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As you survive in Project Zomboid, one of the game’s most interesting and exciting aspects is the ability to play with friends. However, one common issue in the game is the possibility of not spawning together in the same place.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to spawn with friends in Project Zomboid.

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To spawn with friends in Project Zomboid, you must put the exact coordinates you want to spawn at into the “Spawn Point” field in the “Spawn Regions” tab while setting up the server. Once finished, you can start the server as usual.

To get the coordinates, read on!

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How to Spawn With Friends in Project Zomboid

Due to the large world and several locations in Project Zomboid, there’s no guarantee that you and your teammates can meet up in the same spot.

Although both of you can chat and teleport to each other, finding a way to spawn together seems more beneficial and convenient.

In Project Zomboid, you can start alongside your friends by following this step-by-step guide below.

  1. Open Project Zomboid Online Map to show the whole map and some specific destinations. You can scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, or left-click on the map, hold and move the mouse to navigate.
  2. Look for the menu on the left side of the map, then select “Map Coordinate (On Level 0)”. This setting shows each tile’s coordinates, cell, and rel.
  3. Use the mouse and move to the place you want to spawn. Next, click on the blue “Lock Coords” button, then select the point you want to spawn at. Check out this post for the best places to spawn.
  4. A green marker appears after that, indicating the coordinates of your chosen place. Look at the left menu once again and copy the Coords value.
  5. Open Project Zomboid, select “Host,” then “Manage Settings”. In server settings, locate the “Spawn Regions” tab, then change the value in the “Spawn Point” input to your copied coordinates.

For example, if you mark your coordinates as “11859×6864”, then you should type in: 11859,6864,0

The value at the end represents the height level, where 0 corresponds to the ground level. If you want to spawn on a different building floor, you can modify the value accordingly.

Once completed, start the server, and you and your friends will spawn in the same place.

How to Spawn With Friends in an Existing World

If you already have a world with some progress, you can still apply the method above to spawn together. However, you and your friends will still spawn at the place where you guys left off in the previous playthrough.

So, to spawn in the chosen location, you and your friends must create a new character by letting your current character die.

There are several ways to do this, but the fastest way is to sacrifice yourself to the zombies.

Remember to store all of your goodies in nearby containers, or at least remember your current location so you can return with a new character later to take all the loot.

That’s how to spawn with friends in Project Zomboid.

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