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As RuneScape players progress their account, one of the biggest decisions that they must make is “What gear upgrades should I get first?”.

Weapons and armour are generally a given, but amulets and other jewelry can be overwhelming at first since there are 20+ different neck pieces to pick from.

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But fear not. Here I’m going to highlight the three best amulets to use in Old School RuneScape. Even more, I’m going to talk about how to get them naturally (for Iron accounts).

The 3 best amulets in OSRS are the Amulet of Glory, the Amulet of Fury, and the Amulet of Torture. They all give phenomenal stats and are considered best in slot.

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3 Best Amulets in OSRS (BiS)

There are lots of amulets you can obtain and wear in OSRS, but which one should you aim for and use?

The three best amulets in the game are the Amulet of Glory, the Amulet of Fury, and the Amulet of Torture. You can learn what stats each one gives and how to obtain them below.

Amulet of Glory

Old School RuneScape Amulet of Glory

The Amulet of Glory is a tried and tested jewelry piece in Old School RuneScape that has an excellent balance in combat stats and functionality.

There are no requirements to wear it, so if you’re able to get one straight off Tutorial Island you’ll be getting a head start in your RuneScape career!

On top of the all-around +10 Attack bonus and +3 Defense bonus to all your attack styles, respectively, you are also given a +6 Melee Strength bonus and +3 Prayer bonus, all for an amulet that can be bought for around 17k (at the time of this article) on the Grand Exchange.

Aside from the combat stats, the Amulet of Glory can be given charges (either at the Fountain of Heroes in the Hero’s Guild or the Fountain of Rune in the deep Wilderness) to be used to teleport to Draynor Village, Edgeville, Karamja or Al Kharid.

This gives you a worn teleport option, freeing up an inventory slot!

How to Obtain Naturally

If you don’t feel like making a trip to the Grand Exchange, you can make it from scratch from a gold bar, a cut dragonstone, a ball of wool, and enough runes (or tabs to cast the Lvl-5 Enchant spell.

The entire process requires 80 Crafting and 68 Magic to complete.

Getting the materials is also a task of its own. The gold bar can be smelted from gold ore at 40 Smithing, while dragonstones can be found all over RuneScape from various bosses and treasure chests.

The average drop rate varies between 1/64 to 1/512, but if you find yourself fighting bosses, you’ll commonly get them as a drop.

Amulet of Fury

Old School RuneScape Amulet of Fury

A staple in RuneScape history, the Amulet of Fury has continuously been used in modern times against even the toughest of bosses.

There are no requirements to wear it, and much like an Amulet of Glory on steroids, it is arguably the best all-around combat amulet in the entire game.

+10 Attack bonus across all styles while giving a whopping +15 Defense bonus to everything as well, the Amulet of Fury is mostly used in scenarios where someone must tank heavy damage.

You are also treated to a +8 Melee strength bonus and +5 Prayer (because why not?).

If that wasn’t enough, if you’re able to get a Blood shard from the vampires in Darkmeyer, you can use it on the Amulet of Fury to create an Amulet of Blood Fury.

While wearing one in combat, you will have a 20% chance of healing for 30% of the damage you deal to your opponent.

How to Obtain Naturally

Buying an amulet like this isn’t cheap; it is currently going for around 1.4m on the Grand Exchange. If you’re curious about how these things come into the game naturally, here’s how:

The process is the same as an Amulet of Glory: using a gold bar, a ball of wool, and an onyx with an amulet mould on a furnace will give you an onyx amulet.

Cast the Lvl-6 Enchant spell on it and you’ve made an Amulet of Fury. This requires 90 Crafting and 87 Magic to do.

Obtaining an uncut onyx is tricky. Only three bosses in the game drop it: Zalcano, Zulrah, and Skotizo, all of which have a drop rate of 1/1000 or higher.

You can also get lucky and obtain one from a few other sources (Elven Crystal Chest, Gem Counter in Mol Ul Rek), but the rate is much higher: around 1/10,000.

Amulet of Torture

Old School RuneScape Amulet of Torture

Finally, we have the Amulet of Torture.

The definition of a glass cannon, this amulet gives the highest melee bonuses in the entire game.

It is the definition of end-game goals, giving a crazy +15 Attack bonus to your melee stats, along with +10 Melee strength and +2 Prayer.

As you have noticed, there are no defensive bonuses with this amulet, so be prepared to eat through some heavy hits, but at the same time, you’ll be hitting hard as well.

How To Obtain Naturally

Being this is the best-in-slot amulet for offensive melee, it is currently going for 9.2m on the Grand Exchange, and for good reason. Making one from scratch is quite a challenge for Iron-accounts.

Like the previous two amulets, its bare jewelry form can be made with a gold bar, a ball of wool, a cut zenyte, and an amulet mould on a furnace.

Once it’s done, cast the Lvl-7 Enchant spell on it, and you have an Amulet of Torture. All of this can be done at 98 Crafting and 93 Magic.

That was the easy part.

Getting a cut zenyte starts by obtaining an onyx (see the last section for information on where to find them). Then you need to get a zenyte shard, which drops from Demonic Gorillas (Level-275) at a 1/300 drop rate.

You can access the dungeon where they are after completion of the Monkey Madness II quest. Be warned: they attack with all three combat styles and require a fair amount of game knowledge to farm regularly.

Once you’re lucky enough to get one, you can combine the zenyte shard and onyx at the Wall of Flame on Ape Atoll to make an uncut Zenyte, which you can cut with a chisel.

If you remember the Monkey Madness I quest, this is where you make the monkey speak amulet.

Do all of this, and you will have yourself one of the strongest amulets and gear upgrades in Old School RuneScape.

Those are the best amulets to use in Old School RuneScape!

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