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Project Zomboid offers millions of electrical devices that can be used or customized with only one requirement – Electrical skill.

As a result, having a high Electrical skill level brings several benefits that may surprise you.

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This guide will show you how to level up your Electrical skill in Project Zomboid.

In Project Zomboid, you can level up your Electrical skill by choosing the Electrician or Engineer occupation, dismantling or crafting electrical devices, and fixing the generator.

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How to Level Up Electrical in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, Electrical skill allows you to repair generators, craft, or disassemble electrical devices. Electrical skill is also required when hot-wiring a vehicle.

As the game progresses, you’ll come across numerous electrical items, and having a high level of Electrical skill offers numerous possibilities to utilize them.

Read on to learn how to level up your Electrical skill!

1. Choose Occupation and Trait

Like the Carpentry, Metalworking, and Mechanics skills, you can immediately get a few Electrical skill levels without doing anything by choosing the corresponding occupations.

After choosing your starting location, you can select the following profession to quickly gain Electrical skills:

  • Electrician: +3 Electrical level.
  • Engineer: +1 Electrical level.

Unfortunately, no trait provides an Electrical level, so the profession is the only choice in this case.

Prerequisite Items For The Next Steps

Next up are tools and material preparations, which are required to make the most of your Electrical skills:

  • Screwdriver: If carpentry needs a hammer, metalworking requires a propane torch, then electrical work needs a screwdriver. You can find one in hardware stores or crates.
  • Magazines: You need to find and read magazines to unlock new recipes, including Electronics Magazine, Engineer Magazine, and Guerilla Radio.
  • Skill books: Skill books significantly boost your Electrical skill level, as they multiply the XP you get. Both magazines and skill books can be found on bookshelves, mailboxes, or post offices.

2. Dismantle Electrical Devices

As mentioned previously, you can find a massive amount of electrical devices throughout the world of Project Zomboid (cameras, radios, TVs, headphones, etc.), and dismantling them is the simplest yet most efficient way to gain Electrical XP.

To dismantle electrical items, make sure you have a screwdriver in your inventory, then right-click on them and select “Disassemble <Electrical Names>”.

The XP you gain for dismantling each item is 3.32 XP (at a 125% XP boost), regardless of its type.

You can apply the same method to electrical devices in your inventory, for instance, the radio or digital watch.

After dismantling, you’ll receive not only XP but also Scrap Electronics, which is a vital item for crafting.

Contrary to the fixed XP gained, the number of Scrap Electronics you get varies, as it’s random and depends on electrical types.

3. Fix the Generator

A generator is rare in Project Zomboid, so it requires regular maintenance and inspection.

Although it takes a long time for a generator to lose its condition (basically, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the generator in 100% condition), fixing it is necessary if you don’t want your mini power plant to malfunction.

Repairing the generator also gains Electrical skill XP. To repair it, make sure it’s already off by right-clicking on it and selecting “Turn Off”, then selecting “Fix Generator”.

You must have Scrap Electronics and a screwdriver to repair the generator. And the amount of Scrap Electronics required for each attempt depends on your generator’s current condition, as does the XP you get.

Based on our experiment, for each 1% repaired, you’ll gain 1.25 XP.

4. Craft Electrical Devices

Obtaining level 3 Electrical skill in the early game brings you some recipes, which can provide a huge amount of XP when crafting.

However, in most cases, we’d recommend finding magazines (Electronics Magazine, Engineer Magazine, and Guerilla Radio) to unlock all crafting recipes.

Although all crafting devices offer the same amount of XP, your Electrical level determines how much XP you gain for each crafting attempt. As a result, the XP you gain is 8.3 times your current Electrical skill level.

For example, the XP gained from crafting at level 4 Electrical skill: 8.3 * 4 = 33.2

To make the electrical item, click on the crafting icon on the left side of your screen, then select the Electrical tab and choose any recipes with “Craft” in the name.

Ensure you meet their requirements, then click “Craft One” to complete the step.

Alternatively, you can right-click on Scrap Electronics and select “Craft <Electrical Device Name>”. This option is available if you’ve got all the materials.

Bear in mind that adding electrical items to throwables doesn’t give XP.

That’s how to level up electrical in Project Zomboid.

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