Project Zomboid – How to Dance: Is It Possible?

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It’s never easy to survive in a harsh world like Project Zomboid, as you need to prioritize all survival activities. However, sometimes, an entertaining and recreational activity such as dancing can make the world less scary.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to dance in Project Zomboid.

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You can’t actually dance in the vanilla version of Project Zomboid. However, multiple mods on Steam’s Workshop allow you to add this feature to the game.

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How to Dance in Project Zomboid

According to an official post on the game website, there’s no dancing in Build 41, meaning you can’t dance in the current vanilla version.

However, thanks to the modding community, you can still add a dancing feature to the game. Simply check out the steps below to install and enjoy it.

Install Dancing Mod

If you play Project Zomboid via Steam, then click on Workshop from the main game library.

Search for the True Actions. Act 3 – Dancing mod by iBrRus, or you can check it here. Then, you can either click on the plus icon or the Subscribe button.

Next, open Project Zomboid and select “Mods” from the main screen. Then locate and enable the already downloaded mod by clicking the enable button to turn it green.

To ensure the mod is working correctly, it’s advisable to start a new game rather than continue your previous one.

Let’s Dance!

With True Actions. Act 3 – Dancing installed, you can dance by pressing “Q” to show up the Totes Emotes menu, along with the dancing option.

Next, click on the dance option to show up 3 dancing moves. Keep in mind that 3 movements are random, and you can learn more by reading dancing magazines and having trading cards in your inventory.

You can find trading cards by searching in cereal boxes on store shelves or in houses. While dancing magazines can be found in post offices, bookshelves, and mailboxes.

That’s how to dance in Project Zomboid.

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