka, it is still better than walking all the way from Kandarin.

That is how to get to Rellekka in Old School RuneScape!

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