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If you’re seeking ways to increase your carrying capacity and find versatile containers, look no further than trunks.

In Project Zomboid, the trunks offer an option to expand your inventory space. However, not all players know how to activate and use it.

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This guide will show you how to open a trunk in Project Zomboid.

In Project Zomboid, you need a key (or hotwire skill) to access the vehicle’s trunk. To unlock the trunk, you must stay in the green square behind the car. Next, press “V” to enable the vehicle’s menu and select “Open Trunk”. Alternatively, you can get inside the vehicle and look for the trunk icon above the MPH indicator and click it to unlock the trunk.

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How to Open Trunk in Project Zomboid

The vehicle’s key is required to open the trunk and access the vehicle. You can normally find it near the vehicle, on the nearby containers, or inside the vehicle.

However, what if it’s impossible to find the key?

In that case, you need to hotwire the vehicle by either choosing the Burglar occupation or having at least level 1 of Electrical and level 2 of Mechanics skill.

Once you have the key or hotwire requirement, opening the trunk is pretty straightforward.

First, stay close to the trunk until you see a green square and a preview of a key over your head. Next, press “V” to enable the vehicle’s menu, and then select “Open Trunk”.

Moreover, you can also press “E” while standing near the car trunk to open it.

Alternatively, you can open the trunk via the vehicle’s dashboard. In this case, stand right next to the vehicle’s door until you see a green square and press “E” to get inside.

Once in the vehicle, look for the trunk lock icon above the MPH indicator. If it is displayed in green, it means the trunk is locked, and you have to turn it to gray to open it.

To check if you’re successfully opening the car trunk, stand in the green square again and click on the box icon on the left corner (or press “I”).

The trunk is opened if you see a new inventory icon on the top right.

That’s how to open the trunk in Project Zomboid!

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