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Trollweiss Mountain is one of the more forgotten locations in Old School RuneScape. First visited during the “Troll Romance” quest, it is one of the only locations where you can ride a sled in the game.

It should be known that this is not Trollheim mountain, which has a similar name and is often confused with Trollweiss Mountain.

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That being said, there is only one specific route to reach Trollweiss Mountain, and once you learn it, it’s tricky to forget.

Trollweiss Mountain can be easily reached in OSRS by using a Trollheim Teleport, following the path past the Ice Gate used during the “Desert Treasure”, and then entering and exiting a tunnel to the top of Trollweiss Mountain.

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How to Get to Trollweiss Mountain in OSRS

As mentioned before, Trollweiss Mountain and Trollheim Mountain are completely different.

While you need to reach one to access the other, they are two distinct locations with their own requirements and reasonings for reaching there.

Before you can reach Trollweiss Mountain, you need to complete the “Troll Romance” quest up to the portion where you build the sled to access the flowers at the base of the mountain.

“Troll Romance” Quest Requirements

  • 28 Agility
  • Completion of the “Troll Stronghold” quest

First, reach Trollheim Mountain, either by teleporting there with 2 Fire runes, 2 Law runes, and 61 Magic, or a Trollheim teleport tab.

You can also travel here on foot from Burthorpe, but that may take some time to do.

After reaching Trollheim Mountain, scale down the west-side of it and head to the path on the north-west side of the mountain base. Note that this is not the same path to access the Troll Stronghold.

If you are heading towards the God Wars Dungeon, you have run too far.

At the end of said path, you will see the Ice Gate with the trolls that you may have encountered during the “Desert Treasure” quest.

Don’t enter the gate. Instead, run past them to the west and go into the tunnel entrance.

Here, you will see a bunch of Trolls on a winding path. Protect from Melee if needed, and keep running through the tunnel until you see the crevice exit at the other end.

When you enter the crevice, you will find yourself at the top of Trollweiss Mountain.

Furthermore, if you need to get to the base of the mountain (say to complete 2 of the Elite clue scroll steps that involve Trollweiss Mountain), you will need a waxed sled to reach the base of the mountain.

A Sled can be obtained by talking to Dustan in Burthorpe with the same materials used during the quest (an Iron bar, Maple/Yew logs, Rope, Swamp tar, Bucket of wax, Cake tin).

That is how to get to Trollweiss Mountain in Old School RuneScape!

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