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In Project Zomboid, zombies are the primary enemies that you must deal with.

If you’re tired of zombies constantly respawning in the same areas or simply want a more static and predictable world, you can turn off zombie respawning.

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In Project Zomboid, you can turn off zombie respawn in the “Advanced Zombie Options” tab located in the Sandbox Options menu. When you create a new world, select “Solo” on the main screen, choose “Custom Sandbox”, and click “Next”. Once you reach the Advanced Zombie Options setting, set the Respawn Hours and Redistribute Hours to 0.

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How to Turn Off Zombie Respawn in Project Zomboid

Disabling zombie respawn is a small trick that can have a significant impact.

All zombie settings, including the zombie respawn feature, can be found in the Custom Sandbox setting.

On the main screen, select “Solo”, choose “Custom Sandbox”, and click “Next”. After choosing your spawn location, you’ll see the Sandbox Options with tons of settings to play with.

Click on the Advanced Zombie Options tab, then change the following settings:

  • Respawn Hours: refers to the time that needs to pass before zombies can respawn in a cell. The default setting is 72 hours, and turning it to 0 will disable zombie respawn.
  • Redistribute Hours: refers to the time that needs to pass before zombies can move to unoccupied parts of the same cell. The default setting is 12 hours, and you can set it to 0 to disable zombie migration.

When those settings are done, start the game and see the differences.

Remember that turning zombie respawn off means no zombies will respawn. So the Population Peak Multiplier doesn’t work.

Turning off the feature will ensure realism and your safety. It also offers a victorious feeling after killing all the undead. However, it gets boring because there will be no zombies to mess around with again once you clear the specific area.

On the other hand, allowing the zombies to respawn irritates you when you return to the area a few days later, as there are zombies in every corner. Therefore, deciding whether to turn it on or off depends strongly on your taste.

In general, the ideal setting is to turn the features down rather than off. You should change the Respawn Multiplier setting to 0.05 and the Respawn Unseen Hours setting to 168 hours (1 week), meaning that the undead won’t respawn in an area unless you leave it untouched for more than a week.

This adjustment ensures the game’s realism and challenge while ensuring everything remains controlled.

That’s how to turn off zombie respawn in Project Zomboid.

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