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Crafting is arguably one of the most underrated skills to train in Old School RuneScape.

Unlike most other skills, there’s a healthy balance between material costs and experience rates, with the latter half of the skilling grind flying by with some methods giving you 200k-300k Crafting experience per hour.

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There are a lot of different ways to train crafting, all of which depend on how much gp you’re willing to spend and how long you’re willing to bank stand. In this guide, I’m going to break down an efficient way of training level 1-99 Crafting, as well as talk about some alternate methods that you can do along the way.

If you want the most efficient path from levels 1-99 Crafting in OSRS, you should craft leather items from levels 1-20, cut gemstones from levels 20-77, and craft dragonhide bodies from levels 77-99. However, there are alternative methods to make the process smoother/more profitable, such as blowing Molten glass, utilizing the Superglass Make spell, or cutting amethysts.

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Best Way to Reach Level 99 Crafting in OSRS

During your 1-99 Crafting journey, you will come across all sorts of ways to train the skill. Some of them will provide incredible experience rates, while others can give you a great amount of profit per hour.

The most efficient path starts with making leather bodies, then moving on to cutting gems, then finally finishing your Crafting career with dragonhide bodies.

Levels 1-20: Crafting Leather Items

When you’re fresh off Tutorial Island, there isn’t much you can do for crazy experience rates than crafting leather items. Thankfully, doing so will be very cheap.

There are five leather items that you can craft in OSRS:

  • Level 1 – Leather Gloves
  • Level 7 – Leather Boots
  • Level 9 – Leather Cowls
  • Level 11 – Leather Vambraces
  • Level 14 – Leather Bodies

Each of these items requires you to have a Needle and Thread in your inventory, as well as 1 Leather per item.

If you were to craft straight from 1-20, immediately crafting the next item when it comes available, it will take you 217 Leather pieces to reach 20 Crafting. Not too expensive at all to do.

Levels 20-77: Cutting Gemstones

In Old School RuneScape, gems are required for all sorts of things, and all of them need to be cut prior to being used.

Cutting gems provides a great amount of experience compared to other skills at such a level, hence why we will be cutting gems all the way from level 20 to 77 Crafting.

  • Level 20 – Sapphires – 135k exp per hour
  • Level 27 – Emeralds – 182k exp per hour
  • Level 34 – Rubies – 229k exp per hour
  • Level 43 – Diamonds – 290k exp per hour

You may have noticed that I did not include Dragonstones, Onyxes, and Zenytes. This is because their prices are so high that, although they provide higher experience rates, it would not be worth purchasing for Crafting training.

Given each of them provides an extraordinary amount of experience per hour, as you progress up you can switch and choose between which gems to cut based on prices.

The lower two gems: Sapphires and Emeralds, will occasionally break even or even provide profit after you cut them, albeit not by much.

However, if you want to power level through the Crafting skill and you are willing to spend the gp, feel free to go with the highest gem you possibly can for the best rates.

Levels 77-99: Crafting Dragonhide Bodies

Technically you can start doing this at 63 Crafting, but due to the fluctuating prices for Green and Blue d’hide bodies in Old School RuneScape, it’s best to keep cutting gems until you reach 77 Crafting, where you unlock Red d’hide bodies.

Like when you were crafting Leather items, each of the Dragonhide bodies require you to have a Needle and Thread in your inventory, as well as 3 pieces of the associated leather type.

Note: Make sure that when you are buying the leather to craft dragonhide bodies, you are buying the leather and not the dragonhide! Dragonhide is what is dropped from killing dragons, which is then turned into leather by tanning it.

  • Level 63 – Green d’hide body – 307k exp per hour
  • Level 71 – Blue d’hide body – 347k exp per hour
  • Level 77 – Red d’hide body – 386k exp per hour
  • Level 84 – Black d’hide body – 426k exp per hour

As you can tell, any of the dragonhide bodies can give you ridiculous amounts of experience per hour in OSRS. 

Although the upfront costs can be a bit expensive, they are well worth your time.

Green d’hide bodies give the lowest profit loss margin compared to the others, but for the experience it gives, you might as well have continued to craft gems.

Working with your inventory can also be a bit challenging for crafting dragonhide bodies.

To make sure you have a clean inventory, you should have your needle, thread, as well as two placeholder items to make sure you are withdrawing the perfect amount of dragon leather to craft 8 dragonhide bodies exactly.

It is also worth knowing that high alching the d’hide bodies can help alleviate some of the costs.

You can read our guide on high alching items for more information.

Other Methods To Consider

While everything I’ve discussed before is arguably the most efficient way to reach 99 Crafting, there are other methods that you can consider. Some of these provide profit, while others can give a more AFK experience.

Levels 1-99: Crafting with Molten Glass

Molten glass allows players to gain a low amount of Crafting experience per hour for the benefit that it is extremely AFK.

On top of not having to pay much attention to the screen at a time, Molten glass itself is cheap on the Grand Exchange, with its current cost going for around 70gp per Molten glass.

All the glass items only require 1 Molten glass. You will also need a Glassblowing pipe in your inventory.

  • Level 1 – Beer Glass – 30k exp per hour
  • Level 4 – Empty candle lantern – 33k exp per hour
  • Level 12 – Empty oil lamp – 44k exp per hour
  • Level 33 – Vial – 61k exp per hour
  • Level 42 – Empty fishbowl – 74k exp per hour
  • Level 46 – Unpowered orb – 92k exp per hour
  • Level 49 – Lantern lens – 96k exp per hour
  • Level 87 – Empty light orb – 122k exp per hour

Out of all of the glass items, unpowered orbs are the only ones that tend to breakeven/give profit back, as they are commonly used when creating battlestaves.

Empty light orbs are not able to be sold on the Grand Exchange, so be warned that you will not get any money back from crafting them.

