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The Bow of Faerdhinen (more commonly known as the “Bowfa”) is the ranged version of a fully formed Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed.

Selling for around 110m on the Grand Exchange, the Bow of Faerdhinen is one of the most powerful weapons in Old School RuneScape, especially when paired with the Crystal Armour set.

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Being that the Bow of Faerdhinen is a two-handed weapon and requires the use of Crystal Armour to get the full effect, there are only certain locations where the combination becomes viable to use in combat.

The best places to use a Bowfa in OSRS depend on the kind of armour you have. The Bowfa is best used with an Imbued Slayer Helm when on a Slayer Task. When wearing full Crystal Armour, the Bowfa can be used in high-level PvM scenarios, especially when defensive bonuses are not a priority. If using regular armour off-Slayer task, you should consider utilizing a different Ranged weapon entirely.

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Where to Use Bowfa in OSRS

The Bow of Faerdhinen is an incredibly powerful Ranged weapon, surpassing the Twisted Bow in terms of Ranged Strength bonus (+106 Ranged Strength).

Along with a Ranged Attack Bonus of +128, the Bow of Faerdhinen also produces its own ammunition, so you do not need to invest in Dragon Arrows to maximize strength.

About the Bow of Faerdhinen

When you first acquire a charged Bowfa (whether through creating one from an Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed or buying an inactive one from the Grand Exchange and charging it), it will start with 10,000 charges, being reduced by one for every shot.

Alternatively, it can be converted into the corrupted variant by taking it to a singing bowl and adding 2,000 Crystal Shards to it.

The Corrupted Bow of Faerdhinen will be charged permanently, but it will be untradable. However, if needed, it can be converted back to its normal version, losing the charges but making it tradable again.

While wearing full Crystal Armour, you will gain an additional 30% Ranged Attack bonus and 15% Ranged Damage Bonus when using a charged Bow of Faerdhinen.

Places to Use the Bow of Faerdhinen

Now that we discussed the effects and stats of the Bow of Faerdhinen, we can better understand scenarios where it will be best utilized.

While utilizing the Bowfa paired with full Crystal Armour appears to be a great option for any combat encounter, you can equally pair the Bowfa with a Slayer Helm (i) and high-level Ranged Gear like Armadyl or Masori to get an equal amount or greater offensive and defensive Ranged bonuses.

Therefore, if you are only using Crystal Armour and don’t have high-level Ranged gear, it may be best to utilize a different Ranged weapon entirely, as it will provide less DPS than something like a Toxic Blowpipe with Karil’s Armour (at about a tenth of the price as well).

On the other hand, using a Bow of Faerdhinen with an Imbued Slayer Helm during Slayer Tasks makes it a strong option to choose from. This way, you can pair it with the same Ranged bonuses as other higher-tiered Ranged armour that were mentioned before.

The key takeaways when utilizing the Bow of Faerdhinen are these:

  • Bowfa w/ Crystal Armour: Non-Slayer Tasks and in high-level PvM scenarios (i.e. The Inferno).
  • Bowfa w/ Slayer Helm (i): Slayer Tasks.
  • Bowfa w/ Mid to High Tier Ranged Armour: Some PvM scenarios, but should consider utilizing a Toxic Blowpipe or a Crossbow paired with a suitable Off-Hand Item.

Those are the places to use a Bowfa in Old School RuneScape!

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