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In Project Zomboid, guns can be a lifesaver in a zombie world. One of the most effective ways to obtain guns is to search for them in gun stores.

However, not all players know how to get into a gun store since it is risky and challenging.

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Let’s learn how to get into a gun store in Project Zomboid!

There are 3 ways to get into the gun store in Project Zomboid: using the sledgehammer, using fire to burn the wall, or crafting wooden furniture to get access from the roof.

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How to Get Into Gun Store in Project Zomboid

The gun store in Project Zomboid is a place that contains several valuable items, such as guns, containers, t-shirts, and skill books. However, some gun stores have a metal fence that blocks players, making it tricky to loot the place.

Unlike houses or hospitals, you’ll find it challenging to get access to the gun store. There are 3 ways to get inside:

  • Use the sledgehammer
  • Use fire
  • Access from the roof

First, you can find a gun store in West Point, east of the city. It’s near Twiggy’s and is surrounded by a forest.

There are 2 gun stores in Louisville. The first one is A.A Ron Hunting Supply Store south of the city, near the gas station. The other is southeast, near the river.

In Doe Valley, there’s a gun shop next to the military surplus store.

Before you go, it’s advisable to use a high-capacity container to store as the gun store has valuable items. The big hiking or military backpack is typically the best to equip.

Entering the gun store may set off the alarm, drawing the zombies’ attention. As a result, you should arm yourself in order to dispose of them quickly.

Once you’re ready, here’s how to get into a gun store!

1. Use a Sledgehammer

Using a sledgehammer to break the fence is straightforward to gain access to the gun store in Project Zomboid.

The sledgehammer is quite rare in-game, but you can check out this post to learn about its distribution.

Once you obtain it, right-click on it in your inventory and select “Equip Primary”, then get to the metal fence inside the gun store.

Next, right-click on the fence and select “Destroy”. A green square appears afterward right at your cursor. You can choose any fence tile to destroy as long as the square is shown in green instead of red.

Generally, you should only destroy one fence, and it takes 2 swings to destroy it.

Although using the sledgehammer to get into the gun store is the simplest way, the low density of the sledgehammer in-game is the big obstacle.

2. Use Fire

In case you can’t find a sledgehammer, using fire to burn the gun store walls is another option.

First, you need a fire weapon or something that can be burned. Zombie corpses and Molotov are ideal. Remember that you need a gas can and a lighter (or matches) to burn the corpses.

You can find a lighter and matches on counters, crates, or vehicle seats. Gas cans are distributed in the trunks of cars or residential garages.

Next, you must find some containers filled with water, bags of dirt or sand, or an extinguisher to extinguish the fire later.

There might be some zombies wandering outside the gun store. Kill them, then right-click on each corpse and select “Grab Corpse”. Next, move to the gun store wall, right-click on the ground, and select “Drop Corpse”.

To burn the corpse, right-click on it and select “Burn Corpse”. If you have a gas can and a lighter (or matches) in your inventory, your character will automatically equip them in a corresponding hand and burn the corpse afterward.

Pay close attention until you see the fire burning the wall, right-click on it, and select “Extinguish Fire/Put Fire Out” to prevent it from spreading.

Now you can set your foot in the gun store through the burnt wall! Just stand next to it and hold the “E” key.

Besides burning the corpses, you can also use throwables like fire bombs or Molotov cocktails to burn the wall. In that case, you should craft and use the Molotov instead of a fire bomb, as Molotov is crafted with common ingredients.

Burning the wall might destroy the gun store structure. So, it’s not recommended if you want the gun store as your base.

3. Access From The Roof

Our last recommendation is to access the gun store from the roof. This method is effective since it doesn’t harm the gun store.

There are 2 ways to get to the roof: either build the stairs from the ground to reach the roof level or make a wooden floor bridge from a house with the corresponding floors nearby.

Here are the things you need to build them:

  • Carpentry at least level 2 (For the wooden frame) or level 6 (to make stairs)
  • A hammer and a crowbar
  • Planks
  • Nails
  • At least 2 sheet ropes

Remember that the number of planks, nails, and sheet ropes varies, depending on the floor levels or the distance from the house to the gun store.

By Building Floor Bridge

You can make several wooden floors from a nearby building to create a bridge, then simply walk to the roof of the gun store.

First, find the nearest house or base, then get to the second floor (if the gun store has 3 floors, you need to get to the third floor).

After that, locate the house’s window that faces the gun store and use the pick-up function to pick it up. You’ll need Carpentry level 2 and a crowbar to do this.

Next, right-click on the ground outside of the window and select “Carpentry” => “Wooden Floor”. Each wooden floor requires Carpentry skill level 1, 1x nail, and 1x plank to build.

Make sure you’ve already built a wooden floor outside the window first, then jump out of it and continue building a wooden floor bridge until you reach the gun store’s rooftop.

When you’re on the rooftop, choose a safe place (often near the center of the roof) and make a wooden frame.

To make the wooden frame, right-click on the ground and select “Carpentry” => “Wall” => “Wooden Wall Frame”. Making the wooden wall frame requires Carpentry skill level 2, 2x planks, and 2x nails.

Keep in mind that you should place the wooden wall frame in a way that you can visibly see inside the gun store.

After that, right-click on the wooden wall you recently built and select “Add Escape Rope” to get in.

You need 1 rope and nails for 1 floor (including the ground floor). Assume the gun store has 2 floors, then you need to craft 2 sheet ropes. Each craftable rope can be used many times.

You can fall into the gun store while hanging on the sheet rope, so be careful.

By Building Stairs

Some gun stores are isolated, meaning that there’s no house nearby. In that case, you need at least Carpentry level 6 to build stairs to reach the top.

To make stairs, stay next to the wall of the gun store, then right-click on the ground and select “Carpentry” => “Stairs”.

Each stair can reach 1 floor, requiring Carpentry skill level 6, 15x planks, and 15x nails to make. After that, find a good spot and make the wooden wall frame as instructed above.

That’s how to get into a gun store in Project Zomboid.

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