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In the far east of Gielinor, the horrific lands of Morytania are home to vampyres, ghouls, spirits, and other forms of the undead.

The primary town that OSRS players associate Morytania with is Canifis: the first city that most players stumble across when reaching the River Salve.

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However, there are a couple of requirements to reaching Canifis, which are essential to exploring Morytania. In this guide, I will talk about the minimum requirements to gain access to Canifis and the different methods to reach there!

For starters, Old School RuneScape players who want to reach Canifis must complete the “Priest in Peril” quest to access Morytania in general. Once you have completed this quest, you can either walk to Canifis from Paterdomus or teleport nearby with an Ectophial, Slayer Tower teleport, using Fairy Ring Code CKS, or Kharyrll teleport.

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How to Get to Canifis in OSRS

Before you can reach Canifis, you first need to have access to cross the River Salve by completing the “Priest in Peril” quest.

This novice quest will give a bit of lore and information about Paterdomus: the temple that protects the gate between the unholy lands of Morytania and the rest of Gielinor.

There are no skilling requirements to complete this quest. However, you will need to kill two level-30 enemies during the quest.

Walking from Paterdomus

Once you complete the quest, you will be able to enter Morytania. From Paterdomus, you can follow the path east to walk straight into Canifis!

Although walking from Paterdomus to Canifis is the most straightforward method of reaching Canifis, there are other methods of travel that are much quicker but require a couple of other requirements.

Ectophial Teleport

Players who have completed the “Ghosts Ahoy” quest will be rewarded with an Ectophial that has unlimited teleports to the Ectofuntus north of Port Phasmatys.

Once here, you can simply run west past Dr. Fekenstrain’s castle to reach Canifis.

This is the most common method that people use to reach Canifis as the quest itself isn’t difficult, yet provides a quick method to Morytania from anywhere.

Note that after teleporting, your character will need to refill their Ectophial at the Ectofuntus (your player does this automatically after each teleport).

Slayer Tower Teleport

Those who have managed to unlock the ability to create Slayer Rings will be able to use a teleport charge to reach the Slayer Tower. Afterward, players can run southeast to reach Canifis.

You can obtain a Slayer Ring for 75 Slayer reward points from any Slayer Master or by unlocking the ability to make them yourself for 300 Slayer reward points.

The latter will also require you to have 75 Crafting to make them.

Using Fairy Rings

Once again, Fairy Rings are another useful way to travel all over Gielinor!

Players who have at least partially completed the “Fairytale Part II – Cure a Queen” quest can use Fairy Ring code CKS to teleport right next to Canifis.

Kharyrll Teleport

The absolute fastest way to reach Canifis is through a Kharyrll teleport, which will bring you straight to the pub inside of Canifis.

Players can either use a Kharyrll teleport portal in another player’s POH, cast the spell themselves (requires 66 Magic and completion of the “Desert Treasure I” quest), or use a Kharyrll teleport tablet that is bought from the Grand Exchange.

This teleport method is common for newer players who are just starting out with Barrows runs. You can read our in-depth guide on how you can complete your first Barrows run for more info!

That is how you can reach Canifis in Old School RuneScape!

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