Project Zomboid – How to Make Sheets: Is It Possible?

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In Project Zomboid, Sheets can be used for several purposes, such as making curtains, bandaging, and so on.

As a result, having Sheets in your inventory is somewhat of a game-changer.

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You can’t make Sheets in the vanilla version of Project Zomboid. However, you can find Sheets in wardrobes and drawers in residential houses. Additionally, you can get 1 Sheet from removing curtains. Alternatively, by installing mods, you can make 1 Sheet with 8 Ripped Sheets, 1 Needle, and either 2 Twines, 2 Fishing Lines, or 2 Threads.

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How to Make Sheets in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, there are 3 ways to get Sheets:

  • Looting houses
  • Removing curtains
  • Crafting (mod required)

Read on to get into the details!

1. Looting Houses

Like other items, Sheets are common and redundant items in Project Zomboid that can be found by looting.

The best containers to loot Sheets are wardrobes in bedrooms, bathrooms, or sometimes in the kitchen. Besides, you need to check every single drawer and cabinet in residential houses, as there’s also a chance to obtain them there.

The number of Sheets you find varies and is random, but typically, there are roughly 1-3 units in a container.

2. Removing Curtains

The second way to get Sheets is to remove curtains.

First, you need to find windows with curtains, which are available on the first floor of most houses, then right-click on them and select “Remove Curtains”.

Unlike looting, the number of Sheets you get from removing curtains is 1.

Overall, finding Sheets can be time-consuming, so it’s recommended to loot the entire house (containers and windows) for maximum efficiency.

3. Crafting

Unfortunately, Project Zomboid has no Sheet crafting recipe. But with the Craft Sheets! mod, you can make it real.

Once you’ve subscribed to it on the Steam workshop, open Project Zomboid, select the “Mods” menu, and enable the newly installed mod.

As usual, you need to create a new world, as this mod might not work properly on the existing one.

Once you’re in the new world, click the hammer and ruler icon on the left side of your screen to open up the Crafting menu, then move to the Tailoring section.

From there, you’ll see a new “Make Sheet” recipe, which requires a Needle, 8 Ripped Sheets, and either 2 Twines, 2 Fishing Lines, or 2 Threads.

Ensure you have enough materials in your inventory, then click “Craft One” to craft a Sheet.

Alternatively, you can right-click on any ingredient in your inventory and select “Make Sheet”.

While the number of Sheets you get from crafting is not more than from looting or removing curtains, this can be a useful solution in case you have tons of Ripped Sheets or Threads in your inventory.

That’s how to make Sheets in Project Zomboid.

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