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Beverages in Project Zomboid, especially a cup of tea, aren’t just for thirst reduction. They can have additional effects and are a great way to celebrate your achievements.

If you’re looking for a tea recipe in Project Zomboid, then this guide is just what you need.

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To make tea in Project Zomboid, you must have a Mug of Water or a Teacup of Water and 1 to 3 Tea Bags in your inventory. Next, right-click on the mug and select “Create Beverage” => “From Tea Bag”.

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How to Make Tea in Project Zomboid

In addition to water, coffee and tea are the other highly recommended drink choices, as they’re easy to make and give many effects.

Before brewing a cup of tea, let’s collect the ingredients first!

Prerequisite Items

Here’s a list of ingredients you should get to make a cup of tea in Project Zomboid:

  • Tea Bag: is the main ingredient to make tea and can be found on kitchen counters. While Tea Bags can be eaten raw, they provide negative effects.
  • Mug/Teacup: are containers for making beverages. They can be found in the kitchen, cabinets, or shelves.
  • Water: you can pour water into the mug if you have water containers in your inventory or get water from water sources, such as the sink.
  • Other Ingredients (optional): You can mix tea with other ingredients to create a unique cup that benefits you with different effects. They are Bourbon, Cocoa Powder, Canned Evaporated Milk, Coffee, Dandelions, Milk, Mushroom, Red Wine, and Strawberry.
  • Condiments and Spices (optional): Similar to the above, condiments and spices are optional to add to your cup. They reduce stress and boredom and add more calories.

Finally, you need a heat source, such as an oven, to make a hot cup of tea and get rid of all negative impacts.

Making A Cup Of Tea

To make a cup of tea, you need to make sure your Mug/Teacup is holding water first. If not, right-click on your water container in your inventory and select “Pour Water” => “Container Name”.

Next, right-click on the Mug or Teacup and select “Create Beverage” => “From Tea Bag”.

The maximum number of Tea Bags you can add to a Mug/Teacup is 3. Here’s the table showing all the values:

Number of Tea BagsHungerThirstFatigueUnhappiness
1 (Uncooked)-5-10-15-5
1 (Cooked)-6-5-15-7
2 (Uncooked)-100-15-5
2 (Cooked)-130-15-7
3 (Uncooked)-1510-150
3 (Cooked)-195-15-2

Based on the result, it’s evident that a cup of tea with 2 to 3 Tea Bags offers the best effects. And it’s worth noting that a cup with 3 Tea Bags increases your thirst.

On top of that, you can place your uncooked mug of tea on the heat source to get the most out of it.

Keep in mind that it takes about 7 minutes to heat your drink. Leaving a cup of tea on the heat source for too long will make it worse.

Moreover, you can add as many condiments and spices to your beverage as possible, with a maximum of one of each type.

Once again, since these ingredients add more calories and boredom, it depends on your demands as well as how many of them you can afford.

To add condiments and spices, right-click on the mug of tea and select “Create Beverage” => “Condiment/Spice Name”.

That’s how to make tea in Project Zomboid!

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