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In Project Zomboid, clothes, or armor, serve not only as protection but also define your own style. While clothing choices are numerous, deciding which ones are the best is somewhat challenging.

In this post, we’ll show you the best clothes to use in Project Zomboid.

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The best clothes to use in Project Zomboid are Air Force Helmet, Welder Mask, White Scarf, Lumberjack Shirt, Firefighter Jacket, Firefighter Pants, Padded Pants, Leather Gloves, and Military Boots, in our opinion.

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Best Clothes to Use in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid offers millions of choices when it comes to choosing clothing. The massive number of selections allows you to freely select what you want, but it’s trickier to pick the best one on the contrary.

For some experienced players, they need nothing but casual clothes, which is enough to cover their bodies. Having said that, the choices rely on experience, situation, and preference.

Clothing has an inextricable relationship with tailoring skills, which allows you to customize and repair your clothes. So, you should check out this post to learn how to level up your tailoring skill.

Your character can wear lots of clothes simultaneously

In Project Zomboid, there are more than 30 body locations defined on your body. In other words, you can wear several pieces of clothing at the same time.

In that case, we’ll list our picks based on each body location so you can follow and combine the ones that suit you. But first, let’s set up some criteria!

Criteria to Determine The Best Clothes in Project Zomboid

In terms of “best”, we personally consider these criteria:

1. Distribution

Some clothes stand out among others thanks to their incredible protection. However, it means nothing if it’s almost impossible to find.

2. Protection

Look for clothes that offer good protection against zombie attacks and other dangers. Items with higher protective values can reduce the risk of injuries and bites.

3. Insulation

Consider the clothing’s insulation properties, as they affect how well you can regulate your body temperature in different weather conditions. Clothes with appropriate insulation will keep you warm during colder days or cool during hot days.

4. Weight

Clothes with heavy weights strongly affect how fast you run. Therefore, lighter items are generally preferred, as they allow you to move more quickly and efficiently.

5. Weather Resistance

Consider clothes that provide protection against rain and other weather elements. Wet clothes can lead to hypothermia, so having weather-resistant items is crucial.

Best Clothes For Head

In Project Zomboid, hats or headwear are pieces of clothing worn on the head. The best things to wear on your head are the Air Force Helmet and the Welder Mask.

1. Air Force Helmet

The Air Force Helmet in Project Zomboid has several significant advantages, making it an incredible choice.

With a 95% combat speed modifier, wearing this helmet allows you to combat with the undead while minimizing the reduction in speed.

Speaking of protection, it can completely prevent any bites or scratches on the head. Additionally, the helmet provides 70% insulation and wind resistance, keeping you warm and safe in most weather conditions. It’s also completely water resistant, protecting you from the rain.

However, one of its drawbacks is its rarity, as finding this helmet, even on military bases, can be quite challenging. Moreover, while it offers excellent protection, there’s no chance to repair it after it’s damaged.

2. Welder Mask

The Welder Mask is a favorite item for players who enjoy metalworking. Apart from being a specialized item for this skill, the Welder Mask offers practical benefits such as 100% water resistance and 55% wind resistance, making it ideal for various weather conditions.

Another advantage is its common availability, making it a must-have item for your inventory.

Why should you utilize it? Because it not only suits your metalworking profession but also provides reliable protection against environmental elements.

However, there are some downsides to consider. Similar to the Airforce Helmet, the Welder Mask cannot be repaired once damaged.

Additionally, its effectiveness in protecting against zombies is not as impressive, offering only 30% resistance against bites and 50% resistance against scratches. Therefore, it may not be the best option if you prioritize maximum protection against the undead.

Best Clothes For Neck

Scarf is the only item in Project Zomboid that can cover your neck. While they share the same name, they differ in their colors.


First and foremost, all scarves are customizable, allowing you to add padding for extra protection. Plus, the Scarf provides 100% wind resistance and insulation for your neck, making it stand out among others.

