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Woodcutting is one of the most beloved skills in Old School RuneScape!

Naturally, players are constantly trying to level every skill as efficiently as possible, so when the Lumberjack outfit was added to the game giving an increase to Woodcutting experience, players loved it.

The Lumberjack outfit, like other skilling outfits, gives a 2.5% multiplier to Woodcutting experience per log chopped.

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But how exactly did you get this outfit? In this guide, I am going to talk more about the Lumberjack outfit and how you can get it in Old School RuneScape!

The Lumberjack outfit can be obtained in OSRS from two different locations: either as a reward from Temple Trekking or purchased from any of the Forestry shops for an amount of Anima-infused bark and logs.

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How to Get the Lumberjack Outfit in Old School RuneScape

The Lumberjack outfit gives a small boost of Woodcutting experience, totaling 2.5% when wearing the full outfit.

For players who have completed the Medium Tier Kandarin Diary, the 10% boost when chopping Maples in Seer’s Village adds to the outfit’s effect.

Originally when the Lumberjack outfit was added to the game, there was only one method of obtaining it, and it didn’t even involve Woodcutting!

Eventually, a second method was added that was purely Woodcutting-based, allowing skilling accounts to get it without having to go into combat.

Temple Trekking

This minigame involves players escorting various NPCs through a dangerous path in Morytania.

The only requirement to do this minigame is the completion of the “In Air of the Myreque” quest. However, you can also complete the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest to be able to access the returning route for increased efficiency (vice having to teleport back to the start every time).

There are technically no stat requirements to do this minigame, but it is recommended that you have around base 70+ combat stats before attempting this.

In the minigame, there is a chance that Undead Lumberjacks will spawn in groups during one of the events. Each of these Undead Lumberjacks has a 1 in 4 chance of dropping a piece of the Lumberjack outfit.

It is worth noting that only the Undead Lumberjacks that spawn in the event with NO tree will have this drop rate.

This method is simple for those who do not want to grind out Woodcutting and just want to get the skilling outfit within an hour.

Forestry Shop

Players who want to stick to their Woodcutting roots can earn the Lumberjack outfit through the Forestry Shop.

This shop offers many unlocks and rewards around Woodcutting, including the Lumberjack outfit.

Lumberjack Outfit Cost (Total of 5k Anima-infused bark, 120 Redwood logs, 360 Magic logs, 620 Yew logs, and 100 Maple logs):

  • Lumberjack hat: 1.2k Anima-infused bark, 100 Magic logs, 200 Yew logs.
  • Lumberjack top: 1.5k Anima-infused bark, 120 Redwood logs, 120 Magic logs, 60 Yew logs.
  • Lumberjack legs: 1.3k Anima-infused bark, 140 Magic logs, 160 Yew logs.
  • Lumberjack boots: 1k Anima-infused bark, 200 Yew logs, 100 Maple logs.

Anima-infused bark can be earned by completing Forestry events in Woodcutting.

The most common places to do this (depending on Woodcutting level) are around the Maple, Yew, or Magic trees around and south of Seer’s Village.

Forestry shops can be found either behind the bank in Draynor Village or in front of the bank in Seer’s Village.

You can also go to Worlds 388, 444, 487, and 510 (Forestry Worlds) where you can woodcut with other players to get additional bonuses.

Lumberjack Outfit Cosmetic Upgrade

Along with the Lumberjack outfit, there are cosmetic upgrades that can be earned from the Forestry shop as well: the Forestry outfit.

Each cosmetic piece requires 1,250 Anima-infused bark and 60 Redwood, Magic, Yew, Arctic pine, Mahogany, Teak, Maple, Willow, and Oak logs.

In total, the entire upgrade costs 5k Anima-infused bark and 240 each of the mentioned logs.

Although this upgrade provides no additional bonuses, it is a nice deviation from the Lumberjack look, giving you a much more forestry-style appeal.

That is how you get the Lumberjack outfit in Old School RuneScape!

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