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In Project Zomboid, fire plays a vital role that can mean the difference between life and death.

Keeping the fire from spreading can be more of a concern than an advantage. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn how to put out the fire.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to put out fire in Project Zomboid.

The most effective way to put out fires in Project Zomboid is to use the fire extinguisher. Alternatively, you can use water from a water container or a sandbag. Lastly, you can try to jog or spring around to stop a fire on you. For campfires, you can just right-click and select “Put Out Fire”.

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How to Put Out Fire in Project Zomboid

Fire in Project Zomboid can be a powerful way to eliminate zombies. However, if it goes out of control, the flame can burn all the structures and properties and even harm you.

There are 3 potential causes of fire in Project Zomboid:

  • Using explosive weapons such as Molotov cocktails and bombs.
  • Not turning the electric heat source off when it’s set to a high temperature.
  • Zombies walking into a fireplace.

You should use throwables wisely, be cautious when using any heat source, and try to eliminate the undead as soon as possible.

If the accident has already happened and the fire is out of control, check out the four solutions below.

1. Select “Put Out Fire” (Only For Campfire)

The campfire is a craftable heat source with an exclusive way of stopping the fire.

If you’re done using the campfire, you can right-click it and select “Put Out Fire” without any requirements. This action extinguishes the fire immediately, prevents zombies from stepping on it, and stops it from spreading afterward.

The Put Out Fire option is only available for campfires; you can’t apply it to other heat sources.

2. Run Around

If you accidentally step into the fire tile and get burned, you should, as soon as possible, find a way to get out of the fire and then jog (by holding “Shift” while moving) or run around (by holding “ALT” while moving). This will also extinguish the fire on your body.

You will still experience damage and burns from the fire, which will require bandaging. Therefore, your priority should be preparing any first-aid kit or bandages in your inventory after catching on fire.

3. Use Water or Sand Bag

Water can be used to put out a fire on yourself or any structure.

When extinguishing a fire, clean water (water from sinks, bathtubs, etc.) or tainted water (water from lakes, ponds, etc.) work the same.

To extinguish a fire, ensure you have water in your inventory, then right-click on the fire source and select “Extinguish Fire”.

Two circles appear after that: the white circle shows where your character will go to put out the fire, while the larger circle indicates the area where the fire will be put out. The large circle will turn green if it has fire inside. Otherwise, it will display in red.

You must move the large circle to the fire (or to you, if you’re burning) until it turns green and left-clicks to extinguish the fire.

Each water container has a remaining value, indicating the remaining water you can use to put out the fire. The remaining water depends on the severity of the fire.

Typically, you have 2 times to put out a large fire for each water container and 4 times for a single, small flame, regardless of any water container (bucket, watering can, etc.)

Alternatively, you can also use sandbags, which can be found in warehouses or grocery stores, to get rid of the fire. Each sandbag has a capacity of 3 to extinguish the fire, which is slightly better than a water container.

Using sandbags to extinguish the fire is similar to using a water container.

4. Use Extinguisher

An extinguisher is a specialized tool used to put out fires, with a much higher capacity compared to a water container or sandbag. You can use the extinguisher to eliminate fire the same way you use the water container and the sandbag.

It’s clear that an extinguisher is significantly more effective in getting rid of the fire.

You can use the extinguisher 10 times to put out a small, single flame. For a large, compound fire (containing 2-3 single flames next to each other), you can use the extinguisher 4-5 times.

Extinguishers can be found on kitchen counters, sheds, garages, bakeries, cafes, storage units, and gas station counters.

Suppose you have a watering can, a sandbag, and an extinguisher in your inventory. In that case, your character will prioritize the extinguisher first, then the sandbag, and finally, the water container.

That’s how to put out fire in Project Zomboid.

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