Moreover, their distribution is favorable, as you can find them in many places, such as wardrobes, drawers, and crates.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that scarves are useless when it comes to protecting you against zombie attacks. So while they offer benefits for weather resistance, you’ll need to rely on other items for defense.

Best Clothes For Torso

The torso is the body part that has the most choices for clothes. Suits, T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, jackets, and tank tops, just to name a few.

Not to mention that you can wear each type of them at the same time, adding extra protection for your body.

1. Lumberjack Shirt

Regarding covering your upper body, two candidates are the Lumberjack Shirt and the Firefighter T-shirt. Compared to the latter, the Lumberjack Shirt is quite impressive.

Firstly, it offers better wind resistance and insulation, at 50% and 65%, respectively, making it an excellent choice to cover your body in any kind of weather.

Its distribution is also a good point, as it can be found in residential houses, and there’s even a chance to spawn wearing it if you choose lumberjack as your occupation.

The ability to customize the Lumberjack Shirt is a big advantage, as you can add ripped sheets, denim, or leather strips to enhance its protective properties even further.

While sweaters offer extra insulation and weather resistance, they might cause negative moodles, such as hyperthermia. In such a situation, we prefer jackets.

2. Firefighter Jacket

The Firefighter Jacket is the best for protecting against scratches (70%) and bites (50%) in the game. It also covers the neck for added safety.

With high insulation, wind resistance, and water resistance, it’s perfect for staying warm during the winter. It’s not too hard to find, which is a plus.

But keep in mind that it’s the heaviest clothing, so it slows you down significantly in combat and running.

Additionally, you can’t tailor or repair it, so you’ll need to be careful with its durability.

Best Clothes For Legs

Like the torso, the legs are a large part of your body, with thighs and shins. Having protective pants or trousers is required to avoid damage not only from the undead but also from accidents.

Our clothes for legs are Firefighter Pants and Padded Pants.

1. Firefighter Pants

The Firefighter Pants in Project Zomboid offer exceptional protection against the elements, with 85% wind resistance and 80% water resistance.

In addition, they provide reliable defense, with 20% protection against bites and 30% protection against scratches.

Speaking of the downside, their location is a challenge, as they can only be found randomly in fire stations.

Another consideration is that wearing these pants slows your movement significantly by 18%, making it inappropriate if you’re in a rush.

2. Padded Pants

The Padded Pants, on the other hand, don’t significantly affect how fast you move like the Firefighter Pants (just 5% movement reduction). They also offer complete wind resistance and insulation, making them suitable for colder weather.

With 10% bite resistance and 20% scratch resistance, this pant slightly increases your chances of survival during encounters with zombies.

While this pant is ideal in the winter, wearing it during the summer might cause negative moodles and discomfort.

You can find Padded Pants in closets or clothing stores.

Best Clothes For Hands

In Project Zomboid, gloves serve as essential hand protection. Although there aren’t too many choices available, this makes it easier to identify the best gloves for our needs.

Leather Gloves

As the only gloves that have protection, it’s understandable why we put Leather Gloves on the list.

While hands are often the most vulnerable when dealing with the undead, wearing the Leather Gloves means a lot in protection thanks to their 15% bite defense and 30% scratch defense.

Turning our attention to insulation, Leather Gloves offer 75% wind and water resistance.

Nonetheless, Leather Gloves, like other leather clothing, are considered rare, which may be the only concern.

Best Clothes For Feet

The best shoes, which are used to cover your feet, in our choice, are Military Boots.

Military Boots

With the impressive 150% stomp power they provide, you can eliminate zombies with just one attempt.

Not only do they protect you from stepping on broken glass shards, but they also offer 100% resistance against bites and scratches from any crawling zombies trying to attack your feet.

However, like Leather Gloves, Military Boots are not commonly distributed on the map. They can be found randomly in cloth stores or in zombie corpses.

That’s all about the best clothes to use in Project Zomboid.

Have any suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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