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In Project Zomboid, the military base, along with any other police office and station, is one of the best looting spots, containing several valuable supplies such as guns, high-capacity backpacks, first-aid kits, and so on.

In this post, we’ll show you where the military base is in Project Zomboid.

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The military base in Project Zomboid is located in a deep forest west of Rosewood.

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Where Is the Military Base in Project Zomboid?

The military base in Project Zomboid is located west of Rosewood, deep inside the forest (you can check out the exact coordinates of this military base here).

Of course, visiting this place is pretty easy if you’re living in Rosewood. Otherwise, it’ll take you a long distance to travel there.

Preparation For The Trip

The military base is undeniably a place of treasure, but it’s worth mentioning that millions of zombies cover it. Therefore, weapons are a must to have.

You need a car to travel there. Due to the distance, you must bring some gas cans in advance.

Not to mention that bandages, medical supplies, and armored clothes mean a lot in protecting yourself, as the overwhelming number of the undead is the actual problem.

Assume that you spawn at Rosewood, and by looking at the map, you can easily realize that there are 2 ways to get to the military base:

  • Head west of the town to find two isolated houses starting in Rosewood. From there, enter the military base using the trail through the forest.
  • In the center of Rosewood, head north to reach the highway. Turn left, then continue straight until you see the first and only small pathway on the left. Enter it and follow the trail until you reach your destination.

While both routes have the same distance, choosing the second option is advisable as it allows you to travel faster and use less fuel on the highway.

To access the military, keep following the trail and avoid collisions since things will worsen if your car malfunctions in the deep forest.

When you find the military base, there are 2 ways to get inside: The main entrance with a large parking area is quicker to access, but many zombies are wandering around, so it’s not a good choice if you run out of ammo.

Alternatively, you can get to the military base by accessing the back.

In that case, you have to go for a while, but the number of zombies is less, and thanks to the unclimbable fences, the danger is under control.

Alternatively, there are many other creative ways to access the military base, such as building stairs to reach the top level and enter through the roof.

That’s where the military base is in Project Zomboid.

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