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As one of the most vital elements, water is indispensable for long-term survival. Therefore, learning how to get water efficiently is a must if you want to lengthen your life in Project Zomboid.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get water in Project Zomboid.

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In Project Zomboid, you can get water by looting water bottles in warehouses, convenience stores, or refrigerators. Water can also be obtained from indoor and outdoor sources, such as sinks, bathtubs, toilets, ponds, and lakes. Finally, you can craft a rainwater collector for water preservation.

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How to Get Water in Project Zomboid

The lack of water affects your character negatively. Besides, you also need water for other activities, such as cooking and farming.

Although the water sources are common and considered unlimited in Project Zomboid, they’re not really obtainable in some cases.

Read on to learn how to get water!

1. Get Water From Looting

In Project Zomboid, you can get water by looting water bottles, which can be found commonly in refrigerators, convenience stores, warehouses, and gas stations.

Each water bottle has a maximum of 10 units of water, and the water units in each bottle you get from looting vary. However, due to its low capacity, it does nothing but be drinkable.

Water from water bottles is reusable, pure, and can be absorbed automatically or manually.

To drink water, right-click on the water bottle and select “Drink”. Otherwise, right-click on the water bottle and select “Enable Autodrink”.

2. Get Water From Water Sources

There are many water sources in Project Zomboid, and most of them are categorized into two types: indoor and outdoor sources. Each type has different pros and cons.

Indoor water sources in Project Zomboid include:

Water Dispenser250

Water from indoor sources is completely clean and not contaminated. Although the capacity of these sources is pretty impressive, you can’t get water from them when the power is off.

Outdoor water sources (lakes, ponds, and wells), on the other hand, offer unlimited units of water. These sources are also not affected by any other factors.

However, water from these sources is marked “Tainted”, giving you a chance of getting sick. Therefore, it takes one more step to purify the water before consuming it.

On the other hand, to drink water directly from these outdoor sources, right-click on them and select “Drink”.

If you have any water containers (water bottles, saucepans, kettles, watering cans, etc.) in your inventory, you can fill them by right-clicking on the water source and selecting “Fill” => “<Water Container Name>”.

3. Get Water From Rainwater Collector Barrel

A rainwater collector barrel is a massive container with 160 to 400 capacity, and of course, you can pour water from any water source into it to preserve it. However, we can take advantage of the barrels in another way.

The primary purpose of the rainwater collector is to store rainwater – another unlimited water source. Having plenty of barrels around your base ensures that you have enough water for farming and cooking without traveling too far.

Keep in mind that rainwater is tainted and needs to be boiled before use, except for watering your crops.

Check out this post to learn how to craft a rainwater collector barrel.

That’s how to get water in Project Zomboid.

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