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In Project Zomboid, walls are constructible yet destructible.

While building a wall is an easy-to-follow process, destroying it is a step that can be done in several ways that you might not have heard of.

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The 5 main ways to destroy walls in Project Zomboid are by using a Sledgehammer, disassembling (only self-built walls), using throwables, burning corpses, and enabling debug mode.

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How to Destroy Walls in Project Zomboid

There are two types of walls in Project Zomboid: the already-existing ones when you first join the world and the self-built ones.

Although they share the same function, the way you can destroy them differs depending on the wall type.

In Project Zomboid, there are 5 ways to destroy walls, and they are:

1. Using a Sledgehammer

The Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid serves not only as a powerful weapon but also as a tool to destroy walls.

Most melee weapons, such as hammers, axes, and baseball bats, can crush walls. However, they cost you a lot of endurance and only affect self-built walls (both wooden and metal walls).

The Sledgehammer, however, has the exclusive ability to destroy any walls in Project Zomboid.

As long as you have the Sledgehammer in your inventory, you can destroy a wall by right-clicking on it and selecting “Destroy”, then moving the cursor to the block you wish to destroy, just like you do in the Debug mode.

Alternatively, you can also destroy the wall in the same way you attack the undead.

Hold the right mouse button, then aim at the wall and press the left mouse button to swing. The only drawback of this method is its accuracy, as you can unintentionally hit other walls.

It takes roughly 2-3 swings to get rid of a wall, and your Fitness level determines how many walls you can destroy before being exhausted.

2. Disassembling (Only Self-built Wooden Walls)

You can only disassemble self-built walls, not the existing ones.

This method is effective if you want to expand your area or have built a wall by mistake and want to destroy it.

However, remember that while both wooden and metal walls are craftable, only the wooden walls can be disassembled, as long as you have a Hammer and Saw in your inventory.

To disassemble a wooden wall, right-click on it and select “Disassemble” => “Disassemble Objects”.

You’ll gain a few XP of the Carpentry skill subsequently, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive back the building materials.

Important Note: The third and fourth methods are extremely dangerous if not used carefully. You should only use them to raid specific houses and facilities rather than destroying walls near your base.

3. Using Throwables

Throwables can turn a whole structure to dust, including any type of wall. That said, the throwable is effective in destroying walls, especially when you want to apply this method to get into the gun store.

Most throwables create fire, and the Molotov Cocktails stand out thanks to their simple recipe and distribution.

The fire caused by the Molotov Cocktails might bounce back, spread widely, and burn the whole area. In such situations, keep yourself away from the fire or prepare an Extinguisher or water container to put out the fire.

4. Burning Corpse

In Project Zomboid, there are 3 methods to dispose of corpses, one of which involves burning them. You can take advantage of the fire from the burning of corpses to set any wall on fire.

Typically, one zombie corpse should be enough to burn down an entire house unless it’s raining.

First, right-click on the corpse and select “Grab Corpse”, then bring it right next to the wall. Then, right-click and select “Drop Corpse” so the corpse is as close to the wall as possible.

Equip yourself with a Lighter (or Matches) and a Gas Can, then right-click on the corpse and select “Burn Corpse”. The fire caused by the burning corpses can also spread, so remember to prepare water to extinguish it.

Sometimes, you can’t hop over a burnt wall by pressing E when standing beside it. In this case, you must try another burnt wall or simply destroy it using a Sledgehammer.

5. Enabling Debug Mode

The debug mode in Project Zomboid is a game-changer, unlocking several unavailable features in the vanilla version, including destroying walls.

If you play Project Zomboid via Steam, then you can activate debug mode by right-clicking on Project Zomboid in your game library, selecting “Properties”, and then typing “-debug” in the box at the bottom of the General tab.

After that, join the world of Project Zomboid as usual, and when you right-click to open the action menu, there’s a “Destroy” action added. Select it, and you can destroy walls without any requirements.

Destroying walls via debug mode is the fastest, yet it costs nothing in Project Zomboid. However, this method clearly reduces the game’s tension and is considered cheating.

That’s how to destroy walls in Project Zomboid.

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