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When Shooting Stars was released into Old School RuneScape, players slowly began to create a list of the dozens of locations they could land to earn as much loot as possible.

Aside from the random gems you can collect, mining thousands of Stardust from a single crashed star is key to unlocking valuable Mining rewards.

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But with the mentioned laundry list of locations where a Shooting Star can land and only one crashing per world at a time, how can you pinpoint where it will fall?

Shooting Stars in OSRS can be found using a telescope in a Played Owned House (POH). There are three types of telescopes, with the Magogany Telescope giving the most accurate time and location of where the next Shooting Star will land.

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How to Find Shooting Stars in OSRS

While there are various clan chats that you can join with dozens of people constantly searching and calling out Shooting Stars, tracking for them yourself gives you the best chance to reach them before anyone else.

Finding a Crashed Star first means you can mine the maximum amount of Stardust (depending on what level Crashed Star it is).

While the drain rate of a Crashed Star does not change based on how many people are mining it, the player who finds it first will receive an additional 300 Stardust while being present for the full duration.

Shooting Stars can be located using telescopes built in a Player-Owned House (POH). There are currently three types of telescopes that can be built in a Menagerie:

  • 44 Construction – Oak Telescope (24 Minute Crash Window)
  • 64 Construction – Teak Telescope (9 Minute Crash Window)
  • 84 Construction – Mahogany Telescope (2 Minute Crash Window)

Viewing through a telescope will tell you an estimated time that a Shooting Star will crash and a general location. Of course, utilizing a Mahogany Telescope is best to ensure you have an accurate time.

If you cannot build a higher-tier telescope yourself, you can use one built in another person’s Player-Owned House (World 330 is the House Party World where players often open their house at the Rimmington POH Portal).

Once you can get a time and general location, you can grab your Mining gear, along with a Stamina Potion if the location is far from a teleport destination, and head to the Crashed Star’s location.

Shooting Star Rewards

The main benefit to mining Shooting Stars is the Stardust that you can collect from it. Stardust is used to purchase items from Dusuri, who runs the star shop in Falador.

Dusuri can be found on the surface level of the Mining Guild, next to the dwarf that sells the Mining Skillcape.

  • Celestial Ring – 2k Stardust
  • Star Fragment – 3k Stardust
  • Bag Full of Gems – 300 Stardust
  • Soft Clay Pack – 150 Stardust

The Celestial Ring gives you a +4 boost to Mining while having a 1 in 10 chance to have you mine a second ore. Star Fragments are used to give a cosmetic upgrade to the Prospector’s Outfit, giving it a gold trim.

Aside from the physical rewards, consistently searching and mining Crashed Stars can earn you an average of 25k Mining experience per hour.

That is how to find Shooting Stars in Old School RuneScape!

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