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In Project Zomboid, it’s common for you to experience queasiness, which can significantly impact your health. Queasiness can come from several causes, and you need specific strategies to cure it.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get rid of queasy in Project Zomboid.

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The queasy feeling is the first stage of sickness, and it occurs when your sickness level is between 25% and 49%.

You can treat queasy symptoms in Project Zomboid the same way that you would treat sickness, which includes staying inside, eating well, and consuming lemongrass.

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How to Get Rid Of Queasy in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, queasy feelings appear when the sickness level is between 25% and 49%, increasing body temperature generation.

When your body temperature is high, it leads to a faster thirst and fatigue rate. Worse, a higher body temperature reduces attack speed.

That being said, queasiness has consequences, so you should eliminate it as soon as possible.

Smoking – one of the reasons causing queasiness in Project Zomboid.

Queasiness is the first stage of being sick. Therefore, all causes that lead to sickness are similar to queasiness. We’ll list some valuable details for each cause, as shown below:

  • Eating raw/bad food: Eating rotten vegetables or uncooked food (meat, poultry, etc.) leads to queasiness. Specifically, it takes approximately 1,5 hours (in-game time) to reach 25% of sickness.
  • Drinking tainted water: Tainted water from lakes, rivers, or ponds causes queasiness after 50 minutes.
  • Staying near many rotting corpses: the closer you stay near the corpses, the faster you suffer from queasiness.
  • Being infected by the zombies: You’ll absolutely get queasy after being infected by the undead. And undoubtedly, there’s no cure in this case.
  • Smoking: Although cigarettes reduce stress, two of them cause 26% of sickness, which puts you in the queasy stage.
  • Being wet: Staying outside when it’s raining for too long may become queasy as a result.

Generally, avoiding being in these circumstances is advisable to eliminate queasiness.

How to Cure Queasy

You can use the same treatment for sickness to get rid of queasy feelings. Here are 3 ways to do this:

1. Stay Inside

The most straightforward way to cure queasy levels is to rest inside your house. It likely takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to completely reduces 25% sickness.

2. Well-fed

By cooking and eating nutritious food, you can effectively combat queasiness.

It’s also advisable to eat cooked rather than canned food, as they offer better quality and eating in a safe place rather than in rainy weather.

3. Use Lemongrass

Consuming 1 lemongrass decreases 12% of sickness. That said, if your current sickness level is lower than 37%, you can immediately get rid of it using 1 lemongrass.

However, if the percentage is higher, you should combine 1 lemon grass with other methods to quickly take queasiness out (the second lemongrass doesn’t add up effect if consumed).

That’s how to get rid of queasy in Project Zomboid.

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