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Having a base is just the first step in building your fortress. Without fences, the undead can easily sneak into your house and put you in danger.

Therefore, choosing the best fence for your base is essential in Project Zomboid.

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In this guide, we’ll discuss the best fence to use in Project Zomboid.

In general, our picks for the best fences to use in Project Zomboid are the Big Pole Fence, Wired Fence, Wooden Fence, and Sandbag Wall. What fence is best for you does, however, depend on the situation.

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Best Fence To Use in Your Base in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, fences add massive protection to your base and can be constructed quickly, appropriate for a small area or for marking boundaries for the base.

There are 9 fence types in Project Zomboid, 5 of which are metal, while the rest are wooden fences. Each type of fence requires different materials, as well as Carpentry and Metalworking skills to make.

On top of that, they share the same installation steps. To build any fence, right-click on a tile and select “Carpentry” => “Fence” => “Fence Name” or “Metalwork” => ”Walls/Fencing” => “<Fence Name>”.

You need to be cautious while building fences because these actions are noisy and zombie-attracting. Moreover, zombies can still see through fences and may attempt to attack you if they detect your presence nearby.

Fences will break over time, as zombies can come around and attack them, damaging them slightly. Thus, regular checks and maintenance are required.

Zombies can climb and attack fences, so be careful.

Before we get into what the best fences are, remember that our picks only contain actual, genuine fences. Any improvised types of fences (car wrecks, Crates, Rain Collector Barrels, etc.) are not ranked and considered.

Now, let’s figure out the best fences in Project Zomboid!

1. Big Pole Fence (Metalwork)

The Big Pole Fence is ideally built at the exit of your house or to cover the area around it. Thanks to its height, it completely prevents the undead from climbing.

Because a metal fence is more durable than a wooden fence, it will take the horde more time and effort to break it.

On top of that, this is the only fence that is higher than your height but still allows you to shoot or attack through it, making it extremely effective when defending.

The only drawback of this fence type is its requirements. To build a Big Pole Fence, you need at least level 7 metalworking skill, 2 Propane Torches, 1 Welding Rod, 1 Welder Mask, 5 Metal Pipes, and 2 Scrap Metals. However, it’s worth trading off due to its great benefits.

While level 7 of metalworking skill can only be acquired after a few months of survival, the rest can be found quickly by disassembling metal objects.

2. Wired Fence (Metalwork)

The Wired Fence is easier to attain than a Big Pole Fence, as it only requires 1 Propane Torch, 1 Welder Mask, 2 Metal Pipes, 1 Scrap Metal, 1 Wire, and at least level 4 Metalworking skill.

The upgraded version of the Wired Fence (the Big Wired Fence) offers better durability but lacks a defense strategy. In other words, you can’t attack the undead while staying inside.

On the other hand, the Wired Fence allows you to shoot and even kill the zombies with melee weapons, making this type of fence ideal for covering the farm or the base.

However, keep in mind that zombies can jump over this fence. While a few zombies are easy to deal with, a bunch of them are undoubtedly big trouble.

3. Wooden Fence (Carpentry)

The Wooden Fence is widely considered one of the best fence choices in Project Zomboid.

First of all, one major benefit is its accessibility, as it only requires nothing but a level 2 Carpentry skill, 2 Planks, 3 Nails, and a Hammer. These resources are obtainable with minimal effort in the early game.

Moreover, the Wooden Fence allows you to interact with zombies from a safe distance outside the barricade. Regardless of which guns or melee weapons you use, you can efficiently deal with threats without putting yourself in danger.

Two significant drawbacks of wooden fencing are its limited durability and its low height, allowing the zombies to climb over quite easily.

In addition, large groups of zombies or persistent attacks can easily break down Wooden Fences. When the number of zombies increases, the wooden fence may not be a choice for the long term.

4. Sandbag Wall (Carpentry)

Similar to Wooden Fence, Sandbag Wall requires only basic resources (only Sandbags).

You can get Sandbags by right-clicking on the sand tile and selecting “Take Some Sand”, but make sure Sandbags and a Shovel are in your inventory first.

The best part of the Sandbag Wall is that it’s perfect for creating a temporary barricade when you find yourself in the middle of an open area without any natural cover.

Its quick assembly allows you to fortify your position quickly and provides a solid barrier against the undead.

Speaking of the drawbacks, the Sand Bag Wall doesn’t do its job well, as the zombie can easily climb through it. When dealing with the undead, consider using a long-range weapon and keep a safe distance.

Those are the best fences to use in your base in Project Zomboid.

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