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In Project Zomboid, zombies are the primary villains that look for us all the time. They are overwhelming us with their massive numbers, making it challenging to cope with them.

Sooner or later, you’ll face them in-game. However, the most common concern is whether they reappear rather than how to kill them. In other words, do zombies respawn?

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In Project Zomboid, by default, zombies do respawn in both single-player and multiplayer. However, you can disable it if you want to.

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Do Zombies Respawn in Project Zomboid?

In single-player, zombies do respawn. 10% of zombies will respawn every 3 days in a given cell, according to a fact from Reddit. That’s the default setting for all playstyles, regardless of your choice.

From the main screen, click “Solo”, then you’ll see two main game modes in the New Game window: Playstyle and Challenges.

First, the Challenges menu includes 9 scenarios. You can only customize your appearance, occupation, and traits if you choose any of them.

All scenarios in the Challenges menu have their settings adjusted regarding the number of zombies, the harsh environments, the density of lotting items, etc. However, they won’t turn off the zombie respawn feature.

On the contrary, you can turn off zombie respawn in 4 scenarios in the Playstyle menu, including Apocalypse, Survivor, Builder, and Custom Sandbox.

To turn off zombie respawn, select “Custom Sandbox”, and select the “Advanced Zombie Options” tab. Next, locate and change the value in “Respawn Hours” from 72 (default) to 0, meaning there’s no zombie respawn after being configured.

Besides, you can decrease the value in “Redistribute Hours” to 0 (by default, the value is 12) to disable zombie migration. Then keep setting up other sections and creating your own world.

If you want to turn off zombie respawn for the rest, select the corresponding scenarios in the “Saved Presets” box. Then adjust the “Respawn Hours” and “Redistribute Hours” to 0, and click “Save”.

You then name your new preset in a new pop-up. Finally, click “Ok” and “Next” to enjoy the world with limited zombies.

Do Zombies Respawn in Multiplayer?

By default, zombies will respawn in multiplayer. However, you can turn it off using the same settings as mentioned previously in the “Custom Sandbox” setting.

Check out this post if you want more details about it.

That’s all you need to know about zombie respawning in Project Zomboid!

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