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Undeniably, the vehicles in Project Zomboid provide more than just a means of transportation.

Serving as versatile storage and base, having a good quality vehicle in Project Zomboid can mean the difference between death and life.

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In this guide, we’ll discuss what vehicles are the best in Project Zomboid.

In Project Zomboid, the best vehicles are the Ambulance, Chevalier Cossette, Masterson Horizon, and Chevalier Step Van, in our opinion.

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What Vehicles Are The Best in Project Zomboid?

There are more than 30 vehicles in Project Zomboid (including variants), each with a different performance and appearance.

Thus, choosing the best option for you depends on the situation. Most players simply need any vehicle with fuel. For others with more demands, they require more than just a car.

Keep in mind that occupation (Mechanics) and traits (Sunday Driver, Speed Demon) significantly affect how you control and fix your vehicles.

So, take our subjective list as a reference and choose the best on your own if possible.

First, let’s see the criteria for picking the best vehicles!

Criteria to Determine the Best Vehicle

There are several things to consider when it comes to choosing the most efficient vehicle for your survival. It’ll be very tricky to pick a vehicle that meets all the criteria, as each of them has different pros and cons.

Here are all the considerations when picking a vehicle in Project Zomboid:

1. Engine Loundness

Engine Loundness indicates how noisy a vehicle’s engine is. In such a situation, a louder engine means a lot when strategically luring zombies. However, it may put you in trouble when you’re trying to sneak.

2. Total Storage

Total Storage represents how large your vehicle capacity is to put stuff in. The total capacity of each vehicle is different, as calculated by the following formula:

Total Capacity = Glove Box + Front Right Seat + Rear Right Seat (*) + Rear Left Seat (*) + Trunk.
(*): Not all vehicles have rear right/left seats.

While the capacity of each seat is 20, the glove box and trunk vary.

Keep in mind that the total capacity is affected by the vehicle’s condition. The higher the condition, the higher the capacity.

3. Engine Power

Engine Power represents the maximum amount of power that the engine can generate, measured in horsepower (HP).

The Engine Power directly impacts the vehicle’s speed, acceleration, and overall performance in the game.

A vehicle with higher Engine Power generally has faster speeds and quicker acceleration. On the other hand, vehicles with lower Engine Power might have slower speeds and take longer to reach their peak.

You can check the vehicle’s engine in its Vehicle Mechanics window. Simply stand in front of a car and press “E”, or right-click on a car and select “Vehicle Mechanics”.

4. Rarity

Rarity indicates the spawning density of the vehicle in the world. Although the spawning mechanics can be changed via the settings and are random, some vehicles have a higher chance of spawning than others.

Now, let’s see what the best vehicle choices are!

Best Vehicles in Project Zomboid

Based on the above criteria and our experience, here are the best vehicles in Project Zomboid.

1. Ambulance

The ambulance in Project Zomboid is an ideal vehicle that can meet all requirements relatively.

Firstly, its massive maximum capacity of 160 makes it perfect for storing supplies. When you’re out scavenging for resources or collecting medical supplies, the ambulance has you covered with plenty of space to carry everything.

Secondly, the ambulance possesses a powerful engine of 490 HP, which provides excellent acceleration and a smooth driving experience.

Moreover, the ambulance’s siren can be utilized strategically to lure zombies away from an area or disperse the undead surrounding you.

However, the presence of ambulances in the game world is scarce. It’s randomly spawned in specific locations like medical stores or police stations, but it’s rarely seen in residential areas or on freeways.

On top of that, the siren’s sound also attracts a significant amount of zombie attention. This leads you into trouble if you’re not ready to deal with the undead.

2. Chevalier Cossette

If you are looking for a fast car, look no further than the Chevalier Cossette.

As the fastest car in Project Zomboid, the Chevalier Cossette allows you to speed up faster than any other car in the game, thanks to its 570 HP. That means you can escape from zombies easily, reaching safe spots or finding stuff quicker.

Additionally, driving a fast car always provides a unique experience compared to slower ones.

But there are some downsides too. It can only fit two players, so if you have more survivors, some might get left behind.

As a sports car, it is designed to optimize its speed, not its capacity. Therefore, the total capacity of Chevalier Cossette is only 55. You have to decide what’s more important to bring along, which can be tough when looting.

On top of that, as a sports type, the Chevalier Cossette is very rare to find or fix. You’ll have to be super lucky to get one, so we advise considering this vehicle as a backup rather than the primary.

You can find the Chevalier Cossette by chance in luxurious areas in Riverside and West Point.

3. Masterson Horizon

Speaking of engine loudness, no vehicles in Project Zomboid can beat the Chevalier Dart and Masterson Horizon. However, we chose the Masterson Horizon instead of the Chevalier Dart because it’s slightly lighter. (They share all the same storage capacity, rarity, and seat availability)

The most beneficial advantage of the Masterson Horizon is its engine loudness, which is only 27, making it the quietest vehicle in the game.

Its low engine noise allows you to move around without drawing attention. The Masterson Horizon becomes your top choice when you’re out looting for supplies or trying to stay hidden from the undead.

Besides, this car is pretty common in Project Zomboid, so getting a new one or simply finding replaced components is no longer a difficult task.

Despite its remarkable advantages, the Masterson Horizon comes with significant downsides.

Firstly, it has the second-lowest engine power in the game, rated at just 360. The lack of engine power means it’s not the speediest vehicle out there. So, escaping from fast-moving zombies or covering long distances might be challenging with this car.

Moreover, the Masterson Horizon has a capacity of 103. This limited storage space restricts how many items you can carry, making it less ideal for looting or storing supplies.

The Masterson Horizon can be found in several places, such as parking lots and roads in all locations.

4. Chevalier Step Van

Thanks to its capacity, the Chevalier Step Van is highly appreciated among survivors. With its massive storage capacity (up to 190 at its peak condition), the Step Van allows you to store multiple items, including heavy objects like generators, which are crucial for survival.

The Step Van’s abundance of space turns it into a mobile base, which carries everything you need to live, sleep, and survive without the need for a base.

The Chevalier Step Van also offers up to four different variants with liveries. This variety adds more choices and lets you personalize your style.

Turning our attention to the drawbacks, this vehicle comes with an average speed of 360, and its engine is quite loud (50). These aspects should be considered carefully, especially when you need to be cautious about attracting zombies while messing around in cities.

Another challenge with the Step Van is its weight, as it’s the heaviest vehicle in the game and costs more fuel to tow.

The van is commonly found in office areas, roads, and parking areas.

Those are our picks for the best vehicles in Project Zomboid.

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