In short, if you want to just relax and casually train Crafting without having to worry too much about pricing, crafting Molten glass is a decent alternative in OSRS.

Levels 61-99: Casting the Superglass Make Spell

Out of all the methods I mentioned, this one is a personal favorite of mine, as I constantly did this when I was first going for 99 Crafting.

OSRS players who have completed the “Lunar Diplomacy” quest and have 77 Magic are able to cast the Superglass Make spell from the Lunar spellbook. This spell allows you to make Molten glass out of Buckets of sand and Seaweed (or giant seaweed) in your inventory.

The base components for Superglass Make are 2 Astral runes, 6 Fire runes, 10 Air runes, 3 Giant Seaweed, and 18 Buckets of sand per cast. It is often recommended to just use Giant Seaweed, as you will only need 3 of them per inventory, vice having to go half and half on regular Seaweed and Buckets of sand.

Due to you requiring Fire and Air runes, it is recommended to get a Smoke battlestaff to negate the need to carry runes in your inventory. However, you will still need to have Astral runes.

Starting with your inventory, you would cast Superglass Make, which will turn the materials in your inventory into Molten glass. Then you would deposit all of them, withdraw the Giant seaweed and Buckets of sand again from a bank, and repeat.

This can be a very click-intensive method, so I would recommend setting the default withdrawal option in your bank to 3 to quickly pull 3 Giant seaweed, then right-click>all on the Buckets of sand to fill the rest to make it as efficient as possible.

Over time, you may have Molten glass overfill your inventory and drop to your feet. Keep an eye on how many stack beneath you and take a moment every now and then to pick them up to maximize your profits.

Despite you having to pay a moderate to high level of attention, not only will you get on average 95k Crafting and 56k Magic experience per hour, but you will profit nearly 350k gp in the process.

Considering all other crafting methods, this is the only one that gives you a decent amount of profit for training your own skills.

Of course, the experience and gp you make will depend on how quick you are at withdrawing the materials and casting the spell.

Levels 83-99: Cutting Amethysts

Amethyst is a high-level gem that works differently than the others. For starters, it can only be used to turn into fletching materials to make Amethyst-tipped bolts, arrows, javelins, and darts.

Cutting amethyst can be done at four different levels. However, the experience rate for all of them is the same, with the only difference between them being the profit returned when you try and sell it back in the Grand Exchange.

  • Cutting Amethyst – 165k exp per hour
    • Level 83 – Amethyst bolt tips
    • Level 85 – Amethyst arrow tips
    • Level 87 – Amethyst javelin heads
    • Level 89 – Amethyst dart tips

Amethyst arrow tips and javelin heads are commonly the items that either break even or give profit back when you make them.

Thankfully, you can switch back and forth between them depending on prices because they give the same amount of experience per hour.

Cutting amethyst, despite the moderate experience rate, is often used because it is very AFK.

Compared to methods like blowing Molten glass or cutting gemstones, being able to get 165k exp per hour while still breaking even on material costs is a win for any player trying to get 99 Crafting.

Quests That Give Crafting Experience

There are quests in Old School RuneScape that provide Crafting experience as a reward, although some of them may require a specific Crafting level to complete them.

Here is a list of them and the experience given below:

  • Quest Name (Crafting Level Required If Any) – Crafting Experience Rewarded
  • Animal Magnetism (Lvl 19) – 1k exp
  • Cabin Fever (Lvl 45) – 7k exp
  • Cold War (Lvl 30) – 2k exp
  • Dwarf Cannon (None) – 750 exp
  • Elemental Workshop I (Lvl 20) – 5k exp
  • Elemental Workshop II (Lvl 20) – 7.5k exp
  • Enakhra’s Lament (Lvl 50) – 7k exp
  • Enlightened Journey (Lvl 36) – 2k exp
  • The Fremennik Exiles (Lvl 65) – 50k exp
  • The Fremennik Isles (Lvl 46) – 5k exp
  • The Fremennik Trials (Lvl 40) – 2,812 exp
  • Getting Ahead (Lvl 30) – 4k exp
  • The Giant Dwarf (Lvl 12) – 2.5k exp
  • Goblin Diplomacy (None) – 200 exp
  • The Golem (Lvl 20) – 1k exp
  • The Great Brain Robbery (Lvl 16) – 3k exp
  • The Hand in the Sand (Lvl 49) – 9k exp
  • In Aid of the Myreque (Lvl 25) – 2k exp
  • In Search of the Myreque (None) – 600 exp
  • Making History (Lvl 24) – 1k exp
  • Misthalin Mystery (None) – 600 exp
  • Murder Mystery (None) – 1,406 exp
  • Nature Spirit (Lvl 18) – 1k exp
  • Observatory Quest (None) – 2,250 exp
  • Recipe for Disaster (None)
    • Goblin Generals subquest – 1k exp
    • Pirate Pete subquest – 1k exp
    • Skrach Uglogwee subquest – 1.5k exp
  • Shades of Mort’ton (Lvl 20) – 2k exp
  • Sheep Shearer (None) – 150 exp
  • Shilo Village (Lvl 20) – 3,875 exp
  • The Slug Menace (Lvl 30) – 3.5k exp
  • Tears of Guthix (Lvl 20) – 1k exp
  • Tower of Life (None) – 500 exp

Obtaining The 99 Crafting Skillcape

If you followed this guide to reach 99 Crafting, congratulations! You can buy the Crafting skillcape at the Crafting Guild south of Falador.

Not only will it give you a +1 boost to your Crafting skill when worn, but it will give you unlimited teleports straight inside the Crafting Guide, giving you easy access to a bank from anywhere!

That is how you can efficiently train from levels 1-99 Crafting!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.


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