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Vehicles are the best solution for traveling in Project Zomboid, as you can’t just walk for over 8 million tiles in Kentucky state.

In such a vast map, finding a vehicle is challenging enough, but finding one in good driving condition is even more difficult. So, let’s learn how to spawn vehicles in Project Zomboid!

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You can spawn vehicles in single-player and multiplayer modes.

To spawn vehicles in single-player mode in Project Zomboid, you must first enable debug mode by adding “-debug” to the game launch parameter, then launch the game, right-click on the ground, and select “Main” => “Spawn Vehicles”. Finally, click on the drop-down list to see all available vehicles, and then simply select the vehicle you wish for. In multiplayer mode, you can spawn vehicles using the command  “/addvehicle <Vehicle ID>”.

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How to Spawn Vehicles in Project Zomboid

First and foremost, spawning vehicles is cheating, and while you can take advantage of it during your survival, it may ruin your experience.

If you insist on spawning one, read on!

How to Spawn Vehicles in Single-Player

The only way to activate cheating menus in Project Zomboid is to enable debug mode.

Suppose you play Project Zomboid via Steam, then open it and click “Library”, then right-click on Project Zomboid and select “Properties”.

In the General tab, type “-debug” in the box at the bottom of the “Advanced users may choose to enter modifications to their launch options” pop-up.

Now, let’s launch the game!

You’ll spot the difference after entering your current world, as there’s a new HUD icon on the left side (the debug icon) and new commands when you right-click.

To spawn vehicles, right-click on the ground and select “Main” => “Spawn Vehicles”.

At the following pop-up, tick both the “Real Names” and “Normal Car” boxes.

“Real Names” allows you to search the cars by their real names instead of their base IDs, while “Normal Cars” spawns a car in normal condition (roughly around 70%).

Next, click on the drop-down list to see all available vehicles, and then simply select your favorite car to spawn. Also, don’t forget to check out our post about the best vehicles.

The spawned vehicles, in most cases, lack their keys. However, instead of hotwiring or looking around for them, you can stay close to the vehicle until you can click the “Get Key” button in the above pop-up.

How to Spawn Vehicles in Multiplayer

The console commands are an exclusive feature in multiplayer mode, and luckily, they offer commands for spawning vehicles.

First, ensure you’re the server’s host or admin, then simply press “Enter” or “T” to enable the box chat. Next, type in “/addvehicle <Vehicle ID>”.

For example: /addvehicle Base.CarStationWagon

Below is the table showing all the vehicle names in Project Zomboid. You can copy and paste them on the box chat for quick yet precise commands.

VehicleBase ID
Chevalier Cerise WagonBase.CarStationWagon
Chevalier CossetteBase.SportsCar
Chevalier D6Base.PickUpTruck
Chevalier DartBase.SmallCar
Chevalier NyalaBase.CarNormal
Chevalier PrimaniBase.ModernCar02
Chevalier Step VanBase.StepVan
Dash BulldriverBase.PickUpVan
Dash EliteBase.ModernCar
Dash RancherBase.OffRoad
Franklin All-TerrainBase.SUV
Franklin ValulineBase.Van
Masterson HorizonBase.SmallCar02
Mercia Lang 4000Base.CarLuxury

Same as in single-player mode, the spawned cars are at around 70% condition and don’t have the keys with them.

That’s how to spawn vehicles in Project Zomboid.

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