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Since the lost civilization of Prifddinas was discovered, players have taken part in all the activities that the city has to offer, including bossing content, skilling methods, and other challenging tasks.

As a result, the fabled crystal tools, armour, and weapons started to have greater use in the game, with players needing Crystal shards to power them. Crystal shards are also needed to create divine potions, which give both a high amount of Herblore experience per hour and a decent profit.

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But how exactly do you get crystal shards to take advantage of these awesome rewards? In this guide, I am going to discuss all of the different methods that you can get in Old School RuneScape!

Crystal shards are an untradable reward that can be obtained in OSRS from various activities within Prifddinas. The most common activity that players do for Crystal shards is the Gauntlet minigame, Zalcano, running the Prifddinas agility course, farming Crystal trees, and pickpocketing Elves. There are also a couple of skilling activities that you can do to occasionally get a Crystal shard in Old School RuneScape.

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How to Get Crystal Shards in OSRS

There are numerous ways to earn crystal shards in Old School RuneScape.

Some methods reward crystal shards more often than others, but anyone who is able to access Prifddinas will have at least one method available to them, regardless of skill level!

The Gauntlet Minigame

The Gauntlet is a minigame where players have a limited time to gather resources in a randomly generated dungeon to fight a boss at the end (the Crystalline Hunllef).

There is both a regular version of the minigame, as well as a corrupted version (hard mode) that increases the drop rate to earn rewards.

Upon completing a run of the Gauntlet, players will be rewarded with anywhere between 3-9 Crystal shards (also depends on which version you are completing).


Zalcano is the skilling boss locked away in Prifddinas. This boss is based around players using their mining, smithing, and runecrafting skills to defeat Zalcano and earn rewards, crystal shards included.

 After completing a round of Zalcano, players are rewarded with 1-3 Crystal shards.

If you happen to be the MVP for the round (earned the most points), you will be the only one that is rewarded with 3 Crystal shards.

Running the Prifddinas Agility Course

The Prifddinas Agility course is the only course in Old School RuneScape that doesn’t reward Marks of Grace.

Instead, you will be able to find Crystal shards to pick up along your path.

These Crystal shards can be found at a ? drop rate as you are traversing the course.

Farming Crystal Trees

OSRS players who are able to obtain a Crystal acorn will be able to farm a Crystal tree in the patch on the north side of Prifddinas.

Crystal acorns can be obtained either from Crystal Implings, the Elven Crystal Chest (opened using Enhanced Crystal Keys), or by trading in crystal item seeds to Pennant (right next to the patch).

Farming Crystal trees requires 74 Farming. However, you will be able to harvest between 14-16 Crystal shards from them (if you use Ultracompost).

Pickpocketing Elves

Those with 85 Thieving will be able to pickpocket the various Elves around Prifddinas. Each successful pickpocket has a 1/35 chance of giving you a Crystal shard.

It is worth noting that utilizing Rogue equipment works here as well, so if you are wearing the full set, you will receive two at a time instead of one.

Other Skilling Methods for Crystal Shards

There are other skilling methods that you can do throughout Prifddinas.

Although they are much slower methods than the others, it is a way for players to passively earn Crystal shards while training certain skills.

  • Woodcutting the trees around Prifddinas has a 1/80 chance of giving you a Crystal shard.
  • Mining the ores around Prifddinas has a 1/127 chance of giving you a Crystal shard.
  • Catching the Crystal Implings in Prifddinas has a 1/18 chance of giving you between 5-10 Crystal shards.
  • Killing the guards around Prifddinas has a 1/24 chance of dropping a Crystal shard.

That is how you can get Crystal shards in Old School RuneScape!

Do you have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.


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