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In Project Zomboid, fishing is an essential aspect of survival, as it provides food for players over a long period of time.

Since fishing requires complicated preparation, this article will show you how to fish in Project Zomboid!

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To fish in Project Zomboid, you need to find a fishing rod and some bait. Then locate a suitable location, such as ponds, lakes, or rivers, and equip your fishing rod. Choose a bait, and wait for a while. Your character will catch fish automatically and store it in your inventory.

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How To Fish in Project Zomboid

When the players catch fish, they can cook and eat the fish afterward to restore hunger and hydration. Furthermore, fishing is a relaxing activity, distracting from the game’s stressful elements.

Materials And Preparation

Before fishing, you have to prepare a few things below:

  1. Fishing Rod

Crafting is the most common way to obtain a fishing rod in Project Zomboid.

You must have a Fisherman occupation or the Angler trait to craft a fishing rod. But if you’ve already picked other traits, you can always read the Angler USA Magazine Vol. 1 to unlock the fishing rod recipe.

You can craft a fishing rod with a sturdy stick, knife, or machete. And in case you have a fishing rod without a line, you can combine it with twine or a fishing line to craft a completed fishing rod.

Alternatively, you can check the toolboxes, shelves, or other storage areas in houses, particularly basements, to find a fishing rod.

Or if you’re in the town or city, loot the shelf at the hardware store. If you’re lucky, you can find a fishing rod there. If not, there is a spear that you can use for spearfishing.

  1. Bait

Bait is necessary to attract fish and increase your chances of catching them. In Project Zomboid, there are three types of bait for fishing:

  • Insects: Worms are the most common type of bait. They can be found by digging dirt or searching in garbage bags. In addition, other insects such as grasshoppers, crickets, or cockroaches are also good sources of bait.
  • Fishing Tackle: Fishing tackle is an artificial bait designed to look like real fish. You can find fishing tackle in hardware stores or sheds.
  • Little Bait Fish: Little bait fish refers to small fish that quickly and efficiently attract larger fish, such as catfish or bass. Little bait fish can be caught by using fishing nets.
  1. Fishing Location

Once you have a fishing rod and some bait, let’s find a good spot to fish!

Finding a good fishing spot can increase the chance of successfully catching fish.

Here are some example locations: Muldraugh river, March Ridge pond, West Point lake, McCoy Logging Co.lake, and more.

The fishing area must be zombie-free. Furthermore, consider fishing at different times, such as the early morning or the afternoon.

In addition, the fish catch chance is lower from November to February, so make sure to stock your food during the Winter.

Let’s Catch Some Fish

After you have everything ready, let’s fish!

Approach the fishing spots, select the fishing rod in your inventory, and click the “Equip” button.

Right-click on the water surface and select “Fishing”.

A panel will pop up. Here, you can choose different types of bait to catch other fish species. You can also select the inventory to store the caught fish in.

Then, click “Ok” to cast the line into the water.

Keep an eye on the rod and wait until it moves or makes a noise, which means a fish (or trash items) has taken the bait.

You’ve successfully caught a fish. Let’s open your inventory and check it out!

Tips and Tricks For Fishing in Project Zomboid

If you are still trying to catch fish, here are some tips and tricks to become a skilled angler in no time.

  • Use different types of bait: Project Zomboid offers several types of bait that attract different types of fish. So experiment with them to see what works best in each location.
  • Choose the right time: The best fishing time is 4:00 – 6:00 in the dawn and 18:00 – 20:00 in the dusk. Not to mention that fish are also more active in these times.
  • Check the weather: Fish are more likely to bite in sunny, warm weather. Whereas catching them in rainy weather will be more difficult.
  • Be patient: Fishing can be a slow process, so be patient and enjoy it instead of rushing yourself. Keep trying different techniques until you find what fits you best.

And that’s how to fish in Project Zomboid.

Get ready to reel in the catch of the day!

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