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Used heavily in the skill of Runecrafting, Essence Pouches (more commonly referred to as “Rune Pouches”) are used to hold multiple amounts of Rune or Pure Essence within a few inventory slots. Instead of only being limited by carrying 28 essences at a time, you can hold upwards of 40 essences within a single inventory slot.

However, Rune Pouches must be repaired after prolonged use, and players cannot do it themselves. Thankfully, there is an easy way to repair it free of charge.

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Rune Pouches (aka “Essence Pouches”) in OSRS can be repaired by either talking to the Dark Mage in the Abyss or the Apprentice at Guardians of the Rift for a fee of 1 Abyssal Pearl.

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How to Repair Rune Pouches in OSRS

Rune Pouches are undoubtedly the most useful item for players training the Runecrafting skill. Runecrafting alone is an arduous skill to train, given the slow experience rates and click-intensive training methods.

Rune Pouches allow a player to carry more Rune/Pure Essence on their person, letting them earn higher experience rates when training the skill. However, these pouches will degrade after prolonged use and will need to be repaired.

There are two main ways to repair Rune Pouches:

Repaired Through The Dark Mage

The Dark Mage within the Abyss (the same location where players can earn Rune Pouches in the first place) can repair Rune Pouches an unlimited number of times.

However, reaching the Dark Mage every time they degrade can be repetitive. You must traverse North of Edgeville into the Wilderness and be teleported by the Mage of Zamorak located there to the Abyss.

Then, you will need to avoid the Abyssal creatures (you can use the “Protect from Melee” prayer, however, all of your Prayer Points will be drained upon entering the Abyss) and go through one of the many obstacles to reach the center ring of the Abyss.

Once you reach the Dark Mage, they can repair your Rune Pouches.

For higher-level players, repairing Rune Pouches through the Dark Mage is a much easier process: using Lunar Magicks.

With 67 Magic and completion of the “Lunar Diplomacy” quest, you can cast the NPC Contact spell to directly contact the Dark Mage to repair your Rune Pouches from anywhere in the world.

This is a far easier way of repairing your Rune Pouches, especially when you have completed multiple Runecrafting trips to an altar.

Repaired With The Apprentice At Guardians Of The Rift

Guardians of the Rift is a Runecrafting-based minigame in which players defend the Rift Guardian from an onslaught of Abyssal Creatures by crafting runes and using essence on the Guardian.

During the minigame, players will extensively use Rune Pouches to increase their experience rates, so they must be repaired often.

While you can still use the NPC Contact spell to contact the Dark Mage in between rounds, you can instead talk to the Apprentice within the Guardians of the Rift minigame to repair your Rune Pouches.

First, you will need to pay a one-time fee of 25 Abyssal Pearls to allow them to repair your pouches, followed by paying 1 Abyssal Pearl each time you talk to them for repair.

That is how to repair Rune Pouches in Old School RuneScape!

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