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In terms of versatility and power, there are few other skills that can compete against Magic. Magic in Old School RuneScape is known to have one of the most unique systems across all of the MMORPG genre.

From combat to aiding in skilling methods, Magic can turn the world into the player’s oyster.

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Training Magic can be a game of its own, as there are dozens of different training methods that you can use, each with its own benefits and properties.

Here, we’ll discuss the most efficient training methods available to reach 99 Magic in Old School RuneScape.

The most efficient way to train Magic to 99 in OSRS is to start by casting low-level combat spells, then utilize the Camelot Teleport spell to level 55 Magic, where you can use High-Level Alchemy. Once you reach 70+ Magic, move on to more advanced methods like bursting/barraging enemies with Ancient Magicks, Stringing Jewelry, or using the Plank Make spell.

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Magic 1-99 Training Guide OSRS

Before we begin, you need to understand how Magic works in OSRS. Spells are casted using runes, which are used per spell requirements as long as you have the appropriate Magic level.

For example, Water Bolt is a spell that requires 23 Magic, 2 Air Runes, 2 Water Runes, and 1 Chaos Runes to cast. As long as you have all of those, you will be able to cast the spell, with the runes being depleted after you do so.

While every spell works this way, some spells may require an additional item to be held, such as a Guthix Staff to cast the Claws of Guthix spell.

On the flip side, certain items can provide an unlimited number of runes. If you are wielding a Staff of Fire and have Nature Runes in your inventory, you can cast a spell like High-Level Alchemy until you run out of Nature Runes.

Understanding that certain spells require expensive runes can be the difference in deciding which training methods to utilize.

One such training method, utilizing Ancient Magicks, can cost a player hundreds of thousands of gp an hour in runes because those spells utilize Blood, Death, and Chaos runes, which are expensive.

Now that you understand how casting spells in Old School RuneScape works, we can talk about the different training methods available.

Levels 1-45: Low-Level Combat Spells

Once you leave Tutorial Island, at 1 Magic, the only thing you can cast is Wind Strike. From here, you can start training by gathering runes to cast low-level combat spells on monsters in OSRS.

Around this time, you would begin training your other combat stats as well, so take this time to understand the spellbook tab and the different spells you have available as you level up.

The Magic Tutor in Lumbridge will also give you 30 free Air and Mind Runes for you to use, which can help move your training along a bit.

It is also possible to complete certain quests to gain quick Magic experience at a low level, but that will be discussed towards the end of this guide.

Levels 45-55: Casting the Camelot Teleport Spell

At 45 Magic, you will be able to cast the Camelot Teleport with 5 Air Runes and 1 Law Rune. To make things easy, equip a Staff of Air for unlimited Air Runes and stock up on Law Runes.

Each time you cast it, you will be teleported in front of Camelot Castle and earn 55.5 Magic experience per cast. You can repeatedly cast this spell to earn around 80k Magic experience per hour.

Utilizing teleport spells for training has been around since the early days of OSRS. It is also possible to do this training method earlier if you have the gp to do so.

There are two other teleport spells that you can utilize for training at earlier levels:

  • 25 Magic: Varrock Teleport (1 Fire Rune, 3 Air Runes, 1 Law Rune)
  • 37 Magic: Falador Teleport (1 Water Rune, 3 Air Runes, 1 Law Rune)

Levels 55-70: Casting High-Level Alchemy Spell

The High-Level Alchemy spell allows you to convert any item in your inventory in a certain amount of gp.

It only requires 5 Fire Runes and 1 Nature Rune per cast, so players often equip a Staff of Fire with Nature Runes to repeatedly cast it.

It is worth noting that High-Level Alchemy works on noted items as well.

This training method is straightforward: have a stack of items in your inventory and repeatedly cast High-Level Alchemy on them. Doing this will earn you around 80k Magic experience per hour.

While this method provides similar experience rates to the Camelot Teleport training method, instead of having pure negative profit, you can earn some of your money back, and sometimes more, depending on which item you use to High-Alch.

Check out our guide on which items you should High-Alch, which gives a breakdown of the best items to use. Both the most common items include:

  • Yew Longbows/ Yew Longbows (u)
  • Maple Shortbows/ Maple Shortbows (u)
  • Greed D’Hide Bodies
  • Rune Full Helms

This spell can also be done anywhere, including while performing other training methods. Instead of casting this spell at the Grand Exchange, you can also cast this spell doing activities such as:

  • Training Agility
  • Between Teleports
  • Completing Farming Runs
  • Completing other AFK activities

Levels 70+ Utilizing Ancient Magicks

After completing the “Desert Treasure” quest, you will be able to use the Ancient Magicks spellbook, which hosts some of the most powerful and iconic spells in Old School RuneScape.

