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In Project Zomboid, many injuries can lead to sudden death if not treated with bandages.

While bandages can be found anywhere in the world, learning how to craft them is extremely necessary to save yourself in emergency circumstances.

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The two main ways to make Bandages in Project Zomboid are by clearing Dirty Bandages and ripping clothing (cotton, denim, or leather).

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How to Make Bandages in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, the primary function of bandages is to stop the wound from bleeding, thus preventing your character from losing health.

Therefore, any object capable of treating wounds and stopping bleeding is regarded as a form of bandage (Bandage, Ripped Sheet, Denim Strips, Leather Strips, Sterilized Bandage, Sterilized Rag), not limited to the specific “Bandage” item itself.

Bandages can be found in medical buildings or first aid kits.

However, just imagine you’re in the deep forest, and no first aid kits or medical buildings are nearby.

How can you get the bandages to back up in case you get damaged by scratches from the zombies?

Fear not, as there are many ways to craft the bandage yourself!

Make Bandage From Dirty Bandage

After being used for a while, a Bandage will turn into a Dirty Bandage.

Dirty Bandages can be used to treat wounds as well. However, it’s not advisable as it increases the chance of infection.

Therefore, besides being found in trash bins, you should keep your Dirty Bandages after use and clean them with 1 unit of water.

To make the Bandage from the Dirty Bandage, right-click on it in your inventory and select “Clean Bandage”.

Make Bandage From Ripped Sheets

Ripped Sheets can be used for multiple purposes in Project Zomboid, and stopping bleeding is no exception.

However, remember that Ripped Sheets are less effective in treating wounds than Bandages, although they are easily craftable.

You can obtain 3-4 Ripped Sheets by tearing apart Sheets or any cotton clothing (Shirts, T-shirts, Socks, etc.). These materials are extremely common in wardrobes, houses, or even from zombies.

To get Ripped Sheets from pieces of clothing, right-click on any of them and select “Rip Clothing”. Alternatively, right-click on the Sheet and select “Rip Sheet” to obtain Ripped Sheets from the Sheets.

Moreover, you can also get Ripped Sheets by cleaning the Dirty Rag, which can be found in the trash bin or the laundry of houses.

Ensure you have water in your inventory, then right-click on the Dirty Rag and select “Clean Rag” to get a Ripped Sheet.

Make Bandages From Denim and Leather Strips

Similar to the Ripped Sheets, Denim and Leather Strips can also be used to treat wounds. They share the same effectiveness as the Ripped Sheets but are more difficult to obtain.

You can get both Denim and Ripped Sheets commonly by ripping off Denim and Leather clothes, but this option is only available if you have the Scissors, which can be found in lockers, shelves, and drawers, in your inventory.

Denim and Leather clothes can be looted from zombies or found in wardrobes and bathrooms.

To tear apart these pieces of clothing, right-click on them and select “Rip Clothing”. Each attempt grants you 3-4 units of Denim and Leather Strips, respectively.

On top of that, you can convert Dirty Leather Strips and Dirty Denim Strips to Leather and Denim Strips using 1 unit of water for each of them and apply the same method as you do for the Ripped Sheets.

Nonetheless, due to the high density of the Ripped Sheets and the high defense value of the Denim and Leather Strips, it’s advisable to use Denim and Leather Strips for tailoring purposes rather than stopping bleeding.

Not to mention that you can maximize the effect of Ripped Sheets or Bandages by making them Sterilized Bandages and Sterilized Rags.

However, this process requires a heat source and some specific items (Bottle of Disinfectant, for example), which is impractical when you’re in the forest foraging.

That’s how to make Bandages in Project Zomboid.

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