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In Project Zomboid, looting is the main source of items for survival. Therefore, knowing where the best looting spots are in the game makes all the difference.

In this post, we’ll figure out the best looting spots in Project Zomboid.

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You can find items, tools, and food in almost every house or structure. However, there are some looting places that stand out thanks to their massive rewards.

Our picks for the best looting spots in Project Zomboid are Gigamart, Rosewood military base, police stations, fire departments, storage lots, bookstores, gas stations, pharmacies, auto shops, and gun shops.

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The Best Looting Spots in Project Zomboid

Although houses and bases can provide enough items to maintain your life in Project Zomboid, there are still some specific places throughout the map that are worth exploring, thanks to their massive resources.

These spots are variants and can be found in starting locations, so they’re accessible regardless of which spawn location you choose.

Before looting these generous spots, you should prepare a high-capacity backpack, sledgehammer, hammer, and other necessary tools to get into and dismantle resources.

In addition, you need to clear the danger around your looting area in advance, as the undead can suddenly disturb you while you’re scavenging.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best looting spots in Project Zomboid!

1. Gigamart

When looking for perfect looting spots, it’s clear that the Gigamart is the first on the list. Gigamarts spawn in:

The Gigamart is a good place for long-term living, as it has at least 2 floors and fences. Most of them have large parking areas, providing a chance to obtain cars.

Moreover, you can acquire plenty of canned food placed on shelves, ensuring well-fed health. Besides, you can find many pieces of wooden and metal furniture here, making it an ideal place for leveling up metalworking and carpentry skills as well as looting resources.

Finally, perishable food, magazines, skill books, and other supplies also spawn in the Gigamart.

2. Rosewood Military Base

Situated outside the town of Rosewood, the Rosewood military base (5564x12475x2521) is a heavily fortified area that offers various benefits.

Although it’s pretty challenging to reach this location as it’s deep in the forest with millions of zombies, the treasure in the military base is undeniable.

As one of the largest military bases in Project Zomboid, this place contains several guns and ammo, which can be found in cabinets or containers. Also, there’s a high chance to loot the military backpack (the highest-capacity backpack in the game), allowing you to store more items as you progress further into the game.

3. Police Station and Fire Department

Police stations or fire departments can be found in almost every city in Project Zomboid. Here are some locations:

These places have high walls or fences, supplies, and large areas nearby for farming, making them incredibly potent bases. Besides, you can find ammo for guns, high-damage melee weapons (axe, crowbar), and protective clothing here as well.

Not to mention that there’s a high chance of obtaining fire extinguishers, which sometimes play a vital role in putting out fires.

4. Storage Lot

The storage lots can be found in every spawn location, and here are the details:

Although storage warehouses or storage lots are inhabited by zombies, these places are easily accessible with some tricks and provide guaranteed rewards.

Storage lots in Project Zomboid offer treasure loot, ranging from generators and miscellaneous items to essentials like weapons and tools, which can be found in cabinets.

Additionally, several pieces of furniture are inside these buildings, making them ideal for dismantling items and leveling up your crafting skills.

5. Bookstore

Bookstores are ordinarily found in:

Bookstores in the game hold valuable skill books that provide experience boosts for skills like Farming, Mechanics, and Carpentry.

Moreover, regular books found in these lots can help you get rid of Boredom moodles, which can negatively impact gameplay.

Although you can find skill books randomly on bookshelves and mailboxes, bookstores are ideal for looting them.

6. Gas Station

Gas stations are common and can be found in all starting locations, such as:

Gas stations are highly desirable looting spots in Project Zomboid for several reasons. Firstly, they often contain valuable resources such as gas tanks, essential for generators and vehicles.

Furthermore, gas stations frequently have a variety of food and drink items, providing a large amount of calories for your survival.

Lastly, you can find other useful tools, weapons, and even medical supplies in these spots.

7. Pharmacy

If you’re looking for medical supplies, then there is no better place to explore than the pharmacies. You can check out the pharmacies in:

Firstly, pharmacies are known to be rich sources of medical supplies, including bandages, painkillers, antibiotics, and more, which are crucial for surviving injuries and illnesses.

Additionally, pharmacies often contain vitamins and first aid kits that can enhance your character’s overall health in some emergency circumstances. A high-quality bed, canned food, and frozen meals are other things you can loot from pharmacies.

8. Auto Shop

You can find the auto shop in:

Some players say that auto shops are not their favorite looting spots, but with some advantages listed below, they may change their perspective.

The auto shop is a generous looting location in Project Zomboid for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, auto shops often contain valuable mechanical tools, which are indispensable for repairing and maintaining your vehicles.

The best part of auto shops is the availability of vehicle parts, allowing you to upgrade your vehicles or repair any vehicle damage. Furthermore, auto shops may contain fuel or gasoline, crucial for keeping generators and vehicles operational.

9. Gun Shop

As their name implies, gun shops mostly contain firearms and weapons. However, gun stores are not easily accessible places like others since they’re fully barricaded. Therefore, you need to learn how to get into them.

Gun Shops are available in:

Gun shops are well-known for firearms and ammunition, providing powerful weapons to cope with the hordes of zombies.

These looting spots often have accessories like scopes, grips, and attachments that can enhance firearms performance.

Those are the best looting spots in Project Zomboid.

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