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In Project Zomboid, when the undead roam the streets, the remains of the fallen can provide valuable resources. However, looting zombies is not a task that can be done quickly.

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This guide will show you how to loot zombies in Project Zomboid.

In Project Zomboid, you must find and kill zombies before you can loot them. To loot zombies, you have to stay near their corpses, press “I” to open your inventory, click on the loot tab on the right of your inventory tab, and either choose “Loot All” or drag each one to your inventory to loot.

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How to Loot Zombies in Project Zomboid

Knowing how to loot zombies is essential in Project Zomboid because it provides more items to continue exploring the world.

Especially if your previous character died (possibly due to zombification), it is beneficial to retrieve all items.

Let’s see how to loot zombies properly in Project Zomboid!

1. Find and Kill Zombies

Zombies are everywhere in Project Zomboid. To acquire lots of loot from them, you should visit places such as highways, forests, abandoned farms, or warehouses.

Otherwise, you can use some tricks to get zombies’ attention. If you’re inside a residential house, you can turn on the TV and change the volume to the maximum level. Zombies are sensitive to sound, so they’ll come and gather around the TV.

Moreover, the horn of a car can be improvised to attract zombies. You need to get in the driver’s seat first, press “V” to open the vehicle’s radial menu, then click the horn icon. Pressing “Q” while inside a car is another quick way to use the horn.

If you can’t find a car just yet, simply press “Q” to shout, making the nearby zombies chase you. Before doing so, ensure you have a safe route to escape those deadly creatures.

You can’t loot zombies unless they’re dead. In other words, you need to kill them to create the corpses.

Not to mention that some zombies have “fake dead” attributes, meaning that they pretend to die, hide beyond the corpses, then suddenly come back and harm you. Therefore, make sure you completely clear the space before looting.

2. Loot the Zombies

A zombie’s corpse will become a container after being killed.

To loot any corpse, make sure you’re near it, or you should right-click on the tile that the corpse lies down on and select “Walk To”.

Next, press “I” to open your inventory (or click the brown box icon in the top left corner), then click on the loot tab on the right of your inventory tab to expand it. All items from the corpses or on the ground will be listed here.

You can either loot all the items or relatively each of them. To loot all items, click on the button “Loot All” on top of the looting tab, and then all the things will be transferred to your inventory.

Additionally, you can hold the left-click on each item and drag them to your inventory to filter the trash.

You should equip yourself with a high-capacity container (such as a backpack) to get the most out of it. Otherwise, carrying too much weight causes the “Heavy Load” moodle, which will reduce your character’s movement speed, endurance recovery, attack speed, critical chance, and increase your chance to trip.

A corpse has a capacity of 8. In general, clothing and belts are what you frequently loot, although they’re quite useless. However, there’s a high chance of acquiring seeds if you loot zombies from farmlands or pistols and knives if the zombie used to be police in advance.

Moreover, looting zombies is one of the best ways to obtain the best weapon in the game – a katana.

That’s how to loot zombies in Project Zomboid.

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