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In Project Zomboid, farming is the only way to ensure food for your long-term survival. To farm, you need seeds as the primary factor.

While it may seem difficult to find seeds in a world overrun by zombies, there are several ways to obtain them.

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This post will show you how to get seeds in Project Zomboid.

In Project Zomboid, you can get seeds by foraging, looting, or farming. Looting provides a seed packet, which has 50 seeds inside. You can find seed packets in warehouses, storage buildings, crates, or farms in all starting locations.

Some seeds are available by foraging in deep forests and farm lands. To forage, click on the magnifying glass on the left of your screen to open the Investigate Area pop-up, select “Enable Search Mode”, and start searching.

Farming is the most sustainable way to get seeds. To obtain seeds from the farm, you need to make your crop and then harvest them when your crop reaches phase “7 – Seed Bearing”.

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How to Get Seeds in Project Zomboid

Without seeds, you must rely on non-renewable sources of food like canned food or food from foraging and fishing, which is harder and harder over time and is limited. Thus, seeds play a critical role as they help make farms, which ensure infinite calories.

There are two ways to get seeds in Project Zomboid:

  • Finding seeds during your journey.
  • Collecting from your crops.

Let’s find out the details!

1. Finding Seeds During Your Journey

During your survival, you can get seeds from looting and foraging.


All seeds come from seed packets. There are 7 types of seeds (Sunflower seeds aren’t included because you can’t make sunflower crops), so there are 7 corresponding seed packets. For example, a carrot seed packet has carrot seeds.

Each seed packet contains 50 seeds. To open the seed packet, right-click on it and select “Open Seed Packet”.

You can easily find those seed packets in the 5 following locations.

In Louisville, go and find the warehouse in the northwest corner. You can also loot seeds in the garden shop in the mall.

In Riverside, try to loot the farm, factory, and factory warehouse. Some stores (farm market and general store) are worth searching for and are located west of the town.

In Rosewood, head for the northeast to reach the area with some houses. There’re seeds in sheds or crates nearby. Doe Valley, a place near Rosewood, also has a farm store and farming and rural supply that contain seeds.

In Muldraugh, you can get seed packets in the home with a garden north of the trailer park or near Kate and Baldspot’s house.

In West Point, seeds can be found in a crate shed near an abandoned farm north of the town. The large warehouse southwest in the city also has seed packets on shelves.

In general, obtaining seeds or seed packets is not too hard, as you can get them while exploring warehouses, storage buildings, crates, or farms in all places.


In the early game, when you’re not ready to explore the city, foraging is the ideal method to get some seeds.

First, locate the place to forage for seeds. Ideally, deep forests, forests, and farm lands are the best.

Next, set your foot to these places, then click on the magnifying glass on the left of your screen to open the Investigate Area pop-up, select “Enable Search Mode”, and start searching.

Check out this post to learn more about foraging for other foods and items.

Also, the level of your foraging skill determines what seeds you can acquire. For example, at level 2, you can get wild broccoli or wild potato seeds, but you need to gain level 8 foraging skill to find wild strawberry seeds.

You can get several wild seeds when foraging in the abandoned farm lands. There are also groups of zombies nearby wearing denim outfits, which indicates they were farmers before zombification. They carry a lot of seeds, so you should kill them to obtain more.

2. Collecting Seeds From Your Crops

Getting seeds from your farm is sustainable, although it requires time to take care of it.

To create a farm, you should choose a secure area with a fence around it, then ensure you have seeds, tools, and water in your inventory.

Prepare Seeds

Seeds are the main factors for your farm. As mentioned above, you can acquire seeds by looting or foraging.

The number of seeds will determine how large your farm is. But assuming you’re a newbie, a farm with a 3×3 layout is ideal.

Remember that you need at least 4-12 seeds to plant a crop on a farm land tile. For example, Tomato and Potato require 4 seeds to plant, while Carrot and Strawberry require 12 seeds.

The table in this post will help you determine the seeds you need.

Prepare Tools

To cultivate, you need either a shovel or a garden fork. You can find them in garages, crates, or warehouses.

Next, equip it, right-click on the ground tile, and select “Dig Furrow”.

After that, right-click on the dug ground and select “Sow Seed”, then choose the seeds you have.

Repeat it until you fill a 3×3 layout or run out of seeds.

Prepare Water

If it’s raining, then you can skip watering. Otherwise, you need to provide at least 50 units of water for your plant.

Harvest the Seeds

Each type of seed has a different number of phases and time to grow fully, which you can check here. However, you can harvest seeds from all when your crop reaches phase 7.

Right-click on your farm, select “Info”, or move your cursor to the plant to check. If it shows “Ready to Harvest,” then you have to wait 2-5 days later until it shows “Seed-Bearing <Seed Name>”. In that case, right-click on the plant and select “Harvest”.

The number of seeds you receive varies. In common cases, you can get 16 seeds after harvesting.

That’s how to get seeds in Project Zomboid!

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