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In Project Zomboid, Molotov Cocktails are a powerful weapon that can be used to take out groups of zombies. Learning how to use Molotov effectively can be essential to surviving deadly situations.

Whether you’re an experienced player or a newcomer, mastering a weapon like the Molotov is essential. So, let’s learn how to throw Molotov in Project Zomboid!

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In Project Zomboid, you can throw a Molotov by equipping it in your primary hand and a lighter in your secondary hand. Then right-click to aim the Molotov and left-click to throw it.

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How to Throw a Molotov in Project Zomboid

You’ll also need a lighter to throw a Molotov in Project Zomboid. So here’s how to get both of them.

1. Craft Molotov

A Molotov Cocktail can be crafted using Bourbon, a Ripped Sheet, or a Dirty Rag.

Alternatively, you can use an Empty Bottle, a Gas Can, a Ripped Sheet, or a Dirty Rag to make a Molotov.

In Project Zomboid, Molotov doesn’t cause physical damage but does spark a firing range of up to 4 tiles, making it applicable to burn out multiple zombies.

2. Get a Lighter

A lighter can be used as a trigger for the Molotov. It’s also a light source.

You can find the lighter in several places throughout the game, typically in most containers in buildings, rooms, vehicle glove boxes, or seats.

3. How to Throw a Molotov

Once you collect enough resources, here’s how to throw a Molotov in Project Zomboid.

First, equip the Molotov and lighter in your primary and secondary, respectively.

Then, right-click the mouse button and move the cursor to aim at the zombies.

Left-click to throw the Molotov. Easy as that!

Remember that the flame will spread widely and may burn you, so keep yourself far from the fire or find a safe place.

If you throw the Molotov at the tree, it will not cause a fire. So, it’s best to lure the zombies away from the trees.

If you’re getting chased by a group of zombies, you should keep running and throw the Molotov at the wall of the house or any construction nearby.

The flame will slow them down and kill them without you turning around. This is a smart strategy to increase your chance of survival further.

So that’s how to throw a Molotov cocktail in Project Zomboid.

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