Ancient Magicks is a purely combat-based spellbook with spells that can not only damage multiple targets in a single cast but can also apply lingering effects such as freezing or siphoning their health.

This method is also the most expensive training method for Magic, but the experience rates can range in the hundreds of thousands per hour if done correctly.

We previously covered the Ranged-version of this training method in our 1-99 Ranged Guide.

You can use Ancients Magicks for training in multiple places, but it is recommended to complete either the “Monkey Madness” or “Monkey Madness II” quests to unlock Ape Atoll Dungeon/Kruk’s Dungeon.

Both of those areas have high-level Skeletons/Maniacal Monkeys that are ideal for training against.

At 70 Magic, you will be able to use the Ice Burst spell, which is the most cost-efficient spell at that level. Once you reach 94 Magic it is recommended to switch to Ice Barrage.

While two different locations can be used for training, the method is done the same way.

Equip your highest Magic-DPS gear setup. At 70 Magic, an ideal setup includes an Ahrim’s Robe Top and Bottom, along with a Seer’s Ring, a God Cape/Imbued God Cape, an Occult Amulet, a Book of Darkness/Mage’s Book, Barrows’s Gloves, and Magic Boots/Eternal Boots.

Since you are utilizing Ancient Magicks, your weapon would either be an Ancient’s Staff or a Master’s Wand, which both are capable of auto-casting Ancient Magicks.

In your inventory should be a light source, (1) Superantipoisons, (1) Stamina Potion, around (4) Prayer Potions, your Monkey Greegree (if using Ape Atoll Dungeon), an emergency one-click teleport, your runes for casting (preferably in a Rune Pouch), and some Prayer-boosting items if you have them (i.e. Holy Wrench or Bonecrusher). Fill the rest of your inventory with emergency food.

Make sure your quick prayers have “Protect from Melee” enabled, and you have your chosen spell set to auto-cast and make your way to the dungeon of your choice.

For Ape Atoll, you can run towards the middle of the dungeon that has a safe spot where the falling rocks won’t hit you, but the Skeletons will keep spawning by you.

For Kruk’s Dungeon, there’s a specific location you need to reach. Follow the same route through the obstacles as you did during the quest until you reach the midway point, just after the “jagged floor”.

Right-click and “Check” the holes leading to the lower levels to ensure that nobody else is already there, activate your quick-prayers, and run towards the back of the dungeon, where you will find a massive room with Maniacal Monkeys attacking you.

For both locations, you need to keep running back and forth around a corner to stack the creatures on top of each other. Then auto-retaliate against them to cast Ice Burst/Ice Barrage on them, and you can hit them all at once for massive experience drops.

Take a sip of Antipoison if needed (specifically in Ape Atoll’s Dungeon, where there is a Spider that will occasionally poison you) and watch your Prayer Points.

The Maniacal Monkeys and Skeletons will both drop Prayer Potion (1) every so often, which you can pick up and drink to restore your Prayer Points.

Depending on which spell, equipment, and dungeon you utilize, you can earn anywhere between 200k-500k Magic experience per hour. However you will equally spend about double that in gp each time you do so.

Therefore, this method is extremely good if you want to train Magic as fast as possible. While it is a bit click-intensive and requires some attention to do so, you will be flying through Magic levels.

Levels 77+: Casting Superglass Make

Once you complete the “Lunar Diplomacy” quest, you will be able to use the Lunar Spellbook. While Ancient Magicks are all about combat, Lunar spells are the exact opposite: utility and support.

Superglass Make is a Lunar spell that can be cast at 77 Magic. Requiring 10 Air Runes, 6 Fire Runes, and 2 Astral Runes to cast will turn any Seaweed and Buckets of Sand in your inventory into Molten Glass.

While this method requires a moderate amount of attention, it is very profitable while giving a decent amount of Magic experience.

Since it uses both Air and Fire Runes, a Smoke Battlestaff is recommended to save space.

In your bank, make it so you have a stack of Giant Seaweed and Buckets of Sand in bank slots that are next to your inventory.

Set your “Withdraw-X” option to 18, and keep your spellbook window open when you exit the bank so you can quickly cast the spell.

Withdraw 3 Giant Seaweed (default option set to “1”), and follow by right-clicking your Buckets of Sand and selecting “Withdraw-18” to fill the rest of your inventory. Then, close out of the bank, cast Superglass Make, deposit the Molten Glass, and repeat the process.

Eventually, you will start building a rhythm for where and when to click. You will also notice that an overflow of Molten Glass may appear at your feet, so you may need to stop every few minutes to pick them up if you don’t want them to disappear.

