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The Dwarf Multicannon is one of the most helpful combat items in Old School RuneScape.

Whether passively training Ranged, doing AFK Slayer tasks, or planning to deal extra DPS against certain bosses, the Dwarf Multicannon makes most PvM activities much easier.

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The Dwarf Multicannon can be used in many areas but excels in some spots. While using it at every Multi-Combat area is ideal, some scenarios may not be the case.

The best spots to use a Dwarf Multicannon in OSRS include the Dagannoths in the Lighthouse basement, the Suqahs on Lunar Isle, the Corporeal Beast, the Chasm of Fire, the Falador Guards, and the Rock Crabs in Rellekka.

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Best Cannon Spots in OSRS

Especially when completing Slayer tasks where you need to kill high quantities of the same kind of monster, the Dwarf Multicannon is your best friend to get through most Slayer grinds.

Furthermore, it can be used by most group bosses to help kill them quickly.

While the Dwarf Multicannon can’t be used in every part of Old School RuneScape, bringing it to a few specific places makes combat a night and day difference.

Lighthouse Dagannoths

One of the most common locations where a Dwarf Multicannon is used is the Dagannoths (Level-74) underneath the Lighthouse beside Barbarian Assault.

Dagannoths are not only a common Slayer assignment but also drop Medium Clue Scrolls at a decent rate, making them a prime location for people farming Treasure Trails.

This area can be accessed after completing the “Horror from the Deep” quest and is often used even for players looking to AFK train Ranged.

It is worth noting that while Dagannoths also exist in the Kourend Slayer Dungeon, the Dwarf Multicannon cannot be used there.

While using a Dwarf Multicannon at the Dagannoths on Waterbirth Island is ideal for some situations, the journey to get back and forth can be a bit long for some players, making the Lighthouse the ideal location (right next to Fairy Ring Code ALP).

Lunar Isle Suqahs

A common Slayer task given to high-level players is the Suqahs (Level-111) on Lunar Isle.

Since they fight with both Melee and Magic attacks (freezing you with their version of Ice Barrage), killing them one by one can be a pain when assigned to you.

However, a Dwarf Multicannon can be used on the Northside of the Isle to kill them quickly.

You can use the Protect from Magic prayer while killing them with your best Melee setup, running back to the bank to resupply while your Cannon continues to operate.

Corporeal Beast

One of the toughest bosses in Old School RuneScape, the Corporeal Beast (Level-785) has an impressive loot table, including the various Sigils that sell for hundreds of millions of gp a piece.

However, the Corporeal Beast has an incredibly strong Defence level and 2,000 Hitpoints, so DPS is essential.

Even when fighting the Corporeal Beast in a group or clan, players will all bring Dwarf Multicannons to keep dealing damage even when restocking at a bank.

The Corporeal Beast also has a Dark Energy Core spawn that will “float” and attack players within its lair, but the Dwarf Multicannon can kill it if it is timed correctly (the Cannon spins in its direction at the moment it lands).

Without using a Dwarf Multicannon at the Corporeal Beast, expect for extremely long kill that will ultimately burn through your supplies and energy.

The Chasm of Fire

Demons are another common Slayer task that can be a nuisance for players to complete. All Demons usually have a somewhat high combat level and are found in Single-Combat zones, making each trip linger.

While the Chasm of Fire is still a Single-Combat zone, a Dwarf Multicannon can be placed while you attack from a safe zone using Ranged to attack multiple at once effectively.

There are three types of Demons within the Chasm of Fire:

  • Lesser Demons (Level-82)
  • Greater Demons (Level-92)
  • Black Demons (Level-172)

Even though a newly spawned Demon may still attack you, forcing the Dwarf Multicannon to attack only that target, this method can still drastically improve your Slayer kill times.

Falador Guards

While Falador Square is the prime location for players to pitch their Dwarf Multicannons in protest, there is another reason for players to use a Cannon against the Guards (Level-21).

Guards, similar to Dagannoths, drop Medium Clue Scrolls at a decent rate (Around 1 in 128), which makes them an excellent source for clue hunting.

Instead of traveling to the Lighthouse or worrying about fighting through waves of Dagannoths, these low-level Guards are hardly anything to worry about for Clue Hunters.

This location is also easily accessible, as a bank is just 20 tiles from the main square.

Rellekka Rock Crabs

If you aim to train Ranged as fast and AFK as possible, the Rock Crabs (Level-13) on the North Shore of Relleka are an excellent choice.

Rock Crabs are notorious for being excellent Ranged training targets, and thankfully, a Dwarf Multicannon can be used to further speed up your kill rates.

Rock Crabs come in two forms: their “Rock” form, where they lay dormant until a player runs next to them, where they turn into their “Crab” form.

Because of this, you will often need to run back and forth between the Rock Crab spawns (visibly seen by the rocks protruding from the ground) to make them killable.

Rock Crabs, like other monsters in Old School RuneScape, will become unaggressive after 10 minutes, so you will need to leave the chunk and run back in to make them aggressive to you.

It is also recommended that you equip a fast-attack Ranged weapon such as Darts or Knives to quickly kill the Rock Crabs as you run between them.

Regardless, Rock Crabs are excellent for new players who have just completed the “Dwarf Cannon” quest and want to train Ranged as fast as possible from an early level.

Those are the best spots to use a Dwarf Multicannon in Old School RuneScape!

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