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In Project Zomboid, planks can be used for various purposes like building structures, fortifying houses, and crafting valuable items.

Due to the scarce resources, there’s no guarantee that you can get planks all time. Therefore, it’s essential to learn how to get and make planks.

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This guide will show you how to get and make planks in Project Zomboid!

In Project Zomboid, you can get planks by picking them up in warehouses, construction sites, and storage buildings. You can also get them from disassembling wooden furniture. To make planks, you need an axe to cut down trees and a saw to convert logs into planks. Each log provides 3 planks.

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How to Get Planks in Project Zomboid

Planks are considered one of the most common materials in Project Zomboid due to their high density and the fact that there are several ways to obtain them.

1. By Looting

Firstly, you can acquire planks during your journey like other items. Typically, planks can be found in most warehouses, sheds, storage buildings, and sometimes residential houses.

In Rosewood, head up to the construction site west of the town. There are many of them outside, near the storage rooms.

In Riverside, you can look for planks in the self-storage and factory complex west of the town.

West Point contains many locations to obtain planks. Some of them are the large warehouses south of the city, and don’t forget to come and take a look at the storage lots nearby.

In March Ridge, planks are found nearby in the Mc Coy Logging Corp. and the Lumber Mill.

Both are located in the forest north of Muldraugh.

Let’s see the next method!

2. By Disassembling Furniture

If you find it too challenging to find planks in the world, disassembling furniture is another useful option you should try.

Disassembling is a feature that allows you to convert any piece of furniture into its previous ingredients. To disassemble, you must have the following items:

  • Hammer: a primary tool for any carpentry action, You can find the hammer in metal shelves or tool stores.
  • Saw: Some wooden furniture requires the saw to disassemble. You can get the saw in storage crates or specifically in the hardware store in West Point, KY.
  • Screwdriver: This is a required tool to disassemble doors and drawers. You can find the screwdriver in warehouses and crates.

To disassemble, make sure you have those tools in your inventory. Then you can either choose the cabinet icon on the left side of the screen, then select “Disassemble”, or right-click on any pieces of furniture and select the “Disassemble” option at the bottom.

After disassembling, you’ll receive different amounts of planks, along with other materials (nails, door knobs, etc.).

Generally, the best wooden furniture to dismantle is the large oak bed, which offers 4 planks. Otherwise, chairs, doors, tables, and shelves give you 1-2 planks afterward.

Keep in mind that there is a chance of receiving scrap wood instead of planks, which is entirely useless. You can check that chance in a pop-up window when you choose to disassemble.

The higher the chance, the higher the presence of planks.

How to Make Planks in Project Zomboid

Besides obtaining the planks by picking them up and disassembling them, Project Zomboid also offers another way to get planks, depending on your effort: making them from logs.

First, let’s check out the tool requirements:

  • Axe: Although other weapons can be used to chop down trees, nothing can beat the axe in this field. Check out this post to know where to get an axe.
  • Saw: You need the saw to convert logs into planks. Saw often spawn in creates and sometimes in residential houses.

First, right-click on the axe and select “Equip Primary”, then go to the forest for trees, right-click on each tree, and select “Cut Down Tree”.

You’ll get 1-2 logs as rewards, then right-click on the dropped one and select “Grab Logs” => “Grab All”. All logs are now in your inventory.

To saw logs, open your inventory, right-click on logs, and select “Saw Logs” => “All”.

Each log gives you 3 planks, meaning sawing logs are the fastest way to obtain them. Sawing logs is also the best way to level up your carpentry skill, thanks to 0.3 XP per log.

That’s how to get and make planks in Project Zomboid!

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