Doing this method will earn you around 50k Magic experience per hour, but you will earn nearly 350k gp per hour doing this training method.

Levels 80+: Casting String Jewelry

At 80 Magic, you will be able to cast the String Jewelry spell from the Lunar Spellbook, which does exactly what it says: turns unstrung jewelry into the complete version of itself.

Requiring 10 Mud Runes, 5 Water Runes, and 2 Astral Runes to cast, players often equip a Mud Battlestaff to save on elemental runes.

This spell is also relatively AFK, as you only need to click it once for the spell to be casted one by one for each item in your inventory.

Stocking up on unstrung Dragonstone Amulets will allow you to make a small profit for each cast. However, they can be tricky to buy in bulk due to their trade volume.

Therefore, you should not shy away from using other unstrung amulet types. Doing this method will earn you around 140k Magic experience per hour and 5k Crafting experience per hour.

Levels 80+ Stun Splashing

Once discussed in our guide on how to splash for Magic experience, this method involves repeatedly casting a spell on a monster while having a negative Magic attack to purposely fail each cast.

The act of Splashing is nothing new to Old School RuneScape: players will wear gear that gives them a -64 Magic Attack or lower, causing them to automatically fail at casting a spell while still getting the Magic experience.

While Splashing can be completed at any level (even with the low-level combat spells), it is often considered at 80 Magic when you unlock the Stun spell.

With a Mud Battlestaff, a stack of Soul Runes, and armour that gives -64 Magic Attack equipped, go to a monster that can’t hit you, such as the Skeletons across the WIlderness DItch by Edgeville, the Monk of Zamorak in Varrock Castle, or the Lesser Demon in the Wizard’s Tower.

Here, you can repeatedly cast Stun on them, and since it will always fail, you can keep casting it on them to earn 90 Magic experience each time. With enough focus you can earn between 105k-110k Magic experience per hour.

To take things a step further, you can combine this method with the High-Level Alchemy spell, alternating casts. All you need is additional stacks of Fire Runes, Nature Runes, and alchable items.

Cast High-Level Alchemy on your stack of items, cast Stun on your target, and repeat. Doing what is considered “Stun-Alching” will earn you around 180k Magic experience per hour.

Levels 86+: Casting Plank Make

At 86 Magic, the Plank Make spell from the Lunar Spellbook becomes available once you complete the “Dream Mentor” quest.

This spell will turn any logs in your inventory into their plank variants (i.e. Oak Logs into Oak Planks). This spell requires 15 Earth Runes, 2 Astral Runes, 1 Nature Rune, and a specified amount of gp per log to cast (70% of what a Sawmill would charge to turn it into a plank).

Often using Mahogany Logs, you can choose to either cast the spell on each log one by one to quickly convert each log or cast it once and let it automatically go through your inventory.

Casting it once and doing this method AFK will earn you around 85k Magic experience per hour while casting the spell one by one will earn around 170k Magic experience per hour.

This method is also profitable, as you can earn upwards of 350k gp per hour with enough focus.

Quests That Give Magic Experience

Even at 1 Magic, there are quests you can complete that provide Magic experience that will allow you to skip a majority of your training.

In fact, there are quests at every level bracket that give you a decent amount of experience to bypass some of the journey to 99 Magic.

Quests (Magic Level Requirement if Needed) – Experience Rewarded

  • Fairytale I – Growing Pains (None) – 1,000 experience
  • Horror From The Deep (None) – 4,662 experience
  • Imp Catcher (None) – 875 experience
  • Recipe for Disaster – Freeing Lumbridge Guide (None) – 2,500 experience
  • The Grand Tree (None) – 2,150 experience
  • Witch’s Potion (None) – 375 experience
  • Watchtower (Lvl 15) – 15,250 experience
  • Spirits of Elid (Lvl 33) – 1,000 experience
  • The Giant Dwarf (Lvl 33) – 1,500 experience
  • Enakhra’s Lament (Lvl 39) – 7,000 experience
  • King’s Ransom (Lvl 45) – 5,000 experience
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie (Lvl 46) – 12,000 experience
  • Desert Treasure I (Lvl 50) – 20,000 experience
  • Dream Mentor (Lvl 65) – 10,000 experience
  • Lunar Diplomacy (Lvl 65) – 5,000 experience
  • Swan Song (Lvl 66) – 15,000 experience

Obtaining the Magic Skillcape

Once you have reached 99 Magic, congratulations! You can buy a Magic Skillcape from the Magic Guild in Yanille (it is sold in its shop).

The Magic Skillcape will allow you to change your spellbook up to five times per day without having to go to a spell altar!

That is how to train levels 1-99 Magic in Old School RuneScape!

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