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Whether it’s returning from a Slayer Task, just barely out-running a group of PKers, or maybe accidentally brought dragonfire protection, players in Old School RuneScape constantly need to restore their stats.

While the easiest way is to drink food and super restore potions from your bank, that costs resources and can take some time to do so. Players would much rather find a one-click source to reset what they have lost.

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But how can players do that exactly? In this guide, I am going to talk about the different ways to restore your stats in Old School RuneScape!

To restore your stats in OSRS, you can either eat food and potions, drink from a Rejuvenation Pool, enter/exit and instanced area, die and respawn, or reach a safe spot.

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How to Restore Stats in Old School RuneScape

When it comes to restoring stats, there are three different methods you can choose from to do so, with each one having its own requirements.

Using A Rejuvenation Pool

The best way to restore your stats is by finding and drinking from a Rejuvenation pool.

Within Old School RuneScape, there are two primary locations you can choose from.

Ferox Enclave

Using a Ring of Dueling, you can quickly teleport to the Ferox’s Enclave, where a Rejuvenation Pool is nearby.

Normally, this pool is used for PKers returning from the Wilderness, but that doesn’t mean anybody can stop by to restore your stats.

Be careful not to cross the borders into the Wilderness, as players will be able to attack you.

Player-Owned House

Starting at 65 Construction, you will be able to build a Rejuvenation Pool of your own in your Player-Owned House (POH).

However, the strength and effects that the pool will be able to restore will depend on your Construction level.

  • 65 Construction – Restoration Pool – Restores Special Attack Bar
  • 70 Construction – Revitalization Pool – Restores Run Energy & Previous Effects
  • 80 Construction – Rejuvenation Pool – Restores Prayer Points & Previous Effects
  • 85 Construction – Fancy Rejuvenation Pool – Restores Stats & Previous Effects
  • 90 Construction – Ornate Rejuvenation Pool – Restores Hitpoints, Cures Poison, Disease and Venom & Previous Effects

Alternatively, if you do not have the appropriate Construction level to build the pool you need, you can visit another player’s POH on World 330 who does have one built and use theirs.

Enter/Exit an Instanced Area

Similar to our guide on how to get rid of skull, you can enter and exit an instanced area to restore your stats.

These areas commonly contain minigames or instanced bosses that will clear everything upon entry, such as The Gauntlet, The Nightmare Zone, The Fight Caves, or Vorkath.

This method is great because it does not rely on a player finding a POH with a fully built Rejuvenation Pool or going to the Ferox Enclave.


If all else fails, you could drop to 0 hitpoints and have you respawn with your stats restores.

Death in Old School RuneScape has a player’s stats be restored along with any conditions they had (i.e. Poison) removed.

Therefore, if you can go to a bank to save the items you have on you, you can be killed by a high-level monster or another player for an easy stat restoration.

Wait It Out

If, for some reason, you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting to a Rejuvenation Pool, entering/exiting an instanced area, or dying to restore your stats (Which is valid if you are a Hardcore Ironman), you could always wait it out.

Other than venom and prayer points, stats and hitpoints regenerate to their normal value by 1 every 60 seconds.

This means if you can reach a safe spot, you can simply stand there and wait for your stats to regenerate as long as you do not get attacked.

As I said, this is not the case with prayer points, as you will still need to visit an altar, drink a prayer potion, or go through one of the previous methods I discussed to bring them back to full.

That is how you can restore your stats in Old School RuneScape!

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