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As you progress in Project Zomboid, you’ll notice various changes in your appearance, such as more injuries, scars, and clothing getting torn and worn. But how about your hair?

Does it become droopy or messy, or does it remain unchanged regardless of how long you survive in Project Zomboid?

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In Project Zomboid, your hair does grow (as does the beard if your character is male). Usually, it takes 5 days to notice the changes in the beard and 20 days for the hair. The hair-growing speed of male and female characters is the same.

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Does Your Hair Grow in Project Zomboid?

In Project Zomboid, which simulates a post-apocalyptic world with realistic survival mechanics, the inclusion of growing hair over time is a noteworthy detail.

In other words, your character will experience hair growth after surviving for a while in Project Zomboid.

Typically, it takes about 5 days to start noticing the beard growth on your male character and more than 20 days for the hair.

To get full-growing hair, you need to survive for more than 2 months. There is also maximum growth for the hair and the beard.

You can select your hairstyle (and beard style if your character is male) while customizing your character after choosing your occupation and traits. Your hair can even grow if you choose the “Bald” hairstyle.

For female characters with long hair selected in the early game, it requires the same duration for the hair to grow, but it’s a bit more challenging to spot.

However, remember that hair growth serves only a cosmetic purpose during your survival, and you can choose whether to keep it or not.

You can check how your character’s hair and beard change by clicking the “Health” menu and selecting the “Info” tab.

From this menu, you can change to other available hair and beard styles, but you’ll need a razor for the beard and scissors for both hair and beard. These tools can be found in the bathrooms or medicine cabinets.

To get a haircut or change your hairstyle, press “H” to open the Health menu and select the “Info” tab. After that, locate and click the “Change” button next to the Hair and Beard section.

The choices available depend on your character’s current hair length.

That’s all you need to know about whether or not hair grows in Project Zomboid.

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