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In Project Zomboid, furniture can be used as containers, a place to rest, sleep, or decoration. Specifically, you can pick them up and move them wherever you want. However, not all players know how to do this.

In this guide, we’ll show a step-by-step guide on how to pick up and move furniture in Project Zomboid.

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In Project Zomboid, you can pick up any piece of furniture by moving your mouse to the cabinet icon on the left side of the screen and clicking on the pick up action. Then move the light green square, which appears after that, to the targeted furniture and left-click on it. Assuming you have the required skills and tools (mostly Carpentry and Hammers), your character will start picking it up.

You can move the furniture using the second action in the cabinet icon if you have furniture in your inventory. A light green square with a preview of the furniture appears on the tile where your cursor is. When you’re satisfied with the result, left-click to place your furniture.

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How to Pick Up And Move Furniture in Project Zomboid

All pieces of furniture in Project Zomboid can be picked up and moved in the same way: using the build/move mode. Here’s how to pick them up and move them effectively.

1. Locate Furniture

Furniture refers to interactable objects that can store items or assist you in your survival.

They consist of variants, and they are everywhere on the map. They are appliances (refrigerators, ovens, etc.), lighting equipment (lamps, wall sconces), sinks, toilets, beds, chairs, counters, etc.

Hospitals, grocery stores, community gates, and residential houses are the best places to gather furniture.

2. Pick Up Action

When you’ve found the furniture you want to pick up, move your mouse to the cabinet icon on the left side of the screen.

The cabinet icon has 4 actions that allow you to interact with any furniture in the game. They are:

  • Pick up
  • Place
  • Rotate
  • Disassemble

To pick up any piece of furniture, click on the pick up action (the first cabinet icon with the arrowhead at the top). After that, the light green square will appear around your cursor, indicating which tile you’re currently choosing.

Next, move your cursor to any furniture. A pop-up will show up with the following:

  • The name of the furniture
  • The furniture’s weight
  • The skills or tools requirements to pick up

You can pick up the selected furniture if all the information in the pop-up window is green. If so, you just need to left-click on it. Your character will then stay next to the furniture to pick it up. A progress bar appears above your head, indicating the pick up process.

Keep in mind that if the size of the furniture is smaller or equal to the size of the light green square, then the furniture will be directly placed in your inventory. Otherwise, it will be separated into several parts on the ground, and you will have to grab each part individually.

The number of several parts depends on how big the furniture is. For instance, the large oak bed is divided into 4 parts, while the large hospital bed is divided into 2.

Each part contains the number on its name. For example, The Large Brown Table (2/2) (2) means you have two table parts 2. You’ll need one part 1 to assemble the table.

Break Chance

When you try to pick up furniture in Project Zomboid, there’s also the “Chance to break” value, shown in the pick up window. This value indicates the chance of breaking the furniture when picking it up. The higher the value, the higher the probability.

If you keep picking furniture with a high break chance, some parts will break, and then you can’t assemble the furniture. To sort it out, you need to pick up the same type of furniture to get enough parts.

The break chance value decreases when the skill involved in the type of furniture increases. For example, you need a high level of Carpentry skill to reduce wooden furniture’s break chance.

All storage furniture is unavailable to pick up unless you take all the items in its inventory first. This information can be seen in the pick up window with the red line “Has items in container”.

You can pick up several pieces of furniture and carry them simultaneously, even when their weight exceeds your maximum inventory capacity. However, they will slow your speed significantly. Thus, it’s advisable to pick them up individually.

Some pieces of furniture are unable to pick up, which are also displayed in the pick up window. They are fireplace, well, counters, etc.

3. Move Action

After picking up your furniture, you can place it according to your liking.

Once again, move your cursor to the cabinet icon on the left of the screen, then select the second icon with a cabinet and a headed-down arrow.

The light green square with a preview of the picked-up furniture appears on your screen, along with the place pop-up, which displays the name of the furniture, its weight, and the required tool or skills.

Next, left-click on the area where you want to place your furniture to finish the process.

You can press “R” during the place pop-up to cycle the furniture you want to place in case you have several pieces of furniture in your inventory.

If the furniture has several parts when picked up, you can place it similarly to the others, even when you drop a part of it on the ground, as long as it is near where you want to place the furniture.

However, the process can’t be done if you equip any part in primary or secondary. Once finished, consider rotating the furniture if possible.

That’s how to pick up and move furniture in Project Zomboid!

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