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In Project Zomboid, managing your inventory and getting rid of unwanted items is a continuous task you need to do.

Whether you need to free up space or dispose of things that are no longer useful, knowing how to delete items is crucial.

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In this post, we’ll show you how to delete items in Project Zomboid.

There are two ways to delete items in Project Zomboid – using the delete feature or the trash bins. To use the delete feature, you must enable debug mode first, right-click on any item you want to delete, and select “Delete”. To use a trash bin, you first need to find one with a high capacity (our pick is the dumpster), drag all items you want to eliminate into its inventory, and select “Delete All” in the top corner.

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How to Delete Items in Project Zomboid

Items are useful in Project Zomboid. However, some of them may run out of usage, be broken, or not be needed anymore. In those cases, deleting them rather than throwing them on the ground is a better action.

There are 2 ways to delete items in Project Zomboid:

  • Use the delete feature
  • Place items into the trash bin

Let’s dive deep into the details!

1. Use the Delete Feature

The delete feature is a special function that allows you to make significant changes to the game. However, it is only available when you enable debug mode.

To turn on debug mode, find and locate Project Zomboid in your Steam library, then right-click on it and select “Properties”.

Next, type “-debug” in the box under the text “Advanced users may choose to enter modifications to their launch options”, then close the window and open the game.

When you right-click on any item, you’ll see the “Delete” option, revealing two options inside, including:

  • 1 Item: only delete one item, even if that item is stackable and has multiple items inside.
  • Selected: delete the entire item. You can delete multiple items with this option.

The delete action is a quick, comprehensive method to get rid of items. However, it’s considered cheating. Therefore, you should only use this feature when it is necessary.

2. Place Items into The Trash Bin

If you don’t want to enable debug mode, you still have another option to delete items in Project Zomboid.

The trash bin in Project Zomboid is not only used for decorating but also for containing items, especially for disposing of them.

Trash bins have many variants that differ in their looks and maximum capacity. To delete as many items as possible, we suggest finding the dumpsters, which have a capacity of 60 (one of the biggest trash bin capacities in the game), outside restaurants, warehouses, or grocery stores.

You can also bring this container to your base for easy disposal. A dumpster requires level 2 carpentry skill and a crowbar to pick up.

To delete items via the dumpster, click on it and open its inventory. Press “I” to open your inventory, and drag the items you want to get rid of to the dumpster’s inventory. After that, click “Delete All” on top of the inventory and select “Yes” in the pop-up. All items will immediately disappear without no chance to get back.

That’s how to delete items in Project Zomboid!

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